erectile dysfunction

  1. O

    Micro plastics in penises

    Well, this is quite alarming and expected. Micro plastics in penises and leading to ED.
  2. A

    Penis Damage?

    Hi all! This is a question mostly for veterans and long-time PEers. Are you afraid of creating permanent damage from long-term PE? Is there anyone you know (including you) that has or has not had issues (erectile dysfunction, lingering pain, etc.) after long-term training? I'm a little nervous...
  3. N

    Erect Jelqing Dangerous??

    I did erect jelqing for a couple of years... I had great results, my erections were way harder and thicker so I kept at it. It was a while back so my memory isn't great but i kind of stopped because my homemade power jelqer broke. I noticed my erections getting softer, i don't know if it's...
  4. M

    Urologist mentioned PE causes scar tissue build up and can eventually lead to erectile dysfunction as you get older

    Went to the urologist last week, happened to mention to him my PE routine (jelqs, SSJ, bathmate). He cautioned that doing this sort of thing can lead to scar tissue build up that can eventually lead to erectile dysfunction. Did some quick googling and found that other urologists have said the...
  5. B

    100 day challenge

    Hi guys, I am 33 years old and I have been watching �naked people movies� since I am about 14-15 years old. Since then I am hooked. The only good thing I see about �naked people movies� is that it can give us some good ideas for sexual moves. That's pretty much it. The rest is only negative. I believe �naked people movies� is bad for many...
  6. T

    Newbie help!

    So I started Jelqing and stretching for 2 weeks and got the greatest eq I've had in years and also I didn't masturbate and my flaccid hang was amazing until I went on an all out jerk sesh and my flaccid shrunk up so I thought I hurt myself so I took a few weeks off and now my EQ is back to the...
  7. B

    tightness pelvic floor muscle

    Hi all, I have not been on this site for a while as I has been doing alot of research to find out of the actual condition what I have got. I have found out that the overall problems I have got is actually a pelvic floor muscle issues which caused the pain in my stomach, back pain, urgent to...
  8. DLD

    "Mind Reboot" We need to stop trying! We need to make a choice!

    "Mind Reboot" What could this mean? I have come to the conclusion that the reason I relapse into �naked people movies� is because I leave a door open to return to the action. In this challenge I have always tried to stop but I never chose to stop. Let me make a contrast here; When I quit smoking I made a...
  9. the boss!

    Automatic Nocturnal and Morning Erections on REM Sleep

    PART I Night and morning erections are involuntary. Nighttime erections happen in the REM Deep Sleep Phase: Rapid Eye Movements; Which is the phase of rapid eye movements under the eyelids that happen during deep sleep and when the brain is very active while we sleep. This REM phase...
  10. orgasmic19

    �naked people movies� and Edging?

    Hey, guys I know the negative effects �naked people movies� has such as ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and many more negative effects, but I recently been edging to �naked people movies� on my rest days. I recently stopped edging because of PE, but this past weekend I have been edging my socks to �naked people movies� material. I know of guys...
  11. eugine8plz

    Help! Fluid retention!

    Just started using the PMP and one day I didn't notice but it started to slip of a little bit when i was using it and now on the bottom left side of my glans there is a little hard bump. I don't think that it is a thrombosis vein because it is way too small but I do believe that it is either a...
  12. GoodLookingNerd

    My Lengthmaster progress thread, w/ VLC and Bathmate

    Hey there brahs! I just ordered my lengthmaster a couple days ago and am super stoked about getting it. I am gonna be posting on this thread and posting my progress. The main routine will be a morning routine w/ the LM and healing all day w/ the VLC then another PM session w/ more LM and...
  13. B

    Pelvic floor muscles exercises

    Hi folks, Last month I went to see the urologist regarding to conditions that make my penis and balls that get shrinkage which it make it looks like a baby penis and it make my balls swelling. I have been diagnosed with varicocele and possibly cremaster reflex. I have been advised to do the...
  14. M

    can't keep it hard back.n.we.having down fast... n.I.have to.keep.stimulating. myself.gets annoying. but when it's doggy I.can.go.till.I.expload
  15. L

    Info taken from a site called ""the small dick club""

    Most people dont want to believe in PE or even when it does the price a man has to pay is too high.... this is the info: Does PENIS ENLARGEMENT really work? Guys, be honest: Do you wish you were bigger? Almost certainly, the answer is yes. “I think there isn’t a guy in the world...
  16. B

    varicocele and cremaster muscle issue

    Hi guys, I need your advice as I don't know what I would need to do. Yesterday I went to see the consultant urology at the top hospital in London. I have discussed to him about the swelling in my scrotal sack. I have had a checked over and he said that he don't know why my scrotal sack got...
  17. S

    Erectile Dysfunction

    Hey, I haven't posted in a long time guys as I basically gave up due to a lack of results. But I'm back to ask a question. It"s important to know that I am not trying to put blame on PE for this, I am merely trying to understand. I've been as impotent as can be since March (roughly when I...
  18. B

    bathmate questions

    Hi guys, Today I have tried it out to use bathmate after I have trimmed my public hair and I have also sealed the comfort pads, so it have surprised me that bathmate is so powerful to suck my cock that make it big and hard and it works like a charm! :) So I have got the questions about...
  19. eugine8plz

    Masturbation kills gains??

    So I've been reading around for awhile and I've been noticing a reoccurrence that people that have been masturbating frequently Havnt gained as much as people that masturbate say once a week. Does masturbation really kill gains?
  20. habban

    Hard & Cold Flaccid

    Hello! I recently got a cold & hard flaccid. It's like my penis isn't relaxed. And i can feel my penis without touching it, it's an annoying feeling. Is there any good info about this that can help me? It's like my penis has really bad circulation. I will defenitly take a longer break now. Is...
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