1. M

    bundled stretches

    how many? before my routine
  2. Shinto Kayden

    Liver and Kidneys Flush for Testosterone Regulation

    Hello to everyone . Some of you might know who I am because of my routine and progress thread and some of you don't , but that's not why I write this thread . I would like to say that you helped me to achive my dream and you also helped me to have an amazing life , sex life and a lot of...
  3. G

    FTM (micropenis) log

    I'm new to the forum, I'm ftm transgender, post-op simple metoidioplasty. I've decided I'd join and start a log as motivation for me to stick with my routine, plus as help for any other trans guys out there who might be in a similar position. For those who aren't familiar: FTM means I was born...
  4. 1

    Transgender penis enlargement!

    I wanted to put this thread up as I actually have a female friend interested in penis enlargement who I've taught jelqing and manual stretching to (she already had been doing kegels). I have also wondered as to what women in �naked people movies� have had penis enlargement surgery or have done it manually. I...
  5. K

    The SNAKEMAN'S essay on the growth of the penis

    Ok fellas. Finally got the essay ready. Keep in mind that what Im saying in this essay is not gospel. This essay is based on my strong opinion from all of my Penis Enlargement experience and research though out the years. Feel free to base your opinion but only in a friendly manner...
  6. K

    The snake man's chemical PE log

    Hey fellas. The snake man checking in. Decided to join mistake and petersouth in creating a daily Penis Enlargement training log for my chemical protocol. Heres my current weekly routine. Still looking into what type of ADS i want to use in between sessions. Current stats before Protocal...
  7. keepingitbig

    A girl that I thought was a woman turns out to be transgendered...

    I didn't read her profile and thought he was a she. But we talked on the phone. What do I do about this? I didn't want to say anything bad and I'm not gay. Should I block the phone number, or what? Confused.
  8. keepingitbig

    Can Men Get Paid Online For Showing Their Unit?

    I've always wondered that. What if I were to show my penis on a webcam for money, Is it possible? Your thoughts.
  9. matthew2003

    can anyone suck on their own dick??

    weird thread i know, but i just saw Turnovers new aviator and was wondering if its possible. have to be small framed with a long dick i guess and practice alot of yoga. I tried it but cant even reach with my tongue out and im 8 inches now. it would be a pretty weird thing to experience i reckon...
  10. D

    Andractim is my last hope...

    Hey Everyone, After doing some research online and checking the usual forums, I decided to give Adractim (DHT cream) a shot. This will probably be my last shot at Penis Enlargement - I've been very consistent for 2 years + without much improvement. Actually, the only significant signs of...
  11. M

    Dick (Clit) Growth

    Ok, so i have a bit of a diff. angle on this, but i'm hope you guys are open-minded and cool with helping me out like any other guy. I'm a 28 year old female-to-male (FTM) transguy. I've been on delestryl testosterone enanthate intramuscular injections for 3 months now. I started at 25mg a...
  12. K

    Request for Kong

    Hey man. The wife and I are going to be discussing having kids soon and I am sure to cut or not to cut will come into the discussion as well. Do you have any really good links to shoot me concerning the number of circs that are fucked up every year as well as some pics of a circ being...
  13. D

    Male circumcision

    Found some interesting information on another forum about male circumcision and thought i'd post it here. Sort of glad I wasn't born in the US :P ---------------------------------------------------------------- Circumcision removes the most important sensory component of the foreskin -...
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