1. J


    Hey guys! I just have a small question, should I be targeting discoloration while I get to my ideal size or should I wait until I achieve my final goal to do it?
  2. orgasmic19

    Can masterubation prevent ED and testosterone loss

    Hey, guys I was reading about how regular masturbation is healthy, but of course you don't want to over do it. Here is a comment I found on pegym forum by a member named kingpole. Do you guys really think regular masturbation can prevent ED if done right? kingpole I think if your not a...
  3. B

    blood test results

    Hi folks, I went to the doctor today to get the blood test results. He said that my testosterone is normal. Here it is: Results for 13/9/16 Serum Testosterone 11.4nmol/L Serum oestradiol level 111 pmol/L Serum free T4 level = 13 pmol/L Serum TSH level = 2.3 mIU/L Results...
  4. mahoney1234

    Becoming. . .

    The time has come. Not to change, but to become. I will become a better version of myself and I will be 100% dedicated. I've always been careless of my weight and health because it never stopped me from my goals of getting girls, but I know realize there is more to be had, so I will improve and...
  5. johnny-wang

    DHT anyone?

    I am already very manly, been a scally my entire life albeit a bookworm . . . complicated I know. And even though I have a pretty face I still look fairly mean (bad boyish look) Problem is I look too young for my age (29) and have teenage girls giving me too much attention. So I am trying to...
  6. T

    Whats up guys. I'm a newcomer here & I have a big issue...I can't get it to work!

    Whats up guys. I'm a newcomer here & I have a big issue...I can't get it to work! I'm in my 20s and I'm still a virgin (I've done everything except penetration). My biggest fear was prematurely getting a girl pregnant. I've recently gotten over this fear & went out there bought myself some...
  7. H

    Advice for micropenis PE?

    Hi everyone, I really hope to get some advice here. My flaccid length is 1" and erect length almost 4". Girth is just a little thicker than my thumb. What are the methods to gain length and girth for someone like me? Any advice/help is appreciated. Hope to hear from people who...
  8. H

    What to do about micropenis?

    Hi everyone! I have read threads regarding PE for micropenis but they usually end up without updates from users who are experiencing the same problems. This is my situation. I am 1" flaccid and about 4" erect. However, my girth is just a little thicker than my thumb (sighs). May I know...
  9. T

    Laser treatment to remove discoloration

    I've been having problems with discoloration and hyper pigmentation do to a rash that made my skin darker when it healed. I just heard about this now and I'm going to ask my dermatologist about it. Has anyone ever tried the laser treatment? Does it help?
  10. Lightning

    Pistachios for Harder Erections - Study Inside

    I started my Pistachio Diet yesterday to see if it improves E.Q. I am eating 4oz of Pistachios everyday. I have good erections now but I want to see if they can improve based on this diet. Pistachio Diet Improves Erectile Function Parameters and Serum Lipid Profiles in Patients with...
  11. T

    Should I mix DMSO and PABA?

    I got my DMSO, PABA, and glass eye dropper jars. My burning question is should I mix it together or just use the straight DMSO? Should I mix it at first and then slowly work my way up to the straight 70%? Is the PABA even worth mixing with the DMSO? And if so how much? Thanks
  12. T

    Priapus shot and O shot tomorrow morning!

    Excited about it. Wife is getting O shot. Will keep you informed.
  13. G

    About Caffeine

    Proposed Effect(s):* also falls under the category of stimulant, alkaloid and methylxanthine * increases endurance performance, spares glycogen, increases lipid oxidation, enhances neuromuscular function, and attenuates plasma potassium levels during exercise The following is a scientific...
  14. U

    HCG Experiment

    Hi all, Some background info: 24 years old, had delayed puberty at 17 with very little penile and testicular growth. Visited an endocrinologist a few years back, did me no good since it was for one, embarrassing but also he wasn't too worried or helpful, as I can easily get an erection and...
  15. P

    Ultimate Cream... in progress

    UPDATE: Hi Everyone, Apologies for the massive delay in response. Video proof on the website!! I've been insanely busy. We sent out a bunch of trials and we've massively enhanced the product since. It is no longer vaseline based but coconut oil based. We're very happy...
  16. N

    would you be Ok with Huge Temporary gains?

    well guys After I stoped jelking and using my cock ring my gains are almost gone(6 inches in the past. 6.125 a month ago) I have made alot of research and I've been experimenting for about a month now and everything seem to be ok, I've just discovered a way to gain 1 inch of temporary girth...
  17. A

    hCG injections

    Going to be doing hCG injections and just have 1 question. I will be injecting to the penis. Should I just pinch some skin and inject or inject into the corpus cavernosum?
  18. Doc Holiday

    Can i Start a Debate Argument thread DLD

    just wondering if i could start a Debate Argumentative Venting thread am i in the right place to put this one or no if not ok you can erase this thread and it will be cool I want my first topic to be Bout Milk ive read on internet there is many different internet pages refering...
  19. keepingitbig

    Derma-roller? Cure to stretch marks?

    Well, I've grown too fast as a teen too soon. So I developed stretch marks along my hip area, shoulders and now a little on my biceps. Tried creams, even the creams for stretch-marks by palmers. Nothing seems to work. So I've been researching how to get rid of stretch marks and came upon...
  20. K

    The snake man's chemical PE log

    Hey fellas. The snake man checking in. Decided to join mistake and petersouth in creating a daily Penis Enlargement training log for my chemical protocol. Heres my current weekly routine. Still looking into what type of ADS i want to use in between sessions. Current stats before Protocal...
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