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  1. B

    Ive turned her into a screamer.

    Boy it feels good the other night me and my spouse had sex, right after I got done pumping, and I do mean right after, all I will say is it turned her into a screamer, that could not get enough,
  2. DLD

    10 Ways to Fight �naked people movies�

    10 Ways to Fight �naked people movies� A recent study asked a group of kids how often their peers look at �naked people movies� online. They responded that it was often. The study also asked what parental controls were in place on their devices, and almost all said none — because their parents trusted them. These...
  3. the boss!

    Automatic Nocturnal and Morning Erections on REM Sleep

    PART I Night and morning erections are involuntary. Nighttime erections happen in the REM Deep Sleep Phase: Rapid Eye Movements; Which is the phase of rapid eye movements under the eyelids that happen during deep sleep and when the brain is very active while we sleep. This REM phase...
  4. T

    Circumcision depression and PMMA

    Hi brothers, haven't posted in a while but I'm slowly getting back into PE with the BM and phallosan. I was circumcised at birth and long story short I'm against circumcision for many reasons. I really see no benefit besides cleanliness and that's not a big enough reason for me. I see...
  5. ChilDsh

    Food and ED/EQ

    Hello friends,i've been talking to my urlogist lately and he gave me this list of foods to avoid / eat if you want to have the best EQ and don't get ED later on. Avoid 1)Hamburgers/foods with a lot of unhealthy fats. Fast food,MCdonalds,KFC,they are all really bad for your overall...
  6. D

    Mental illness and PE

    There probably a similar thread in the forum but how many if y'all deal with mental illness and still manage to fit in PE on a regular basis. I myself suffer from debilitating anxiety , irrational thoughts some degree of paranoia and OCD and a bit if depression. And a LOW sex drive. Sometime I...
  7. P

    Bigger balls!!?

    Is there a way to get bigger better testicles not just the sack but the actual balls?
  8. T

    �naked people movies� addiction and penis injury - any help appreciated (long read)

    Hello everybody, I’m a german man of 28 years. I’ll try to keep my intro here as short as possible but I’m afraid there is a lot to talk about in my case. My background and condition Background: I’m a severe �naked people movies� addict for roughly eight years and I had a time were I was basically...
  9. J

    Low EQ. Can't maintain erection for long.

    Hey DLD and other MOS Members, I really need your help and advice on this. Lately I have been having low EQ and when I do get an erection while having sex with a girl or during foreplay, my penis only stays hard for a while and then it goes away. Recently I was about to have sex with this...
  10. A

    Hanging vs manual stretching

    Whatup peeps, so I started pe a couple of months ago & purchased a bib hanger which I've used religiously 7 days a week for 3 sets of 25mins hanging up too 15lb with no gains thus far which is a little dissapointing but anyway so I decided to change things up a bit to prevent me getting too...
  11. Lightning

    February Prize Giveaway….Get Involved and Win Big Time! Rules Inside.

    Congratulations to Perestroyka for being the top quality poster in the January contest, he chose a Bathmate Hydromax X30 for his prize (Over $160.00 Value). OK Brothers for this months posting contest, here is what we are looking for: • Members that get the most "Likes" and/or "Thanks"...
  12. Zambrodom3

    Soy and Impotence

    Hey boys! So, directly on topic- a month ago I purchased a 5kg bag (yes, that's how they sell them where I bought the product from) of Whey Protein. I was an ABSOLUTE IDIOT for doing this, because I did not do my research very well and later on discovered it had Soy in it. I was foolish to read...
  13. P

    very important thing in PE is ask Questions

    one thing i have realized is that one of the most IMPORTANT thing in penis enlargement is to clear your doubts and not do something incorrectly like i did..... i had soooo many doubts for the past year and never asked and faced my wrong conclusions and decisions.. no matter if it has been...
  14. DLD

    DLD will be gone till Saturday night

    Sorry Brothers but I will be away till Saturday night....have not had computer access. Accept my apologies. I will answer all posts over this weekend.
  15. ADF

    93 Year Old Mom & PE!

    Hello MoS Brothers, I just put a thread in the Mental Health and Wellness Forum about how my 93 year old Mom and brother are effecting my PE. Click the link to go there and read it if you like. There is a pic there of dear Ol Mom at 89 sitting on my Harley.:)
  16. Simyan

    Who's still around?

    Hey! who is still around from 2010? King Salvini you there?
  17. S

    Rough Masturbation Induced Sexual Dysfunction

    Hi, I'm a 32 Y/O MALE with a history (12 YEARS NOW!) of ED. I also have some fluctuations in my Testosterone Levels, Subclinical Hyperthyroidism, and take Psychotropic Medication (antidepressants and such). The hormonal issues are being treated. As for the Psychotropic medication I...
  18. J

    Need help with sebaceous glands

    So i have this sebaceous glands all around my penis shaft and balls. Some of them are big and some are smaller ones. My doctor said that they are normal and every man has them, well sure they do but how many of them has those glands visible? Then i went to plastic surgeon and he said again...
  19. F

    About �naked people movies�

    Dont let �naked people movies� alter your own sense of self being. �naked people movies� is a tool we can use for Penis Enlargement. But really...look at what these girls turn into. Do some research on popular long term �naked people movies� stars...from start to now. They start off normal...and then end up ugly...buttholes all
  20. N

    Took the plunge

    Hey Brothers, So today I took the plunge and ordered both the sizegenics and the penomet! Will try and wait patiently until they arrive...tough to do, it's exciting and I can't wait to realize some gains...but will be patient on the results as I have read here. I had a question...
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