1. DutchAthletic92

    Question about hanging and extending

    Hi MOS, I was wondering why people are recommending 20 minute sets in hanging while extending for 1 hour is totally fine :p ? I used to do 1 hour sets in my size genetics extender few years ago, but I don’ like extending so I quit. I had a shoe lace with some wrap and it was comfortable...
  2. X

    Long time lurker joining the Brotherhood with question

    Hey yall I found out about PE when I was in middleschool (6 years ago) and haven't taken it seriously until early this year. I have owned a bathmate extreme x30 for about 3 years just as a tool to use for fun. Ive used it inconsistantly throughout the three years but in October i stumbled upon...
  3. S

    Is 1200- 3600 gramm too much for extenders?

    Hi guys I was wondering if tension of minimum 1200 gramm (max 3600) are too high for extending? Could one counter that by "easing into it" by letting the springs out and just add rods to reach one's BPSFL ( thus using it as a non-spring slider extender)? After some time one could work with the...
  4. DutchAthletic92

    Base hanging (expressive stretching)

    Guys, I'm wondering if I can start base hanging now. This will be an expressive stretching exercise. This will be very convenient for me. I strap on in my lengthmaster and put on some weights, then go do some studying. I think this will be very beneficial for me especially because my...
  5. C

    Loving it so far!

    I've barely had the Phallosan a week so have been building up my hours, starting at 4 hours per night and then if possible adding a couple of hours during the day times. Get a little discomfort around the glands but I am thinking it's because I may need the larger bell as currently using medium...
  6. K

    hanging vs extender

    I have been hanging with hanger.I use the zenhanger also.I use the miracle slider extender.I have cheaper blue extender.I can see that cheap blue extender makes my penis stretch more than 8 pounds of weight hanging with zen or hanger and more the miracle slider.I warm up rice sock ten...
  7. DutchAthletic92

    Not gaining after 30 days with the length master

    Hi MOS, I'm lagging behind in gains... Since I have my LM I have gained consistently but now I can't push beyond that 7.3" mark.... it's been 30 days now and I haven't gained anything. I'm now starting to think that I rushed into it. Way too enthousiastic lol. I'm doing pre tunica bundle...
  8. S

    Reduced Sensitivity?

    I am having some loss of sensitivity due to the penimaster pro. I've only had it for a week and I really like it so far. I have no discomfort while im wearing it but for some reason im losing sensitivity along the coronal ridge and the top of my shaft. My question is, is this typical when...
  9. M

    Urgent help needed

    My brothers from another mother, I somehow by using extender have wounded. There is a very small wound on my shaft just after the head of my penis in the middle it's small but it pains slot. Any suggestions...
  10. megamike

    Stupid problem

    I got a stupid question/problem. I have what I think is excess skin and/or fat on the sides of my shaft near the base,as if it is extending from the fat pad, which is around 0.7 in my case.I can pull back on this excess skin/fat and my dick looks MASSIVE that way. Is there anyway I can fix this?
  11. R

    Once You've Reached Your Goal, How Are You Maintaining Your Length/Girth?

    So right now I'm not anywhere near where I want to be, however I'm getting extremely fast gains. Once I reach 8 inches in length, what is the best way to solidify those gains? Should I continue using the vac extender for say...1 hour a day? And this question comes from some issues I had in...
  12. robodick304

    I have returned! with more questions

    Salutations fellow PE brothers, I have returned from a self imposed exile: for the last 3 years I was heavily addicted to opioids... alas as of today I am 90 days clean! And I am never going back. I apologize for the grim message, but it is the truth; there is a epidemic affecting the USA...
  13. P

    Short intro

    Hello lads, I'm a new member to this forum I stumbled across this site whilst looking for ways to increase my member. Seems like a really good website with a supportive community. I am going for the dirty 9x6 (I'm not sure of my current stats but rough estimation is around the 8x5.3 range so I...
  14. D

    Girth enlargement

    Hi So I'm new here and I can't complaint about my genetics when it comes to penis size. Without any enlargement it's 7 inch long and 5-5.3 inches girth. I like my length, and I don't want any more because i bottom out my girlfriend already. I just want more girth, I want to stretch her out to...
  15. smitty2590

    How I use the pf(phallosan)

    Hey guys though I should make a thread that may help some new of users. For starters as many many people I ditched the pf condom and found a silacone sleeve that I liked. So far my personal preference is the lg hanger sleeve but I'll be testing the mos sleeves soon. My reasoning for perfecting...
  16. orgasmic19

    how to create a progress thread?

    Hey, guys I am thinking about starting a progress thread to keep me motivated. I would like to know where I should post this type of thread at? And, how should I go about it like pictures and so on? And, should I take pictures of all my measurements?
  17. M

    I won't.lie

    I haven't been.doing.my.manuels just extending.and.light stretching.the rest of.the day....... :(
  18. M

    wrapping for extending

    I still.haven't got.this.down.I been.using.ace bandage but.it.comes off what else could.I.do....I.think.there was something else to it.but I.forgot.
  19. Ronin_OZ

    A stretch - does anyone still use it?

    Hi everyone, I have been noticing that a lot of routines, now days, don't include the A stretch. I was wondering why not? It gives a good stretch. But what I noticed most is how loose and pliable my penis felt after doing them. So I started thinking maybe it could be integrated as a warm up with...
  20. megzobo

    Going to get Phallosan Forte

    IN early December, I am going to order the phallosan forte for myself. That way I figure I an stretch in the morning or even at night and then wear it all night long and all day long. Are there any discounts for getting it through here? Also, is there a routine one would recommend. I am also...
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