1. R

    Was inquiring about the the hydro vibe from bathmate

    So I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a vibrator and the bathmate pump is it worth purchasing ?
  2. Lightning

    Girth work MityVac Hydro Vac Penis Pump User Instructions

    MityVac HydroVac User Instructions When your MityVac arrives, it will come in a plain brown discrete box. This is the actual box it arrives in below. When you open the box you will find a black hardshell case inside with all the components required for your MityVac HydroVac pump system all...
  3. N

    Getting Blood Blisters on my Foreskin

    Ok, I have taken quite a bit of time off from pumping to deal with a HUGELY annoying case of Phimosis. I was prescribed hydrocortisone for 2 weeks but knowing hydrocortisone thins the skin I only used it for 10 days rather than the prescribed 2 weeks. That unfortunately was enough to thin the...
  4. C

    Having some issues with comfort

    When I do manual stretches I can only get a semi comfortable grip at best. I have been using baby powder but I'm still crushing and causing light abrasions to my glans during some stretches. After watching the member videos I decided to try some TP instead and again the same issue. I am...
  5. B

    found a surprising review by a Urologist, on the bathmate

    hey all found quiet a surprising review by a urologist out of Albany Newyork by the name of Dr. James Barada. What kinda shocked me is the fact that the guy actually uses it he said. menlify.com/bathmate-hydro-penis-pump/
  6. B

    MAXED OUT (GIRTH) on the "Mr. Marcus" ...what wider cylinder is available?

    Hey guys, been pumping for many years, & bought the "Mr. Marcus" pump a year ago, & now have no room for girth expansion. Wondering if there is a cylinder bigger than the 3" diameter that this one has. I'd like at least a 4" so I can get some longevity out of it. I saw that Vacu-Tech had a...
  7. M

    does drinking alcohol affect making.gains or.performing.exersize

    say I.do.my.morning.workout then.after.noon.gets hot drink a 12pack would I.be able to stretch without hurting.myself.would.I still.make gains if not.could I.at.least hydro.max.pump.before bed without having any.problems or could I stretch and.bath mate normal while having.a.buzz..
  8. P

    finally found a way to fix the bend

    this is masterminds idea mainly..........then templnite stepped in and then DLD made the "D" shape idea....then i used my brain..lol and incorporated everyones thinking into this. i purchased the dissasembling pump as told and found by mastermind and i always had faith in his method to fix if...
  9. master_mind

    Water pump. I think better than Bathmate. Yes or no. Any one used it please tell.

    Dynamic electric sinusoidal water pump - THE MR FANTASTIC PUMPING <br />PENIS ENLARGEMENT PUMPS  <br />AND EQUIPMENT Reading about the technology I think it's very good. Better than hydro manual pumps. Damm but its expensive. It's like DP - 400 air pump where you can programme to increase...
  10. A

    Best exercise for pure WIDTH?

    It seems all my PE has turned my dick into a fat cylinder shape instead of having an oval shaped circumference. There should be more untapped gains in pure width of the CC... What is the best way to target the sides of your dick and gain width? I'm probably not going to do reds crushers because...
  11. T

    Interesting PE devices from Russia, Italy and USA

    Hey.. Guys I would like to share some PE devices. I know they are very expensive and seems complicate.... This device looks like to be Phallosan competitor in Russia!!!! :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWG3siT4_Ow see these pics: This is to massage the...
  12. S

    Serious problem with X40...no suction

    Hello My english is not the best but i think y'all can understand me. I first used hercules and no problems...now since a month i use the X40 really great stuff but yesterday and also one other day the pump wont hold pressure....i fill it with water and attach to body and start pumping...i...
  13. jekyllnhyde360

    Can anyone tell which products are good for idscoloration/stretchmarks?

    I have huge discoloration on my shaft and i need to get rid of it. Thanks guys! really appreciate it!:)
  14. W

    Citalopram - depression - low sex drive

    I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for about 3 months and it would literally kill my appetite. There were days I would eat 500 calories and not feel hungry, but I couldn't function properly on that much food and my blood levels would get really low. I've tried everything to fix...
  15. C

    "Like New" x30 Hydro Pump

    The pump has been used three times. Kept in a clean environment. Dont need two pumps. Best Offer will take it. PM me with offer. Paypal preferred. free shipping
  16. A

    The Indispensable Pillars of Optimal PE

    Since having a blood blister from improperly vacuum extending with the SG, I've taken some time off and have been getting back to it slowly. This has gotten me studying some of the biggest gainers (as I have done since the beginning) and thinking about my own training. Similar to the primal...
  17. J

    Using both Air and Water Pumps

    I have the Penomet... I love it, and it has always worked perfectly in the 5x5x3 sets that I do. But there are just some days that I can't get the privacy to use the water pump, which sent me looking for an air pump as well. So I picked up the Vacutech Thick Wall Elliptical system and added...
  18. G

    Red spots after using Bathmate

    3 days ago I used the Bathmate and for the first time I got red spots. Most of them disappeared now but I still have one that is a little bit bigger than the others. What should I do to make it disappear ? Can I do Penis Enlargement while I still have it ?
  19. DLD

    ASK DLD: Question of the Week Video on Matters of Size Youtube Chanel

    If you are a current subscriber to the Matters of Size Video Blogs you will notice a large influx of new videos. We have been hard at work shooting, editing and uploading new work and I decided I wanted to start doing a new series called: Ask DLD, The Penis Enlargement Question of the Week...
  20. wazedi

    Why bathmate is so much better than an air-pump??

    I use an airpump and trying findout why everybody support the Bathmate.The only thing close to Bathmate i have ever try was when i bought a new and better pump i use sometimes my old pump(plastic pump) with warm water.and i notice that i had full expansion in 15 minutes.With that full expansion...
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