1. T

    New here, need help, feeling lost

    Hiya, new here. i discovered the forum last year but never gave it a try. i wanna get into it now. but the problem is that with this much information in the forum i’m lost. anyone can please help with simple length + girth routine? that will be very helpful also, i’m 5.5 length and 4.3...
  2. N

    My story...worst phase of my life.

    Hey all, First of all, I would like to apologise for my english as it may not be that clear. Sometimes I also struggle to understand some words and abreviations when reading on this forum. I've already posted in this forum asking some questions but I never told my recent story, so here we go...
  3. C

    Loss of EQ with Bathmate after 3 days!! help!!

    I was Rock Hard Solid just prior, but after using it for 3 days with the recommend routine.. I now notice a loss of erection quality. I can barely get it up. I don't have red spots on my shaft or penis that some would post about, I was aware I shouldnt put too much pressure so when I used the...
  4. M

    Need help with upgrade

    Gents! First time posting and I hope you can help me. I've been using the bathmate hydromax 7, progress has been great and I really enjoy pumping. Initial gains were fabulous and my wife really likes the results, even though she claims to have been perfectly happy prior to me starting, the...
  5. Hung-Honcho

    Do Bromelain and Papain help PE gains?

    Hey guys ,So I read online that Bromelain (found in Pineapple) and Papain(in green unripe papaya) help treat peyronie disease by breaking down the collagen and making the penis tissue soft and malleable for correction. My question is this, would this aid penis growth with Stretching and hanging...
  6. T

    Bathmate and Viagra dont help flaccid hang!

    So im.a big GROWER NOT A SHOWER. I'm about 2 inches soft. 5.7inches NBPEL and 7.1 inches BPEL. problem is I like to go to a lot of public nudity events. The bathmate seems to only plump me for about 30 minutes till it turtles up. Shit even took 2 viagra and it didnt do much just turtles still...
  7. megamike

    Need help with intense, length-oriented routine

    Hello brothers, please can someone help me out with a routine to boost some gains? I've been hard-stuck at 8.2x6 for more than a year now, I have lots of free time and semi-private situation at home. I have an extender,a pump and a length-master. all opinions welcome I just need to make my dick...
  8. W

    Help please

    Basically I've known about this website for a couple of years now, and although there is a lot of info here, I personally never put in the time and effort to see results. I am 24 now, will turn 25 in 6 months. Having a quarter life crisis, realized I could have been getting pussy all these years...
  9. D

    I need your help and advice please

    Hi there. Im a semi-old member i have opened thread and posting every day about my exercising but i had some problem and i stopped. Lets skip this part.... My BPEL is 16cm (from side measurement) and almost 15cm (top measurement) My NBPEL is 13 cm (side) and 12cm (top) Girth 13.5 cm im 23 but...
  10. supermeatboy

    Found a simple trick to help with grip in manual exercises

    This method does not need talc/baby powder; No constant purchasing of powders needed ( ! ) This is for stretching. It is very comfortable, and you can grip the shaft with all fingers, not just with the index finger and the thumb. You need a silicone tube and a shoe string (preferably a flat...
  11. G

    Long time PF user, need some help.

    So while I have almost 1800 hours booked on the PF (purchased through MOS)... I have a love/hate relationship with it. On the 1 in 4 times I put it on and it's JUST right, it's really perfect. But then the other 3 times I experience usually glans pain after an hour or so. I use "nested"...
  12. R

    GUESTS and MEMBERS help us with future video improvements

    Hello everyone This is a poll thread to gather input from yourselves around whether you mind seeing a prosthetic penis being used in penis enlargement demo videos. I personally believe it looks better, more professional, and doesn't offend more sensitive cultures, parts of the world where...
  13. S

    Routine help wanted

    Hey guys, this is my third attempt at PE. I'm a grower with a frankly laughable flaccid size but a respectable 6.5in BPEL. Girth is where my problems lie, barely around 4in EG. I always said I would be delighted to add an inch in length and an inch in girth. But at the moment my goal is 7x5 as...
  14. R

    I am having issues with the silisleeve around the silistrecher tearing help.

    I am having issues with the silisleeve around the silistrecher tearing help. This is the second one please help. Below are pictures of the first one that tore and the second one that has a small tear.
  15. megamike

    Help! intense routine needed...

    can anyone suggest an intense routine that will help me gain 2 inches in length and 0.5-1 inch in girth??
  16. D

    Frustrating PE

    I have just purchased a length master and so far it’s been frustrating. I can’t have it on for any amount of time without my head filling with blood. If I loosen it up, it just slips out. I’m using a silisleeve and sports prewrap currently because I can’t seem to get a good wrap otherwise...
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