1. S

    Loss of EQ, can't get 100% hard, NEED HELP!!!

    Hi guys! here's my story. I used to have random rock hard erections all day long, but after taking antidepressor for 3 months, I can't get 100% hard anymore and have EQ problems. So like I said, I used to have rock hard erections, but I took an antidepressor from september to december 2017 and...
  2. B

    Took Cialis, still went limp... help

    Yesterday I knew I was finally going to get laid for the first time by the chick I have been seeingso I took 20mg generic cialis 2 hours before she was to come over. First with a condom I went limp immediatelt after I put it on so I pleasured her via oral clit stimulation and G-spot stimulation...
  3. C

    My Viagra experience

    A while back I was given 100mg of viagra to try. I don't have ED issues, I was just hoping for a double header as I've heard guys say they're able to do it. After reading about dosing I decided to cut it in half and give 50mg a shot. I hadn't eaten for a few hours and I waited about an hour and...
  4. bluetard117

    CPPS and Penis enlargement

    Hey all, So for the last year and a half, I've been dealing with some shit. I won't go terribly far into it here, but CPPS looks to be the culprit - seems to fit the bill, and the age. If you're interested, I made a few posts a while back about what I was experiencing, and for a while I...
  5. B

    uncircumcised penis

    Hi all, I need your help. I think I might have a uncircumcised penis as I get my foreskin all over my glans after I have stretched my penis too hard used with sizegenetics extender. I have been told that I could have a tight pelvic floor muscle which cause the hard flaccid. How do I know...
  6. orgasmic19

    allergic reaction to Titan pills or something else?

    Hey, guys today I woke up and noticed little red bumps on my for arm and private area that some what itch. I was wondering if this is a allergic reaction to the Titan Pills or something else?
  7. B

    hard flaccid

    Hi all, I need some help, I think I might have hard flaccid because my penis and balls get hard as they don't relax when I am laying down, walking around or do normal things. Of course I do have varicocele that cause the turling penis and balls, but I want to make a double check whether if I...
  8. T

    Dapoxetine is amazing!!!

    I have been having trouble with busting too early since day one of me being sexually active. No joke, i normally last about 15-30secs (I am very lucky that my gf can cum riding me in about the same time). I did some research a month or two ago and saw that viagra can help with lasting longer...
  9. DLD

    What is this lump on my penis? Different Diagnosis's

    What is this lump on my penis? Bumps on the penis can have several causes. Many penis lumps are harmless and don't need treatment. Some possible causes are listed below. If you’re worried about a lump on your penis, see your urologist. Pearly penile papules These are small, flesh-coloured...
  10. J

    Erection issues after bathmate use

    I know I over did it. I have a bathmate xtreme x30. I would leave it on 30 minutes at a time without taking it off. I would maintain the pressure as tight as I could the whole 30 minutes. I wouldn't cause pain just slight discomfort. I used it for 3 or 4 months like this. About a...
  11. B

    varicocele and cremaster muscle issue

    Hi guys, I need your advice as I don't know what I would need to do. Yesterday I went to see the consultant urology at the top hospital in London. I have discussed to him about the swelling in my scrotal sack. I have had a checked over and he said that he don't know why my scrotal sack got...
  12. I


    Has anyone heard of Rhabdomyolysis and know whether it could be brought on be doing PE?
  13. U

    Length routine

    Hey all As said above i need some good length routine(girth is good). Until 2 weeks ago i was doing newbie strethces but i got some injury and i am on pause . I use x30 bathmate(3x3x5 with jelq ofc) and Phallosan as ADS(high green/low yellow) and ANS(very low green). When i heal a bit more i...
  14. MaxRichards

    Hydroquinone & Discoloration

    Ok, this is the one cream that everyone seems to freak out about... but I just did a google image search for before and after pictures, many of which show use on the face and eye area, and I'm thinking WTF? Why isn't anyone recommending Hydroquinone for long term penis discoloration when...
  15. D

    BIB Hanger causing Urethral Stricture? Urologist thinks so

    So I got a very bad UTI (presented no symptoms until it spread to kidneys and then I was in a world of trouble). When men get UTI's it's serious biz. All my tests proved negative (BPH, kidney issues etc) so I sat down with the Urologist to go over what is going on. I told him I penis hang...
  16. M

    Varicocele (minor case), safe to resume PE?

    So I have had some hesitation and read some articles and figures there would be many knowledgable people with experiences to share. I'll share my problem and see if anyone has had issues similar; any guidance is greatly appreciated... Me and my gf are very sexual, so much so that we often...
  17. I

    Large and over extended flaccid injury

    Hello everybody . I'm not sure where to post this, I'm a bit loss on this website . Well anyway , here my problem . A few months ago (4) I decided to jelq for the first time . I warned up for 10 minutes then started doing the streching . I skimmed through the instructions and watched...
  18. S

    What the hell is this!?!?!?

    I think it's a thrombosed vein bit not entirely sure. I stopped exercising and just have been applying heat to the area.
  19. jekyllnhyde360

    how im portant is EQ, when it comes to girth gains?

    Pretty straight foreward question. my eq sux, just wondering if it may be hindering my gains.
  20. S

    looking for a good online drugstore

    Hey guys, I know this is somewhat offtopic and has nothing to do with PE but since this is the best and most reliable online-community I know in general I'll ask you first: do you know one or more reliable online drugstores that sell the neuro-enhancer modafinil (or modalert resp. vigil)...
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