1. T

    New here, need help, feeling lost

    Hiya, new here. i discovered the forum last year but never gave it a try. i wanna get into it now. but the problem is that with this much information in the forum i’m lost. anyone can please help with simple length + girth routine? that will be very helpful also, i’m 5.5 length and 4.3...
  2. S

    New member intro

    Hello everyone, Signed up today. Have been researching and have started a routine. I’m only 2 weeks in and have been doing everything slowly and working up. It started with jelqing and I also purchased a bathmate. With the bathmate I just went with the hydroextreme 9 based on measurements and...
  3. B

    Long time fan return p.e. (Pics included.)After years

    Hello everyone, Ive always been a big enthusiast of p e. But years have passed, dealing with many life problems. I suffer with severe depression and anxiety. I just' haven't been able do p.e. in quite a while due to many tragic events in my life I used to be 10" . I've lost my size . Im...
  4. B

    What is Clamping

    Alright I've searched but I still don't understand clamping? What is it? From what I've read I need to stay away from it but I may be doing it and not know that's what it's called.
  5. T

    New start

    Think about starting an enhancement journey. Phallosan forte and plus seemed nice and easy. Don’t have a lot of private time so the all day thing seemed best. Then I joined Reddit and most are against it due to low tension. What’s the thoughts?
  6. D

    Hello everybody! I'm semi-kinda-not-new

    Hello! I wanted to make a quick post here and ask a (dumb) question to get started, but it would be better to give you some of my history. I've actually known about PE for almost 2 years now - since about 2005-2006. I have been on some forums before and I've been learning from afar most of...
  7. cocky_coffee_lover

    Newbie Incumming

    Hello my fellow PE brothers, CCL here to try and learn from the best and start my PE journey off right! I've lurked around the forum a little bit and I think DLD or SIM said somewhere that it's pretty daunting to try and take all this info in, and he was right, so bare with me while I learn the...
  8. M

    Happy to be here!

    This is my second post. Although it should’ve been my first one, lol. I joined up because of the wealth of information that everyone is sharing openly without any shame! That is exactly the type of environment or I should say form of people I would like to be associated with while I work down...
  9. B

    Complete newbie with quite under average size

    Hi I’m 23 m, I’m a complete newbie here with quite an under average penis size being - 2.5”- length flaccid 4” - girth flaccid And 4.2” - length erect 5” - girth erect Im looking to focus mainly focus on gaining length, adding about 1.5-2” to start so then I’m at least average. I’m quite...
  10. B

    coming over from �other forum�

    I don't know why people have so much drama with �other forum�, it's good however, I'm still a newbie only 1 year into this and I'm one of the few people always posting. I'm tired of not having more PE'rs at and above my level. I hope to share as much knowledge as I have learned here.
  11. R

    Im new and very small

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I wanted to tell you my sad story, I have been very self-conscious for years because of the size of my member, I have not had sexual relations, I am a virgin and I am 20 years old. , my insecurity is very great because since I was little I have been bullied...
  12. Veedubb0508

    Starting out

    Official Starting measurements Bone pressed erect 3.75 inches Girth erect 3.4 inches Bone pressed soft stretched 3.80in Soft not stretched 1.8inches Girth soft 3.1 inches I just started doing exercises yesterday. I most likely have the smallest dick on here and thats kinda cool i guess LOL...
  13. P

    questions for a newbie hanger. starting this journey out

    Hi Mos!, Been a long time since I posted. This community is amazing, I missed it! I started my hanging journey. Ive been using the lengthmaster for 2months. Ive been pumping for at around 7-8months. I pump nearly every day. I at times use an ADS. But I dont ADS enough (saving up for a...
  14. Z

    I'm a newbie and I'm having problems with my routine!

    Hello guys! It is the first time in my life that I write in a forum. I'm 23 years old but for some reason I've never liked these things. Even though I've read forums all my life. I have an important question to ask you. Has anyone ever used JesExtender yet? I bought this deal for 3 weeks...
  15. D

    Newbie wanting muchos advice

    Hi Guys, hope your all well. I’m Dan, 39 and currently 7 3/4” x 6 1/4” I stumbled across this site and thought it would teach me what I need to know about enlargement etc. I have a few issues I’d like help with: 3 years ago I suffered a back injury resulting in a herniated disk as was almost...
  16. G

    Bathmate Newbie

    Everyone - I have been stretching and jelquing for about a month now. Just recently got my Hydromax 7. I was curious where the best thread/site to maximizing the Hydromax! I want to learn everything about it so that I can maximize gains! My wife and I are headed to Vegas in 2...
  17. Hung-Honcho

    Newbie looking to start with hanging and ADS

    I am new to this and I am looking to build up some gains, I am already well experienced with Jelqing and I am looking to change my routine to a more advanced one, I want to begin hanging and also wearing an ADS device for a couple hours, I really don't have an idea what weight would be best to...
  18. hnb

    DLD newbie routine results

    Hello guys. Happy New Year :) What results have you achieved with the DLD newbie routine ? I know DLD gained 2 inches with this routine. Im asking because many people don't want to use devices. How much do you think is possible to gain with this routine and how much have you or your friend's...
  19. FireBoner

    Penis enlargement question(s) ? I'll post whatever I won't seem to find

    What is Mega Jelqs ? Is it a normal jelq but with all five fingers ?
  20. D

    need guidance on an penis extender/stretcher monthly/weekly program/routine

    First time ever posting on this site. So i'm not a total noob, i had stretched before, yet never stuck to it and lost all my gains. I'm deciding to come back with a vengeance by losing the weight, gaining muscle, and stretching until 8 inches is acheived. I'm just a bit lost as to where i should...
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