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  1. U

    Bathmate on low pleasure - Red spots and dark skin

    Hello I have bathmate X30 during 3 years. red dots was common, but last half year it comes on low pleasure too. need rest 3-4 day and skins becomes normal, just after bathmate it is darker permanently... there is some solution, or it will better to say goodbye to bathmate?
  2. J

    1 year and no gains, please help

    I've been pumping for one year now. I almost gave up, because after the first 2 months, I got zero temporary gains. Literally no difference in girth after 20-30 minutes pumping, not even for 5 minutes. Finally I started seeing some temp gains so I stuck with it. Here is a rough chart Starting...
  3. C

    Bathmate damaged

    So I think it's called the "Valve O Ring" it was leaking in air during use and now it has broken. Can you replace this? I find spare parts but never this one. Been having amazing results already, can't justify buying another if I can replace this part.
  4. G

    OMG this is huge....!!!

    It's finally here! My BM X30 arrived via DHL yesterday, very quick free express delivery I might add from England. So, I get her home and start unwrapping everything. Comes inside a white paperboard box, this thing looks positively industrial, just staring at the outside of the container. I...
  5. G

    Pump sleeve for Bathmate X30

    I'm seriously looking at getting into a Bathmate X30, I already have (and love!) a Venus 2000, and the Bathmate would be a nice addition to my routine. I'm currently 5" long so the X30 should fit me with room to grow. I'm looking at what works in accessories/mods, and I'm seeing a lot of helpful...
  6. G

    Silicone donut seal sleeve for BM X30

    Hello everyone, sure looks like a very knowledgeable community here to learn along with. I'm ready to get myself a Bathmate X30, been reading up on it quite a bit discovering what's best, and considering a few accessories as well to enhance the experience. One item I saw mentioned in an old...
  7. NIK1

    Bathmate Routine For after 5 Months

    I have been using my BM X30 Hydromax for a total of 5 months now.My Routine for the past 30 days has been 5 days on with 2 off at full pressure for 20 minutes.Last night I increased the time to 22 min and it was no problem,just a very little amount of fluid build up which was gone in a...
  8. T

    decided to let go of bathmate X40... anyone? :-p
  9. C


    Hi I bought a Hydromaax x20 which I think is too small not sure. How long should I use the hydromax for daily? I’m 5” x 4.5” erect Is the x20 to small?
  10. S

    bathmate hardcore stretches

    Asking an obvious question with the bathmate stretches do you also get girth? can you do these stretches 5 times a week? when you are doing the stretch you pulling but no pain?
  11. M

    Which model to get?

    I'm looking into getting a new BM at some point. Currently I have a Hercules and am packing the walls on my 3rd set and up to the end of the tape. Should I get the x30 wide boy or the x40?
  12. I

    Having problems with my x30 .. HELP!

    Hey guys, i have a problem with my x30 hydromax... I started out using with the Comfort pad and it was OK until it made me injure my back while trying to squeeze water out. Its really tough to squeeze the water out with that long cylindrical tube of the comfort pad. I then switched to...
  13. S

    x20 x30

    hi all, quick one! when do you move on from hydromax sizes, at the moment iam stretching 7 inches on X20 should i move onto X30? Note i get better expansion from X20! iam doing 3x5 mintues with 1 minutue jelqs in betweeen and kegaling during expansion.
  14. T

    considering selling x40

    due to my girth i've waited a long time for the x30 wide boy to come and its answered my prayers.. I think the x40 was too large for me? not too sure if anyone is interested.. or shall i keep it? tna
  15. T

    It's been a while but finally back... new bathmate wide boy question..

    Good evening brothers, I finally blew the dust off my old x40 and used it! it brought back so many fun memories i decided to buy an x30 wide boy because i thought progress can be better to reach my goal: 8 length and 7 girth goal. currently 7 length 6.2 girth I know its such a...
  16. T

    X50 X review

    I got my X50 X last year but because the house is always busy found it hard to use. Now I'm on nights and have an empty house most of the day so pumping like 2-3 times daily except for weekends got to figure that one out or that might be my rest day. I have started using bio oil which is...
  17. kak03

    How I got rid of fluid retention

    I just want to share my experiences with todays workout. I've been on and off from PE for years but have been sticking to it for a while now. I only focus on girth as I'm already hitting bottom on most girls so I've been using the hydromax. My problem has always been fluid retention. I get...
  18. I

    Traveling on plane with Bathmate ?

    Does anyone travel via flying with your Bathmate? are there any issues? Can i take it in my carry-on bag without concerns?
  19. C

    I may need a sleeve for the BM

    During my first in a long time BM session last night I got a sharp pain where I had the hernia. The problem is that the BM is right there, I don't think there's any other way to position it. If I move it down my balls will go in and I don't like that. I could move it more to my left but might...
  20. H

    How to make quick gains with the bathmate

    So I decided to create this thread for those finding it difficult to make gains with their bathmate. If you are a newbie, proceed with caution though. Be you a Vet in PE or a newbie, you need to understand that pumping at maximum pressure is the best way to get meaningful expansion/gains with...
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