1. DLD

    What do you consider porn?

    What do you consider porn? I know there are different levels but where does it go from innocent sexy to porn. I think clothed dancing video or beach videos with consenting adults is where I draw the line. I was edging tonight and I looked at clothes women 'twerking' whatever that is. This...
  2. habban

    Penis suddenly thinner when erect

    Hello! Is there a reason why it is like the penis get thinner and tight when erect? Sometimes or often when i'm 50% or above, like when it's plumpy & thicker than flaccid, but not erect or hard it is usually thicker and sexier than erection. Then when i starts to reach erection it shrinks on...
  3. B

    why flaccid size so small?

    helo, although i have small penis 12.5cm legth and girth 12cm, the flaccid size really small and scrawny, it dosent look it will grow to it size, its maybe 6cm in legth and 5cm in girth? maybe my cells spread a lot, i saw some people that their penis is like my size (no gay) but their flaccid...
  4. habban

    Erect stretching and temporary length gains

    Hello! I have recognized a thing. If i do a little bit of erect stretching i directly temporary increase with about 0.1 inches in length. I doesn't have to do any session before or anything. I just edge/masturbate for a bit, measure my penis. Do some erect stretching and measure again and gets...
  5. P

    It is not an infection

    First a little about my problem My problem began from using the PF ....when I apply the glam cap there is always some gap between the tip of my penis glans and the glam cap making a empty space I always felt some pressure or extra sensitive after wearing for a long time ...first I had...
  6. L

    Theoretical Priapismatics

    .Tried and failed. Drug induced doesn't work, try kegels. More details at the bottom. I have a theory, and it's probably dangerous, but possibly the last theory I'll ever need. Drug induced prapism, and all day cock rings. Priapism is a strong erection lasting over 4 hours. There...
  7. L

    Is it Theoretically possible to gain 4 + inches in length?

    My main goal is about 2.5'' in length and 1'' in girth (which would put me right at 7.5x5.5) but, if i were to continue doing intense P.E even after i reach my goal, would there be a point where i would have to stop gaining?, say i keep doing consistent P.E for the next 5-10 years in that case...
  8. D

    What now?

    Hi all I've been doing PE (intermittently) for nearly 4 years now. The whole time I've basically alternated between jelqing and stretching routines. I have gained some (not that much) size but now I feel my routines do not have the same effect they once had. (Pretty predict able after a few...
  9. acromegaly

    has anyone made major gains from just wrapping and/or cockring only?

    I'm starting to wonder if high intensity PE is what really causes growth or if frequent low intensity throughout the day can create more blood flow and overall more growth. The reason I ask is throughout my noob gains I had great EQ, and as my growth slowed and we add intensity the EQ must...
  10. T

    can dld make my cock large?

    hi there, i am from LA and i want to know if dld can make my cock large. my wife is mad and she hates small penises. can dld make my cock large? if dld can make my cock large, how will that work? how long ? hater forums say he made 4 inch gains which i want to know about. also, how old is dld? i...
  11. T

    Penis Enlargement Study Shows Size Matters To Females

    This is an interesting video, so I would like to share with everyone.
  12. Lightning

    MoS All Day Stretcher / All Night Stretcher! Feedback & Beta-Testers Needed!

    That is right DLD and I have decided to manufacture an All Day Stretcher (ADS) / All Night Stretcher (ANS). We want to add something to compliment the power of the LengthMaster for those looking for long periods of stretching during sleep and at work. We need your feedback on what attachment...
  13. S

    Re: How to use vids / can a newbie use this?

    Okay, You guys can pull up my other posts to get the background on me... To make it brief - I"m concerned about Jelqing as it may further desensitize my penis (I have sensitivity issues due to years and years of DRY masturbation. Therefore I am slowly associating myself with lube and...
  14. W

    Why Are You REALLY Here?

    I am going to address an issue which has bugged me pretty much since I made an account here. The issue is users who come here, not to learn about PE or contribute to meaningful threads, but to find as much evidence as possible that size doesn't matter at all. Most of these users are just...
  15. L

    how much have PEers gained, with/after low LOTs and low exit points?

    First off, my intention with this post is not to spark a theoretical debate about LOT, and neither is it to support it, nor to discredit it. I'm sure theories about various aspects of Penis Enlargement abound, and before someone jumps at me with SRT - yes, I've heard of SRT. :) What I am...
  16. S

    Vitamin C is said to increase collagen production

    I've just read on wikipedia that Vitamin C increases collagen production by upto a factor of 8! I will go to the Drug-store tomorrow and buy a pack of raw ascorbic acid and take some before and after my routine. Besides the other health benefits I really think taking megadoses of vitamin C...
  17. P

    ROUGH SEX TIPS.. Guys and Gals point of View Required!!

    Hey Guys and Gals, I'm really in need of some 'Rough Sex' tips and tricks... I have slept with my various share of girls but I'm usually a gentle loving type of guy, now recently like last week I came across this striking girl whilst at work. After work I met up and we went back to her place...
  18. DLD

    A Gain in Penis Size requires a Gain in Erection Quality!

    Erection Quality>> HARDER STRONGER LONGER THICKER ERECTIONS So we are all working very hard to make our penis bigger but a lot of men may not understand just how important it is to make it stronger in the same process. Much focus goes into enlarging the penis while some may neglect the...
  19. S

    Peyronies medicine question will this affect gains ?

    I have scar tissue in my penis from peyronies no curve my doctor prescribed colcrys 0.6 mg's twice a day with naproxen 375 mg's twice a day as needed for pain I was wondering of anyone knows anything about these medications & their affects the colcrys says its to prevent gout how would tht help...

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