1. L

    Latex sleeve for phallus when using PeniMaster Pro

    Has anyone tried using a latex sleeve over the phallus to help prevent slippage when using the PMP? I've been using my PMP for a month and have recently noticed that Phallosan has a much longer latex piece that runs farther down the penile shaft. I'm thinking of getting some latex gloves...
  2. C

    Penis shaft not growing. What's next?

    Hi guys I have seen some decent gains in BPEL over the last 2 years through various phases of manual and hanging work. I am currently just shy of 7" (target 8" cemented length), about an inch growth. What I have recently noticed is my gains seem to be coming from an extended base of my...
  3. X

    Less oxygen = more growth

    Hey guys, I don't know if this exact way of thinking has been discussed lately but it seems that people aren't doing it so I'd like to bring it to light. It seems that when we talk about girth gains, we tend to talk about stretching the tunica. However, Im starting to think there might be a...
  4. S

    My penis is in the process of getting bigger!

    Hi, how are ya? And happy thanksgiving. My name's sammy from Morocco and my parents wanted from to marry but I have gotten some issues and my parents thought I am a gay (I don't have any problems with gays am open-minded). So that my family hates me for avoiding marriage for a long time, but my...
  5. L

    All night erection while sleeping = gains?

    Because of my job situation I'm having trouble keeping my unit from turtling. Not wearing underwear or using an ADS would not go unnoticed, to put it that way. I figured maybe I can compensate for it by using supplements or something to have all night long boners, so that I'm doing a lot of my...
  6. I

    Is PE a Form of Edging...

  7. Mlathem

    Beginner Introduction and 1/2 " Newbie Gains

    Hey guys, First off, glad to be here! This will be my first post, this is how i got into pe and the reasons why i started. I just turned 23, but back in high school i have always been an athlete. I have always been cut but i had a slight problem getting undressed in front of people. In high...
  8. MoS-Newbie

    Studies on average size - BPEL or NBPEL!?

    Hey guys, I've been wondering about this for a while now. We now know that the average length ranges from 5.07" to 5.90", according to most studies. But nowhere in these studies do they explain how they measured! Do you guys know? It only makes sense that it's BPEL, but they never say...
  9. A

    Erect Gains (Without Prolonged Erection)?

    How important are prolonged erections in the process of P.E. for length gains? By prolonged, I mean in addition to normal morning wood. For girth, I imagine they are very important. For length, is it enough to stretch the ligaments, deform the tunica, and expose the inner penis, and...
  10. H

    Is Masturbation/Edging good for gains ? (DLD ?)

    Hey everyone I wanted to hear your opinion of Masturbation and EDGING because i gained big girth but nearly no length, maybe 0,3" after 5 months .. and didnt masturbate or edged at all ... this question is especially for the big gainers how do you feel about this topic did these two...
  11. T

    How do i measure girth?

    When i measure at different points my penis is thicker. My top part is 4.75 But my base is 5 inch girth. Does that mean my numbers are 5 inch?
  12. A

    Have lots of sex before deciding you need PE

    Maybe this has been mentioned before, but you can't ungrow your dick once gains are cemented. Be realistic in choosing a goal size, forget about what you watched in ����. Just giving some noobs out there a heads up because once you get a huge dick it's staying huge and that might not be awesome...
  13. kak03

    Looking for advice on girth routine.

    I have tried to get into PE before but would usually stop after a couple of weeks. This time I am determined to keep it up however and want to make a plan. I have decided that I only want to work on girth. I am already 7.5 inches in BPEL so I really dont need more length and I hated doing...
  14. H

    What to do about micropenis?

    Hi everyone! I have read threads regarding PE for micropenis but they usually end up without updates from users who are experiencing the same problems. This is my situation. I am 1" flaccid and about 4" erect. However, my girth is just a little thicker than my thumb (sighs). May I know...
  15. Lightning

    MoS All Day Stretcher / All Night Stretcher! Feedback & Beta-Testers Needed!

    That is right DLD and I have decided to manufacture an All Day Stretcher (ADS) / All Night Stretcher (ANS). We want to add something to compliment the power of the LengthMaster for those looking for long periods of stretching during sleep and at work. We need your feedback on what attachment...
  16. 8incyclops

    Fulcrum Hanging Expressive?

    The idea of a fulcrum when hanging is to put all stretch on a particulr point in the penis. Say if i use the lengthmaster as the fulcrum and then hang with the hanging attatchment wont all the preasure be isolated on my penis and not inner expressive penis? Like below
  17. Sn0wblind

    Sn0wbl1nd Journey from 7" to 10"

    My routine will consist of a combination of SRT Techniques developed by DLD and Supra's Slammer Guide. I believe any penis has the ability to gain in both areas, no matter how significant. I will be outlining a 24/7 routine that borrows from the SRT mindset and have my goals in my mind the...
  18. W

    Why Are You REALLY Here?

    I am going to address an issue which has bugged me pretty much since I made an account here. The issue is users who come here, not to learn about PE or contribute to meaningful threads, but to find as much evidence as possible that size doesn't matter at all. Most of these users are just...
  19. M

    Bath mate, Ring, Extender. Questions

    Hey guys, so this summer i planning on finally getting my extender and Bathmate. I hope to start of with an extender that isn't too costly but is effective ( if you guys can recommend one too that'd be great)[Note: I'm getting the regular metal stretcher as well as the strap on "bed" extender...
  20. U

    HCG Experiment

    Hi all, Some background info: 24 years old, had delayed puberty at 17 with very little penile and testicular growth. Visited an endocrinologist a few years back, did me no good since it was for one, embarrassing but also he wasn't too worried or helpful, as I can easily get an erection and...
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