1. R

    Pump clamping

    Has anybody tride doubleing a thick rubber band around the inside of a penis pump sleeve? Its more powerful than just a clamp alone.
  2. H

    Even girth?

    Is there a way to even the girth out? I'm 5.5" meg but from my point of view i look tiny, the reason being is all my girth is like a north to south thing if that makes sense. Im not really a newbie but I hardly ever post. I currently dry pump and have the bsfhmste, also hang with a vac...
  3. H

    Bathmate cushion rings to prevent your balls from joining the party

    So I heard there is what we call bathmate cushion ring. It's said to prevent your balls from getting sucked in or giving you those slight pains while pumping. Is there anyone using the cushion ring? How does it work? It's being sold on bathmate website. I'm shocked I never heard of this until now
  4. B

    Bathmate Hydromax modification

    Hi everyone, new to the site. I made a modification to the Bathmate Hydromax that works well, I thought I'd share it. I have the Hydromax X30 and the X40. I was at the girth limit on the X30 when I got it, but decided to keep it anyway. I thought about getting the Xtreme, but in my opinion...
  5. megamike

    air pumping and cockring

    is it safe to pump while wearing a cockring? and if it is,does it has any benefits
  6. M

    New here but ready to gain

    How's it going everyone, glad to be here. Ive been trying to decide for a few weeks if I was going to join or not and finally committed. I've been reading as much as possible and preparing. I've been reading the newbie program and different length exercises and girth. I'm about 6.7 erect length...
  7. B

    silicone sleeve for the bathmate,

    hey all I was looking to get a silicone sleeve for my bath mate for comfort, question is where to purchase, I already found and will be doing the vacu vin mod.
  8. A

    Help using the snail wine pump for an x30 mod!

    I bought a snail wine pump as I heard this pump fits perfectly over the bathmate valve. I'm having trouble using it as a vacuum mod. Does anybody know how to use this particular wine saver for the bathmate? Thanks
  9. mahoney1234

    Penomet vs Bathmate?

    I must must start pumping. It seems bathmate is more popular. But the penomet with the increased pressure would make more sense.
  10. H

    Valve fell off on my Hydromax X40

    Yesterday was my first girth session and my valve fell off from the top of the pump. I didn't bother to fix it instantly, I just kept it, took a shower and stepped out. I'm on my way home to check it and see if I can fix it. Do you guys have any ideas if my pump is already damaged?
  11. S

    Pain at base (pubic bone) during sessions

    I am using the Hydromax X30 with the wine pump mod which allows me to reach 18cm at full expansion. The problem is the intense pain I get from the base pushing into my pubic bone when at this higher level of expansion (which I need). This makes going through each 5 minute session quite annoying...
  12. habban

    Some penis problems from PE

    Hello! I posted about my CC problem before, that my other CC is bigger, but i'm not very worried about that yet. But i have other problems that worries me more. I did get penile torsion with PE, sometimes i have wondered if maybe that's why it looks like my right CC is bigger. I think i got...
  13. Y

    universal pump sleeve bathmats x30 HELP!!!

    hi guys i just got the universal pump sleeves for my bathmats x30 because i was getting pain in my balls and the rings, so i tried it out today and I've put the sleeve on, firstly the opening is too small for me to get through for me, after this happened i cut the opening to make a larger hole...
  14. Penomet

    Win a Penomet X85 Monster Gaiter!

    Our X85 Monster Gaiter will shortly be back in stock - a great addition to your routine if you're an existing Penomet Premium customer and you want to take your sessions to the next level. Put simply, the X85 is the STRONGEST gaiter to date and as with all Penomet addons fits your existing...
  15. S


    I've been doing intense BM sessions for the past week and a half, and I started noticing that between sessions I would get parts where the skin was dry and flaking off and it would be pink after. It looks sensitive, but it isn't, I keep doing more sessions hoping it will chill out as my body...
  16. allamricn

    Upgrade time or just fight through gaiter bite with x30?

    At the beginning of September, I purchased the X30. My pre-BM measurements were 6.5 BPEL and 5.125 EG. I really haven't measured again but my concerns is: 1) Getting lots of rings during sessions 2) Going past the measurement chart when going in erect 3) For first time last night, regular...
  17. L

    How to fix a broken bathmate seal?

    The seal on my x40 came unhinged today. I think it may be reparable but I'm not sure what kind of adhesive to use. Leaning towards gorilla glue at the moment, since it's water proof and tough. Any experience with the seal coming loose without any actual damage would be appreciated.
  18. T

    My story please help

    Helo im 24 years old and very depresed about my size and in the last time im thinking of suicide so i asking for help here.My erected lenght is 16,5 almost 17 cm(it is after bathmate sesion) (bone presed 18cm) and erected girth 13,5cm on my tickest part,flacid lenght is 9,5cm also small head,my...
  19. M

    Struggling to gain with SG after 700 hours

    So I've read a million posts about guys having pretty remarkable progress with Size Genetics, or extenders in general. I don't know if I'm just really slow to grow or if I need to be switching things up somehow. It's difficult for me to have any sort of set routine as I travel a ton and have odd...
  20. M

    no expansion from pumping

    yesterday i tried pumping with my bathmate but when i got out my dick was like nothing ever happened i dont know if this is correct but when i pump i have to put my hand on the valve other wise air gets in is this normal
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