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  1. IAmSpartacus71

    A spot on my glans

    Hi, I have a little problem and need your help, if you have been talking about it already just post links to it in your replies. About three weeks ago I've been doing my length routine and probably I was too aggressive, few hours after I finished the routine I've noticed a bright spot on my...
  2. B

    Dr. Miami on "Penis Enlargement"

    Dr. Miami, a celebrity Plastic Surgeon, was on the radio today speaking on the countless surgeries he has performed for celebrities. When asked about Penis enlargement he stated that theres nothing he can do for men that desire to gain length but there are procedures where they can acquire more...
  3. C

    Penis Enlargement Surgery - Ligament cut

    Hey guys , need any advice I can get. I have been wanting the penis lengthening surgery forever, the one where they cut the tendon and you have to stretch it for up to 6 months after. Im familiar with everything and how to take care of it after etc. But any experiences? I think I am going to...
  4. stillwantmore

    The So Called "Wisdom" of Urologists, Food For Thought

    So, I have been exchanging emails with a potential customer recently. I'm sure DLD can relate to this. Basically, this guy is trying to convince himself despite what his urologist has been saying, that PE can in fact be possible. His urologist has been trying to tell him that the penis cannot be...
  5. D

    Penile Length Enlargement Surgery ( Idea) CONTEST !!!!!!!

    Ok Gents. If you have a great idea that may work for a successful Length surgery, then mention it here. Now the person who has the best idea may have a chance to get his method patented and submitted to several top PE surgeons. Also feel free to help tweak each others ideas in order to help make...
  6. D

    PE For a Year and No Gains and Negative Results. Help???

    Hello, I've been following PE exercises for a while. I started PE about a year and a half ago in April 2013. Since then all I've seen is negative results. I've tried everything from jelqing to clamping to hanging to kegels and edging and numerous stretches and girth exercises including the...
  7. B

    Is it safe to reverse kegel the same amount of time I do regular kegels?

    Hello all, I have been doing reverse kegels for about 2 or 3 months. And I have been wondering if its safe to do them the same amount I do regular kegels? Ex: I do kegels for about an hour everyday 1 minute on 1 minute rest for an hour. Is it safe to do say, reverse kegel for 30 seconds, rest...
  8. R

    I met a MALE PORN STAR... My Story

    Even though am new to this forum but i have doing Penis Enlargement for 1yr now and seeing massive gains however let me get straight into my story. I must say guys that i have being trying to understand why and how these guys in porn films are always hung. Luckily i ran into one 1yr ago and...
  9. 8incyclops

    Suspensory ligament is huge

    Since gaining 2 inches EL my suspensory ligament is really big and when I stretch it moves out with my penis and feels like its in the way i'm really fighting against my ligs when I stretch now. Does anyone think the cutting of the S ligament surgery help with more gains a longer flaccid and...
  10. T

    Results...? 10 weeks, haven't seen a thing yet.

    How long did it take most of you guys to see length gains with the extender? My dick is about 6.2 erect non-bone pressed, and I haven't even gained .1 of an inch yet. I know it's suppose to be a 6 month program (at least), but i'm starting to get worried/discouraged that my dick isn't responding...
  11. P

    Penis enlargement interview on UK TV

    I found this quite interesting so decided to give it a post. It's taken off a well known UK TV program and is an interview of a guy that has had penis surgery, he also has his surgeon there that gives some info on effects etc. To explain, the guy in question explains that he was always happy...
  12. R

    flesh-eating bacteria that ate his penis centimeter by centimeter after surgery

    Guy goes in for penis implant and like the title says... This is why I will never have any penis surgery. Not sure if this is the right Thread for this... But had to share this with...
  13. newbiefor9

    New cosmopolitan mag with article about PE out at the mo!!

    Has anyone seen this on the shelves in the uk? I think the title on the front says something lie '' Men's biggest bedroom fear.'' Check it out!! I haven't read it, i just quicly opened it to the front of the article!
  14. T

    Ligs Question

    Now i seen a pic awhile back showing 3 different ligs or is there just the suspensory ligament? Then reason is i feel i've maxed out the suspensory ligament from the top and i feel as though i could stretch my penis to great lengths except i have 2 steel wires on the bottom/side of my penis...
  15. A

    Who is the best surgeon for penis enhancement in the USA?

    Hi there, im Australian and looking to get a job done in the states. I dont care what state, just want to go to the right surgeon. Who can recommend a surgeon and who do i stay away from? So far i have contacted Dr Reed, Dr Whitehead and Dr Krakovsky. Who knows these doctors, who can advise...
  16. Z

    Newbie Zob needs advices

    Hi guys, I’am pretty new to the Natural Penis Enlargement enlargement world. I am 30 years old, living in Europe and I am not a native English speaker, and I hope you will forgive me for the mistakes I could make regarding your native language. Regarding my personal history, I will try...
  17. matthew2003

    How did you discover MOS or PE??

    For me, i had a Japanese girlfriend, we did a long distance relationship for 4 years, at one point i took her to a sex shop to get a dildo for her so she'd be satisfied while in Japan. While looking at the dildos a gay male employee came over to offer help. i suggested a dildo which i thought...
  18. T

    Whats people’s view on Penis surgery??? Length and girth!!!

    Whats people view on Penis surgery??? I was looking on Google about pe and as you do I end up in a totally different area of life in the Google world Penis surgery! I don’t know what to think, they are saying gain up to 1-2 inches in length or 1-2 inches in girth or even do a combo...
  19. I

    Here 4 a life goal and dream

    its been almost 2 years since i hanged out with my friends or even speaking to any of them and standing on my block. i got my penis extender about a little over 2 1/2 years ago and ever since then i been thinking about enlarging my penis. it wasn't working out wearing it for a little while each...
  20. S

    A new guy, multiple problems.

    I have multiple problems that all need addressed. Firstly, I am and have been very sexually active in my past. Here's a little bit about me, I'm 20. So, still young and lots can be done. I don't exactly live a very healthy life. In my teens I had a rough addiction to drugs, hard drugs...

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