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  1. A

    Puffy vs Hard Veins

    Hi, I've been pumping on/off for a few years. In the past, I would get thick/puffy and really liked it. Now, I get hard and do not get puffy/thicker. The veins start feeling hard so I quit. What's up with that and how do i get back to puffy? That's where I saw gains.
  2. X

    Less oxygen = more growth

    Hey guys, I don't know if this exact way of thinking has been discussed lately but it seems that people aren't doing it so I'd like to bring it to light. It seems that when we talk about girth gains, we tend to talk about stretching the tunica. However, Im starting to think there might be a...
  3. T

    New to forum and PE

    Hello, Figured I would introduce myself to the community finally 😁 I've been lurking around reading and researching everything about PE that I could find and this is my go to spot for sure 👍🏻 To start I've had a BM Hercules for a couple of months now and...
  4. John_Wayne

    Circumcision and Schlong Growth Potential

    Hey Everyone, Lately, I've been thinking about how circumcision may act as a barrier to growth. In full disclosure, I was circumcised shortly after my birth. My parents told me that it was done for hygiene. When I do my PE stretches I feel the normal intensity within the tunica and...
  5. Tearitup

    Ability/Inability to gain muscle an indication of PE success?

    So, I was wondering if your ability or inability to gain muscle in the gym is an indication of PE success? If you are working out hard, eating right, proper supplementation and gaining muscle, I would think your body has the environment for PE success (given the proper PE routine). However...
  6. jekyllnhyde360

    Looking for 8x6 from 7x5

    Between the procrastinating, lack of personal space and injuries this last 12 months has been horrible, i have yet to actually gain any extra size. My original size of 6x4.5 (2009) seems like such a distant memory, that i am now insecure about my 7x5 ( even though i know i shouldn't be! ;))...
  7. E

    18 years old, 150 lb, 5'10"

    I am a freshman in college. I do not have tons of experience working out. Most of it was on machines and some free weights. In the past couple months, I have been lazy and depressed. I need to start working out. What would be a good workout routine to get my abs visible (I am 13-15%...
  8. V

    Permanent gains?

    Hi all, just to give some figures about penis pumping and permanent gains. It is true that the size one has in the tube is not the same than when you come out, and in several hours you "lose" most of the expansion, but there are small, cumulative gains that cement by themselves over time. I...
  9. B

    this diet can help us gain

    I wonder if this diet can aid recovery. eat 6 meals during the day, 3 on 3 hours. brown rice, chicken breast, broccoli, cauliflower and multivitamin in the morning
  10. K

    Kingsnake back in the game with the DP-4000 DIGITAL MAXIMIZER pump

    Hey what’s up fellas. The snakeman is in the building. It’s been a long time. As most already now, I’m married with a kid now. My son is 8 months old now and is growing fast. He’s like my light skinned mini clone. LOL. Anyway though. I haven’t done any serious PE in a long time except for...
  11. S

    IGF-Lr3 Penile injections UPDATE

    I'm currently doing scenic igf 1-lr3 penile injections! This is my stats: Startingsize (measured when I was doing my 4th injection) BPEL :17.5cm (after 4th injection) MSEG:14cm (after 6th injection) Flaccid: Differs between 10-11.5cm Injection amount: First injections 10mcg in each side of cc...
  12. A

    Theories of Nutrition

    Whats up everyone! This is my first post on MoS forum and I was thinking about some interesting things during my gym session today. First off, let me give you a little background so you know where I am coming from. Im turning 28 this upcoming april and this past year I dedicated to Body...
  13. G

    extra skin?

    I've been doin the NR for a month now and when I jelq upwards, I notice im bringing up alot more skin. For the first time it almost overlaps my glans. Where is this coming from and is it a good sign?
  14. T

    Premature ejaculation acquired

    Hi guys, I have been using the Bathmate for 3 months now (along with manual excercises) and I've become extremely sensitive to sexual stimulations e consequently very fast in reaching the orgasm ( approx.one minute). The feeling that I have (having sex) is that there is too much pressure...
  15. K

    The snake man's chemical PE log

    Hey fellas. The snake man checking in. Decided to join mistake and petersouth in creating a daily Penis Enlargement training log for my chemical protocol. Heres my current weekly routine. Still looking into what type of ADS i want to use in between sessions. Current stats before Protocal...
  16. I'mHuge29

    MassGel Natural Penis Enchancement..

    http://www.massgel.com/ MASSgel is an Endothelial cell (ECGS) / spongy tissue growth enhancer that is specifically used to culture a variety of cells as it encourages the growth and multiplication of sinusoidal spaces within the corpora cavernosa of the penis. I've heard about this 6...
  17. G

    The Best P.E Exercises

    Hi to all those experienced P.E users, what would you concider the BEST and most EFICIENT exercises for Length and Girth, throughout the week??:s Also feel free to comment about Clamping, Bathmate use, and Penile Stretching Devices.:cool: P.S i am on the hunt to build a solid weekly...
  18. M

    Mistake PGE1 + trials.

    Stats: 4.75" nbpel 5.25 bpel 5 meg, 4.75 beg. I've been Penis Enlargementing on and off for about 5 years with no real result, until this year when I started using Cialis while edging. After 3 monthes I found I went from a 5 bpel to a 5.25 bpel and a 4.75 meg to a 5. meg. A minor improvement...
  19. S

    Too much foreskin?

    Hey guys. anyone have problems with the Bathmate??? Ever since i've started using the Bathmate, my foreskin has stretched so much. it used to barely cover the tip of the head. and now it stretches about 1 cm past the head. I have not used the SG yet but I was wondering will it help...
  20. G

    Do you guys fast?

    Was up everyone. I just so happen to start Penis Enlargementing again after 3 years and using my brand new size genetics device and wanted to exercise and lose weight. I even changed my diet to raw foods excluding meat. And after a week of eating with this new diet I felt less hungry but...
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