1. D

    Newbie wanting muchos advice

    Hi Guys, hope your all well. I’m Dan, 39 and currently 7 3/4” x 6 1/4” I stumbled across this site and thought it would teach me what I need to know about enlargement etc. I have a few issues I’d like help with: 3 years ago I suffered a back injury resulting in a herniated disk as was almost...
  2. G

    Bathmate Newbie

    Everyone - I have been stretching and jelquing for about a month now. Just recently got my Hydromax 7. I was curious where the best thread/site to maximizing the Hydromax! I want to learn everything about it so that I can maximize gains! My wife and I are headed to Vegas in 2...
  3. H

    ADS experience

    Hey gang. I'm getting set to make a hard run with SRT. I'd like to research a stretcher to wear while sleeping. It seems that those are some some serious wasted hours. Thoughts?
  4. P

    Newbie looking to start with hanging and ADS

    I am new to this and I am looking to build up some gains, I am already well experienced with Jelqing and I am looking to change my routine to a more advanced one, I want to begin hanging and also wearing an ADS device for a couple hours, I really don't have an idea what weight would be best to...
  5. hnb

    DLD newbie routine results

    Hello guys. Happy New Year :) What results have you achieved with the DLD newbie routine ? I know DLD gained 2 inches with this routine. Im asking because many people don't want to use devices. How much do you think is possible to gain with this routine and how much have you or your friend's...
  6. FireBoner

    Penis enlargement question(s) ? I'll post whatever I won't seem to find

    What is Mega Jelqs ? Is it a normal jelq but with all five fingers ?
  7. FireBoner


    I've been doing the basic stretching and some jelqing very religiously 5 days a week for the last month and I've gained around a half centimeter wich is I think almost a quarter of an inch in both lenght and girth thanks to this community !(like)
  8. F

    9x6 in 2 years, can I make it?

    I'm technically new to PE, but I know about it makes some years, so I already have read the newbie guides from here and some other forums. I'm currently 7.5BPEL x 5EG, that's my natural size. I wanna know if it's possible to make it 9x6 in 2 years? And can I make at least 1 inch in length this...
  9. D

    need guidance on an penis extender/stretcher monthly/weekly program/routine

    First time ever posting on this site. So i'm not a total noob, i had stretched before, yet never stuck to it and lost all my gains. I'm deciding to come back with a vengeance by losing the weight, gaining muscle, and stretching until 8 inches is acheived. I'm just a bit lost as to where i should...
  10. S

    My routine (newbie)

    Hello. I thought I would publish my routine on here. Warm up 10 minutes heat Manual Stretches 20 mins of UP, DOWN, LEFT & RIGHT -hold for 25-30 seconds. Hanging with a ADS silicone sleeve 2x 45 minutes (hour and half total) sets at 6.6lbs Jelqing 30 minutes of wet...
  11. 1

    About skin stretching, bathmate water and edging

    Hey there, I'm looking for a stretch that will lengthen the skin of my shaft, so my balls will hang lower and the hairy part will go down. Who knows, maybe it will speed up gains. Also, I've recently started to pump with cold instead of hot water, I found that I can get bigger inside with...
  12. 1

    New to the site and wanted to introduce myself.

    Hello there, I`m a long time lurker on this site and wanted to make an account for a long time. I`m in "serious" PE for like a year, working with Uncle Jim Wrap, manual stretches, ROP and bathmate. What finally pushed me over the edge was the desire to perfect my routine and gain to the max...
  13. B

    Brand New to PE and MOS

    Hey all, I just subscribed to the MOS online membership platform and it suggested I come here to get involved with the brotherhood. I'm really excited to see some serious results from this program. I have never done any PE before and honestly I've never really considered it until my latest...
  14. sceptic

    Newbie here, just bought a bathmate x30, need a routine and some advice

    So I bought the x30 about two weeks ago. Used it every other day to avoid overtraining and just get the little guy used to it. I've seen so many different routines floating around I really don't know what direction to head in and I'm just looking for something safe and basic to get the ball...
  15. C

    A Newbie, looking to really make big changes!

    Hello MoS! It's really nice to meet you, I'll be here very often and I'll go by the name Captain :) Introduction: First of all I'd like to apologize for the wall of text that is about to come as I am dying to have my questions answered as I feel that you guys could really help me out based...
  16. A

    Bathmate just arrived - is it a defective piece?

    I just got the Bathmate Hercules; I've used it twice now and both times, I've had air bubbles creep in...they sort of hover around top of the cylinder right underneath where the measurement markings are. I read somewhere that I should tilt the bathmate upwards to push the air to the front and...
  17. D

    Similar to me..

    Hi I am a newbie on this forum however I have been into penis enlargement for a good 5/6 years and have tried almost everything. I have also bought the MoS package and tried it but will admit not consistently due to circumstances. I have always been around 6'' BPEL and gone up and down a little...
  18. D

    What now?

    Hi all I've been doing PE (intermittently) for nearly 4 years now. The whole time I've basically alternated between jelqing and stretching routines. I have gained some (not that much) size but now I feel my routines do not have the same effect they once had. (Pretty predict able after a few...
  19. D

    how to cement flaccid gains?

    How do you cement flaccid gains?
  20. R

    Not so newbie giving another go!

    Im glad to be back at it! Its been too long since ive practiced any P.E. and Im eager to get started and stick with it this time. I've figured out why I didn't stick with it and I've adjusted my routines to pretty much fix that. Im starting off at around 6.5"BPEL and 4.6-75" MSEG. I'll get...

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