1. A

    Silistretcher Considerations of Use

    After reading about the operation of this device and about your experience I have come to the conclusion that the following considerations must be taken into account for its effectiveness and to avoid blisters. I would like you to confirm that I am right or wrong, or if I am missing something...
  2. N

    Questions prior to purchasing SS2

    What's up everyone, nice to see the brotherhood is healthy and still going strong. I have had a massive hiatus on my journey, life takes many twists and turns. But where I am at now is upgrading past the PF to the SS2. I just can't find as much comfort anymore to withstand those 8+ hours...
  3. T

    Got my silistrecher - have questions

    Hi Got my ss today. 1. A Bubble came out on my glans after first use of silistrecher (attached). What am i doing wrong? Also im not sure what i need to put on my glans before putting it inside the ss and wrapping it? I tried the attached part but not sure if that's correct part. Please advice...
  4. T

    Best ADS?

    Hi Not sure if that's the right forum. I remember we had extender forums here but i can't find it anymore. My current routine: For girth every night srt 5x5x3 with batemate. Still no measured girth gains :-( For length i do 1-2 sessions a dat of LM with newbie routine and bit of down strech...
  5. DayDreamDN

    Burning sensation SS 2.0

    Burning sensation after 1 hour
  6. DayDreamDN

    Silistretcher 2.0

    First day two blisters next to uretha(mad a mistake and popped them). Second day two blisters next to My uretha. What I am doing wrong?
  7. C

    Velcro for silistretcher

    Does anyone have any idea for attaching the silistretcher other than Velcro? It slips constantly due to the work I do, and I sweat profusely. I can’t seem to put more than a couple pounds of tension on it.
  8. N

    Silistretcher gains

    Has anyone made any substantial gains on their silistretcher yet? I loved the PF but had some problems with concealing it as well as the bell started leaking the vacuum after a while. I will eventually get the silistretcher however before I pull the trigger I’m just curious on people’s...
  9. R

    Silistretcher- General Questions

    I’m interested in purchasing the SiliStretcher and just had a few questions before pulling the trigger: 1.) How long do you recommend to wear this device daily (as an ADS)? 2.) If wearing the SS strapped to my leg, how visible is it in somewhat tight jeans? Also, what IS the most stealth way...
  10. D

    silistretcher not giving me soreness

    I was manually stretching before i purchased the silistretcher and felt a slight for on the base the day after. Not with the silistretcher, I am hanging using 7 pounds, for an hour a day. sometimes a little more. Am i doing something wrong? any advice would be appreciated.
  11. bluetard117

    Silisleeve and Cap thoughts

    Hey all, First off, gotta say - the blue silisleeves are by far my preferred method of anti-turtling. Their flexibility makes it easy to go about my day without worrying about losing grip or circulation, and that it's so flexible really gives it a natural look, so that's much appreciated. I...
  12. R

    Silipads have turned it around for me! Silipad + Silistretcher = Comfort

    I have been using the new Silipad + Silistretcher combo for the past few days, not all day, but for several hours during the day. My initial trials started several days ago at night, and I was literally blown away with how different the silistretcher felt with the silipads inside! You can...
  13. Lightning

    SiliStretcher User Manual

    Inside your SiliStretcher package you will find the following contents: SiliStretcher(s) of choice Blue SiliPad and gel pads Blue SiliSleevs & SiliCap ADS (All Day Stretcher) Belt with clip Hanging arbor and spring clip Weight plates MOSGrip gripping powder Silicone lube for maintenance...
  14. Lightning

    SiliStretcher Demonstration Product Update Videos

    Introducing the SiliStretcher SiliStretcher Vacuum Test SiliStretcher Updates and SiliPads SiliScale for the SiliStretcher SiliPads for SiliStretcher Sizing for the SiliStretcher SiliStretcher Explained Maximizing Vacuum on the SiliStretcher Troubleshooting the SiliStretcher
  15. DLD

    The SiliStretcher is like nothing else! This is the way of SRT

    Many people who I deal with asked me what compares to the SiliStretcher and that’s a fair question. First I think it is important to point out that “platform” we have used to create and have build upon will continue with some awesome add-ons on the horizon. You would have to have several tools...
  16. R

    Everyone that has ordered a SiliStretcher and leaves a recent review on the SiliStretcher in ShopMOS will receive a free SiliScale!

    Surprised more of you haven't jumped at the chance :) This comes from the boss
  17. Hung-Honcho

    Silistretcher stretched across the waist

    I saw a picture on the sili stretcher product page, it is a bit similar to phallosan, I am not sure what this method of stretching is called but I attached a picture here, My question is this - does this method of stretching have enough tension to enable reasonable length gains when used for a...
  18. S

    Silistretcher Vs. Lenghtmaster 2.0

    Ok guys so ive been saving for one of this 2 and i already asked the gurus of this inventions but i really want to hear about everybody else who has them!!! It would be great if you could post your experience and gains !!!! So i have the mityvac and has been wonderful but its not for...
  19. DLD

    SiliStretcher Overnight Testing / wearing while sleeping

    SiliStretcher Overnight Testing It was something I really hoped would work as it would be a solid 7-10 hours of passive healing. I found it to be more dangerous than safe. If you picture laying on your side with the SiliStretcher in an upward position and remained that way you may be able to...
  20. H

    Silistretcher vs Phallosan Forte

    So I just ordered the PF and just came across the Silistretcher. Is the SS a better less expensive alternative to the PF? And can the SS be worn overnight? And should I return the PF when it arrives and order the SS instead?
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