1. jpgm1


    Hey guys! I just have a small question, should I be targeting discoloration while I get to my ideal size or should I wait until I achieve my final goal to do it?
  2. DLD

    Masturbation DOES NOT effect testosterone levels. Incredible Study!

    One of the more frequently asked questions I get is around the topic of ejaculation and testosterone is;Does masturbation increase or decrease testosterone levels? That’s a valid question since the internet seems to be loaded on opinions about the topic. Obviously, it makes a lot of sense that...
  3. orgasmic19

    Can masterubation prevent ED and testosterone loss

    Hey, guys I was reading about how regular masturbation is healthy, but of course you don't want to over do it. Here is a comment I found on 🙈 forum by a member named kingpole. Do you guys really think regular masturbation can prevent ED if done right? kingpole I think if your not a...
  4. M

    How effective are vaginal tightening Serums?

    vaginal tightening serums like myotaut and 18 Again.. How effective are they? And if used once for the specified period then does it stay tight until you have sex? Or is it temporary?
  5. B

    blood test results

    Hi folks, I went to the doctor today to get the blood test results. He said that my testosterone is normal. Here it is: Results for 13/9/16 Serum Testosterone 11.4nmol/L Serum oestradiol level 111 pmol/L Serum free T4 level = 13 pmol/L Serum TSH level = 2.3 mIU/L Results...
  6. A

    Bathmate MaxOut-Jelqing Serum

    DLD I was going to Hydromax to see the new X50 xtreme and saw this jelqing serum on there. Have you heard of it?
  7. mahoney1234

    Becoming. . .

    The time has come. Not to change, but to become. I will become a better version of myself and I will be 100% dedicated. I've always been careless of my weight and health because it never stopped me from my goals of getting girls, but I know realize there is more to be had, so I will improve and...
  8. johnny-wang

    DHT anyone?

    I am already very manly, been a scally my entire life albeit a bookworm . . . complicated I know. And even though I have a pretty face I still look fairly mean (bad boyish look) Problem is I look too young for my age (29) and have teenage girls giving me too much attention. So I am trying to...
  9. T

    Whats up guys. I'm a newcomer here & I have a big issue...I can't get it to work!

    Whats up guys. I'm a newcomer here & I have a big issue...I can't get it to work! I'm in my 20s and I'm still a virgin (I've done everything except penetration). My biggest fear was prematurely getting a girl pregnant. I've recently gotten over this fear & went out there bought myself some...
  10. U

    Ask for a whole bulge inflation exercise guide

    Hi, Firstly, I want to tell you, that my English is not the best and I'm brand new in this topic... I don't know too much, but please, try to help me Some datas: So, I'm a collegian at a university. I'm 172 cm tall and I have a 13,5 cm long dick with an average wide. Shortly, my life story. I...
  11. S

    How many women here used vaginal tightener serum/spray?

    Just wondering how many women here used vaginal tightener serum/spray? I know there are many women who already used vaginal tightener serum like boys take something to increase their penis size! So speak up girls. One of my friend is using "Firm Femme". She said it's working for her. You can...
  12. H

    Advice for micropenis PE?

    Hi everyone, I really hope to get some advice here. My flaccid length is 1" and erect length almost 4". Girth is just a little thicker than my thumb. What are the methods to gain length and girth for someone like me? Any advice/help is appreciated. Hope to hear from people who...
  13. H

    What to do about micropenis?

    Hi everyone! I have read threads regarding PE for micropenis but they usually end up without updates from users who are experiencing the same problems. This is my situation. I am 1" flaccid and about 4" erect. However, my girth is just a little thicker than my thumb (sighs). May I know...
  14. T

    Laser treatment to remove discoloration

    I've been having problems with discoloration and hyper pigmentation do to a rash that made my skin darker when it healed. I just heard about this now and I'm going to ask my dermatologist about it. Has anyone ever tried the laser treatment? Does it help?
  15. Lightning

    Pistachios for Harder Erections - Study Inside

    I started my Pistachio Diet yesterday to see if it improves E.Q. I am eating 4oz of Pistachios everyday. I have good erections now but I want to see if they can improve based on this diet. Pistachio Diet Improves Erectile Function Parameters and Serum Lipid Profiles in Patients with...
  16. T

    Should I mix DMSO and PABA?

    I got my DMSO, PABA, and glass eye dropper jars. My burning question is should I mix it together or just use the straight DMSO? Should I mix it at first and then slowly work my way up to the straight 70%? Is the PABA even worth mixing with the DMSO? And if so how much? Thanks
  17. N

    Cream, Lotion, Oil for flaccid for a more tightening effect on the skin?

    Cream, Lotion, Oil for flaccid for a more tightening effect on the skin?
  18. T

    Priapus shot and O shot tomorrow morning!

    Excited about it. Wife is getting O shot. Will keep you informed.
  19. G

    About Caffeine

    Proposed Effect(s):* also falls under the category of stimulant, alkaloid and methylxanthine * increases endurance performance, spares glycogen, increases lipid oxidation, enhances neuromuscular function, and attenuates plasma potassium levels during exercise The following is a scientific...
  20. U

    HCG Experiment

    Hi all, Some background info: 24 years old, had delayed puberty at 17 with very little penile and testicular growth. Visited an endocrinologist a few years back, did me no good since it was for one, embarrassing but also he wasn't too worried or helpful, as I can easily get an erection and...