1. DutchAthletic92

    Clamping the head instead of the shaft

    Hi guys, If I clamp my lengthmaster right under the glans, I feel that the area which is clamped doesn’t recieve any torque force, I get shaft expansion and elongation. If I would clamp the glans (appropriately) without too much force I could get more torque along the entire shaft all...
  2. G

    Resuming P.E. w/ LM & SG

    Hello. I've been away from P.E. for a long time and i'm going to be starting up again. In the past, I used no "tools", but this time i'm going to purchase a lengthmaster and Size genetics. I do recall that gains can be accelerated by maintaining a slightly stretched state after "workouts", so...
  3. DutchAthletic92

    Base hanging (expressive stretching)

    Guys, I'm wondering if I can start base hanging now. This will be an expressive stretching exercise. This will be very convenient for me. I strap on in my lengthmaster and put on some weights, then go do some studying. I think this will be very beneficial for me especially because my...
  4. B

    Warning! Man dies from penis enlargement surgery

    The first case of a man killed by penis enlargement surgery has been reported in Sweden. A healthy 30-year-old had wanted to increase both the girth and length of his genitals using a process where fat is transferred from his stomach. Plastic surgeons first carried out the elongation, which...
  5. Q

    Have I been doing stretches wrong the whole time?

    After a little browsing and reading here it has dawned on me that stretching means elongating. People always say it's about consistency, not intensity, but I haven't really gained much with just a little pulling. So I tried pulling harder than usual and I could actually see my flaccid getting...
  6. D

    Reducing fluid retention when doing girth

    Hey guys. I am currently doing 100 jelqs followed by 60s of SSJ for a total duration of 30 minutes. I started at 15 and worked up. Recently I have been getting a lot of fluid build up on the underside of the penis just below the head. Admittedly I have reduced my jelqs and increased my time...
  7. S

    Best exercises for girth and length?

    I know there are 100's of exercises out there but i wanna know the exercises which are the ABSOLUTE BEST! What do you think are the best exercises for girth? AND What do you think are the best exercises for length? Cheers mates! Also feel free to include any devices!!
  8. C

    What more could I be doing with my routine?

    Hi lads so I'm looking for a bit of feedback on a routine that I've settled into that I can do relatively comfortably and seems to be effective. I don't have extensive amounts of time to perform PE and can only really do it at night since I'm at university. Basically I do 60+ minutes of...
  9. B

    Back in the saddle

    Hey brothers, it's been a few years since I've been on this site and a few years since I've done PE. The reason I am back is, I've lost a lot of progress I made after getting married and focusing on that part of my life and not my junk. I was hanging around 8nbp x 6 eg at my height of my PE...
  10. orgasmic19

    Ace wrap

    I bought an ACE WRAP to help cement flaccid gains after my routine but I believe I bought the wrong ACE wrap. The ACE bandage I bought is elastic and very sticky almost like glue. What should I do? I mean which ACE wrap should I purchase? Or is there alternative solution for ACE Wrap?
  11. habban

    skin wrinkles and girth.

    Hello! Recently it has been more obvious that the skin on my penis gets "wrinkles" because i have more skin on the shaft than necessary. This is very clear when i'm flaccid at least. I notice it everytime i'm going to pee when i pull back the skin to show my glans. It also feels pretty...
  12. eugine8plz

    Can Penimaster Pro be used as an ANS?

    My PMP should be coming in the mail within the next few days and I'm just wondering if I could use it with the belt system as an all night stretcher? I've heard from some people that it can't and from some people that it can and I just want some clarification. Thanks!
  13. M

    Question for Stillwantmore

    I've been using the phallogenetics for awhile & got sidelined by a blister :-[ Now I'm thinking about hanging instead & my question is about girth. I remember BIB stating that you shouldn't do girth work while hanging. What's your opinion on this? Thanx
  14. P

    Using Sizegenetics for a month now. Haven't grown a single millimeter.

    I've been wearing the Sizegenetics at least 5-6 hours a day. At least. Its been over a month now and absolutely nothing has happened. The last couple weeks, Ive been upping the tension to the point where I have to take it off every 30-60 minutes because its pulling so hard. When I wear the...
  15. K

    Sizegenetics elongation bars?

    Has anybody with the sizegenetics device fabricated their own elongation bars/extensions? If so, what did you get for hardware, and what steps did you take to assemble? I Cant see myself spending $50+ on little pieces of metal when there is likely a feasible solution that can be made by...
  16. iGrowSteady

    Caught With The Phallosan Forte...

    So, even though I've been using it for well over a year now, and haven't gotten caught, the PF still somewhat visible if you're looking. Now most people don't look, especially that I wear a cell holder but still, it's somewhat obvious something is going on. So with that said, how would you guys...
  17. B

    SG won't work. Help!!

    So I just bought my size genetics and I am highly disappointed.! I can only get a stretch to the same length as my erect length and no more. Also, the comfort strap and noose is crap causing my dick to fall out 90% of the time. How in the hell are you guys getting a "good stretch" off of...
  18. D

    Need advice on a routine (Really need your help)

    Hey people of the forum. I've been "doing pe" (very very inconsistently) since December 2015. I ordered the Bathmate x30 then and have been doing pumping for a few days then stopping for weeks. Jelqing for a few days, then stopping for weeks. (You get the picture). I'm currently at 5.5 inches...
  19. kyomoto

    New Warm Up (Advanced)

    Hey guys I wanted to share a warm up I've been doing before my actual work outs. **Note: This is for advanced people and anyone trying this should have at least a year of PE experience** Now before I introduce this I want to tell you guys this may be a workout in it of itself for some. But...
  20. T

    Erect stretching workout+ new findings

    Hello all its been awhile since I've posted. You may know me as theman6 the guy who can't gain no matter what. Well good news I think I found what can make me grow. For 9 months I've been stretching flacidly with no results at all. However last week I tried erect stretching. I gained .1 of...

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