1. C

    Unable to hold stretches at all

    The only factor limiting my growth at this point is my inability to hold stretches for over 20 or so seconds (and after those 20 seconds I need to take a break for about one minute because my hand is so tired). I have the time, motivation, etc. to grow, but this one factor is just destroying...
  2. eugine8plz

    Has anybody watched Elbows 6 week Bathmate review on YouTube?

    So there is this one guy on YouTube named elbow (or so I think) and he does a 6 week review on the bathmate x30 I believe and by the end of the 6 weeks he gained like 2" in length and 1.5" in girth (or so I recall, I haven't watched the videos in awhile). I recommend watching the series if you...
  3. W

    I had gains even with NEGATIVE PIs

    So guys, I need to share with you my experience on the last months: I was very enthusiastic about the temporary gains that Bath gave me, I even created this topic Http://www.mattersofsize.com/forum/penis-enlargement-newbie-forum/89365-what-happened-to-my-dick-very-huge-temp-gains.html...
  4. B

    uncircumcised penis

    Hi all, I need your help. I think I might have a uncircumcised penis as I get my foreskin all over my glans after I have stretched my penis too hard used with sizegenetics extender. I have been told that I could have a tight pelvic floor muscle which cause the hard flaccid. How do I know...
  5. J

    Newbie here

    Hello I'm new to this and been trolling for the last week. I purchased the bathmate x40 extreme Before I came across this forum. Im looking to increase the length of my penis and I see that the sizegenetics is highly recommended here and was wondering if the vlc tugger would be a great combo...
  6. A

    Grow to Show Type?

    This may not be the area to post and let me know if not. I was wondering since I am a grower, uncircumcised, if the bathmate would keep me a grower or would I slowly become a show type?
  7. John_Wayne

    Circumcision and Schlong Growth Potential

    Hey Everyone, Lately, I've been thinking about how circumcision may act as a barrier to growth. In full disclosure, I was circumcised shortly after my birth. My parents told me that it was done for hygiene. When I do my PE stretches I feel the normal intensity within the tunica and...
  8. T

    Circumcision depression and PMMA

    Hi brothers, haven't posted in a while but I'm slowly getting back into PE with the BM and phallosan. I was circumcised at birth and long story short I'm against circumcision for many reasons. I really see no benefit besides cleanliness and that's not a big enough reason for me. I see...
  9. kyomoto

    So I tried hanging yesterday...

    I used a Sock tied up at the top behind the glans with a shoelace and another shoelace at the near tip (just before the tip) of the sock and tied it to a 5lb kettlebell... and my god, I felt some good stretch, the only problem is that it's stretching my skin more than my penis because my...
  10. D

    Need advice on a routine (Really need your help)

    Hey people of the forum. I've been "doing pe" (very very inconsistently) since December 2015. I ordered the Bathmate x30 then and have been doing pumping for a few days then stopping for weeks. Jelqing for a few days, then stopping for weeks. (You get the picture). I'm currently at 5.5 inches...
  11. L

    What's your biggest gripe in pe?

    Just for the sake of complaining and maybe relating a little in our collective pe experience; what's the biggest pain in the ass with your pe experience? For me, it's the freaking foreskin. You gotta pull it back, and grip around and hope you don't have any folds. And if you do, you're going...
  12. kyomoto

    Woo Lengthmaster arrived!

    Yay my lengthmaster arrived! I'm so siked guys! Thank you guys so much!
  13. L

    New boy. 10x2.25 10x2.5 and 10"x3" packing.

    10x2.25 10x2.5 10 x 3
  14. T

    Any updates on Foregen?

    Many men including myself are finding out the horrors of circumcision nowdays. I'm so depressed about it and angry at my parents for getting it done on me and even have suicidal thoughts. I already feel insecure in the dating and sexual world as it is. I'm not the tallest guy at 5'7 and I...
  15. A

    Doctor Thinks Bathmate Caused My Papules. Legal Action?

    So after over a year of dealing with my newly formed Papules and even posting on this site with great help from everyone. I finally contacted my doctor. I showed him pre and post Bathmate pictures and my routine. He , like I originally believed,believes that the Bathmate is definitely is what...
  16. A

    How do I know when my tunica is too tight?

    When the tunica is too tight you cant make gains in length or girth. My EQ is 10 so my penis is very hard, when im erect I cant bend my penis in any direction in the upper part of the penis, thats why I think my tunica is too tight. Thanks. PS: im uncircumcised and 18 years old
  17. M

    Phallogenetics VLC uncircumcised men

    I read that VLC on phallogentics can't be used on circumcised men?? So have anyone thought of a alternative bexause I'm circumcised and I was really rely on the phallogentics for rest and sleep periods, and really was gone be beneficial since schools is in a week?
  18. master_mind

    Circumcision vs uncircumcised.

    The foreskin is not a vestigial organ of our body then why circumcision. Why the world is going for foreskin restoration.
  19. MoS-Newbie

    I'm uncut and worried about pretty much everything! Long Post!

    Hey guys. So, I'm new to PE and I have a problem. First of all, I've started with "DLD'S FIRST ROUTINE" about 2 weeks ago. I've already read a lot of stuff and I think that the "Length before Girth" theory makes a lot of sense and I've decided to go with that, since my first goal is to gain...
  20. G

    Am i doing pe correctly?

    hello brothers, i am just curius and making sure if i am doing pe in the right way. i hope you guys answer my questions :) first of all i have a circumcised penis which makes pe harder .... my routine is like this: 10 mins warm up. 10 min normal stretching. then 1 hour extender with vlc...
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