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  1. B

    Chem pe!

    I’m making corrections to this thread I didnt know my phone autocorrected everything. Chem pe is a gamble like I said before I’m cool with it. I’m expecting maybe .5 since this dht is 10% but then again I’m not really expecting anything and yes it’s legit and there gear. The allsaints 2.5%...
  2. T

    2 Inches or More Girth Gain

    Looking for members of the brotherhood or somebody you know that has gained 2 inches or more in girth to share their experience in gaining girth. What were your or their routines and how long it took?
  3. X

    Significant growth, but only for crazy people.

    Hey guys, I wasn't even gonna make an account or post here, but I realized that was being selfish. So I'm going to share some info with you guys about my progress... of 3 weeks. I've gained .5 in length and .75 in girth in those 3 weeks. Currently at 7.6 length and 5.75 mid shaft girth. Also I'm...
  4. D

    Looking for advice

    Hello. Long time lurker, somewhat long time PE practitioner as wel I am at a bit of a standstill in my PE career. Was Hoping someone knowledgeable could give me some advice. Well first off, at my beginning descent into PE I started with above average length and below average girth. I gained...
  5. L

    All night erection while sleeping = gains?

    Because of my job situation I'm having trouble keeping my unit from turtling. Not wearing underwear or using an ADS would not go unnoticed, to put it that way. I figured maybe I can compensate for it by using supplements or something to have all night long boners, so that I'm doing a lot of my...
  6. MaxRichards

    PE Chemistry and Hormones

    Ok so I want to start a thread where we discuss the other side of having an awesome cock. The side that deals with huge cum shots, serious sex drives and solid boners. I want to discuss exactly what role chemicals and hormones (and which ones) play in all of this and what the best ways are...
  7. johnny-wang

    Idea: Pumping with slim elliptical cylinders

    So I was thinking on how to maximize length gains as usual. And then I remember reading an article sometime in the past. I can't say when exactly, but I have vivid memories of the said article. In this article it was claimed that using slim elliptical cylinders to pump would definitely...
  8. johnny-wang

    Observation on size [Small study]

    Hey guys, I have been off for a while, been busy and preoccupied with so much BS of recent, but last night I had time to do some "research" I have been planing on doing for some time now. Believe me this was the hardest thing to do, I guess a lot of you would agree that consciously staring at...
  9. L

    Theoretical Priapismatics

    .Tried and failed. Drug induced doesn't work, try kegels. More details at the bottom. I have a theory, and it's probably dangerous, but possibly the last theory I'll ever need. Drug induced prapism, and all day cock rings. Priapism is a strong erection lasting over 4 hours. There...
  10. M

    Is HGC only for micropenis?

    I was reading about HGC to help me along with my exercises for bigger gains, but it said it only work for micropenis, is that true?
  11. D

    What now?

    Hi all I've been doing PE (intermittently) for nearly 4 years now. The whole time I've basically alternated between jelqing and stretching routines. I have gained some (not that much) size but now I feel my routines do not have the same effect they once had. (Pretty predict able after a few...
  12. T

    update from timber on chem pe *must read if doing chem pe*

    Hi guys. It's been awhile. Hope everyone is doing well and achieving their gains. I felt I had a duty to you guys to let you know the bad news I have encountered, that was most likely due to my chem pe protocol or severely over training. My size has tapered down even farther, and I am now...
  13. D

    PMMA Girth Enhancement Video Thought everyone might find this interesting...
  14. B

    Affirmation of growth

    So the wife and I had sex the other night and I noticed she was getting wetter and came really fast too. She doesn't like to talk about me PE-ing or discussing what we did in bed either. So I happened to ask her if she felt any difference (btw, it's been about a month since we've done anything)...
  15. S

    Can i grow without jelqs?

    Hi, New to the forum. My first post was with regard to ED and sexual dysfunction lasting 10 years (on and off) - in the appropriate forum. This has to do with me masturbating dry for so long so the minute lube or a condom was applied i went limp. Additionally, i had some low T issues which...
  16. jekyllnhyde360

    Does girth gains affect erect length?

    I read some post where someone said girth gains shrink erect length, but im pretty sure that's bullshit, right? I mean some people do both at the same time and it still works. ughh, i hate it when i read stupid comments that make me question things.

    Lengthmaster + dmo & paba= length gains ? (received lenthmaster today)

    JUST RECEIVED MY LENGTHMASTER TODAY Will using DMO and PABA help me in my LENGTH gains trying to reach at least 11 inches erect from my 7.5 inches erect STATUS?
  18. I

    Cementing gains

    Hello all. Does anyone know how we can cement gain? I been at it for long time however I can see temporary gain more then the real ones. How cement gains? Cheers
  19. S

    IGF-Lr3 Penile injections UPDATE

    I'm currently doing scenic igf 1-lr3 penile injections! This is my stats: Startingsize (measured when I was doing my 4th injection) BPEL :17.5cm (after 4th injection) MSEG:14cm (after 6th injection) Flaccid: Differs between 10-11.5cm Injection amount: First injections 10mcg in each side of cc...
  20. 8incyclops

    Gaining size after your newbie gains

    Ok I'll try and keep this brief this is what I believe........... Newbie gains are mainly stretching of the ligaments that surround the penis not the penis itself the length gains you make are not making your actual penis longer your just exposing more inner penis and deforming the...
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