1. R

    Studies show extenders WORK

    A study from 2009 in Italy run by consultant urologist Dr Paolo Gontero, Massimiliano Di Marco, Gianluca Giubilei, Riccardo Bartoletti, Giovanni Pappagallo, Alessandro Tizzani, Nicola Mondaini. A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the 'efficacy' and tolerability of a penile-extender device...
  2. I


    Hello, im new. got some different questions 1)im interested to buy penimaster pro, is there any discount? i asked some questions via email support@mattersofsize.com long time ago and got no respond (about some other questions), and as the website ad says, i can send the order number to this...
  3. R

    What's The most recommended Penis Enlargement device Today when it comes results?

    I would like to ask for recommendation on the top three penis enlargement or extender today? I don't about the price. all I want is the extender that has a faster results and safe to use, wherein I can wear It In the office or night time while going to sleep if its applicable. I have read many...
  4. Golden Crotch

    Do extenders cement gains?

    So, I've heard it said before that extenders cement gains.. So if I'm using the principles from SRT along with my extender, and hypothetically speaking, I go from let's say 6.0" NBPEL to 7.0" NBPEL in a matter of 6 months. After acquiring that length, would I still need to do some kind of...
  5. O

    do you oil your extender?

    hey guys, i've noticed my extender was squeeking. I used an oil similar to WD-40 and the squeeking stopped and also the force of the stretch became more powerful. so I think you should try this but use it only on the parts that compresse. enjoy :)
  6. D


    hey guys, i was going through my spam looking for an email when i came across an email from myhardwear (bought something from there many moons ago) and i decided to check it, it's called soldier boy. Price is obviously ridiculous so don't even bother with it, but the concept MIGHT be a feasible...
  7. DutchAthletic92

    Question about hanging and extending

    Hi MOS, I was wondering why people are recommending 20 minute sets in hanging while extending for 1 hour is totally fine :p ? I used to do 1 hour sets in my size genetics extender few years ago, but I don’ like extending so I quit. I had a shoe lace with some wrap and it was comfortable...
  8. johnny-wang

    Intended SG modification

    I am trying to build this out of my SG. I plan on making a super mod, as I have also acquired 4200 grams tension springs. I intend wearing this for 12 hours a day 6 days a week. The question now is, do you guys think its wise and possible to wear it that long with that much tension, or is...
  9. Brahmanion

    Magnum Ring

    H guys, I just came up to the website of Magnum Ring, which looks like a very simple solution. Magnum Rings- A New Approach for the Science of Permanent Penis Enlargement and Male Enhancement Please your opinion and maybe someone already had experience with this device.
  10. G

    Resuming P.E. w/ LM & SG

    Hello. I've been away from P.E. for a long time and i'm going to be starting up again. In the past, I used no "tools", but this time i'm going to purchase a lengthmaster and Size genetics. I do recall that gains can be accelerated by maintaining a slightly stretched state after "workouts", so...
  11. M

    Erection wearing Sizegenetics

    Hi Bros, sometimes I like to get an erection wearing the sizegenetics. Is that usefull or harmfull?
  12. F

    Phallosan Belt Adjustment

    I just received my PF yesterday, and have it working, but am having a few problems maintaining belt tension. Far as I can tell, you put on the bell, attach it to the belt, pull the belt and adjust the base ring until you have the right tension. Trouble is, at least in my case, I have to keep...
  13. F

    Phallogenetics Tension Questions

    Good day, gentlemen! Today, I will go down to the Post Office and pick up my Phallosan Forte PLUS an XL bell. Also on order is an X4 labs stretcher. I ordered this one over the Size Genetics primarily because I live in Canada and the X4 is made in Canada and shipped within Canada, so no...
  14. tommy44_u

    Need Help with comfort

    Guys I just got the size genetics I been trying out all the comfort options it came with and I cannot seem to keep it on more than 20 min. Is this something my dick needs to get used to or what. It is very frustrating putting it on as it is since my glans aren’t big enough to hold . Any...
  15. L

    Possible purchase of PF

    Hoping to get some advice from any of the members here who use/have used the PF and SG. I have the SG extender but find it nearly impossible to wear it while working as I sit at a desk all day. I have tried placing it in the up position and down position and it will start to pull loose after...
  16. S

    Is 1200- 3600 gramm too much for extenders?

    Hi guys I was wondering if tension of minimum 1200 gramm (max 3600) are too high for extending? Could one counter that by "easing into it" by letting the springs out and just add rods to reach one's BPSFL ( thus using it as a non-spring slider extender)? After some time one could work with the...
  17. S

    From 4 inches to 6" , my journey of PE

    I have been actively PEing for almost 20 months now. During the start i was half assing my workouts but now i am extremely dedicated and PE is my wonderful fascination. I did a beginners thread over here a couple of months back(Gains have been made since that thread btw) but i wasn't able to be...
  18. I

    A Funny Thing Happend While PEing...

  19. S

    Sizegenetics Tension Question

    Hi guys! I just bought SG and I have a question about tension. In the instructions, they say that the tension should be between 600-900g for the first 6 weeks. I understand how to read the tension, but my question is... Do you have to adjust the rods length so that the tension is between 600-900...
  20. B

    can penis grow just with devices?

    hey, can the penis grow just with devices like phollosan, BM or SG, and without Jelq and streching with LM and manual? i have problem to do streching. my flaccid is really small is 2.5inches and all the skin is based near the glans, when i try to pull it , it really hurt in the skin, will baby...
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