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  1. wellreload

    Feel tenderness at the base of my penis, any suggestions?

    Hi, I am new to PE, just started 1½ week ago so this is my first post. I have been doing manual stretchings, used bathmate x30 every day (have ordered Phallosan, should be getting it soon). I have started to feel a tenderness at the base of my penis 2 days ago that is on the brink of...
  2. I

    How to use these tools the best way ?

    Hello Mos, Can you help me with a good routine. I have done some manual stretching and jelqing long time ago and thats all. Ordered the following products: Phallosan Forte (Received) Size Genetics (Received) Bathmate x30 xtreme (Received) Lengthmaster (Ordered waiting for...
  3. F

    Comfort Issues With Miracle Slider and Pain

    Hey I have some questions related to comfort. How do you guys go 6+ hours with the Miracle Slider when its so painful. Trying to get used to things but its hard. Is it no pain no gain kinda thing? Am I pushing too hard on the slider and I should be doing very minute adjustments daily instead of...
  4. N

    Tugger method vs normal method

    What has been the feed back people have received while using the SG with one of the comfort methods versus the VLC tugger, I use the tugger on and off. If I can be more religious with is I'm sure I will have some nice gains. I feel immense burning at the base and try and increase as much tension...
  5. S

    Penis Injury

    I was getting a Handjob from a girl and she pulled my dick back and threw it forward full force and now i have a purple veins below the head and a slight stinging sensation on the top of my penis. How do i tell if this is a serious injury or not ? Edit I have no problems getting erections...
  6. I

    Cementing gains

    Hello all. Does anyone know how we can cement gain? I been at it for long time however I can see temporary gain more then the real ones. How cement gains? Cheers
  7. Z

    Injured pulled lig or something under pubic hair????

    okay so ive been doing extender for 6 months and jelqs a lot on and off but now i only use extender 3 day a week for an hour and jelq 5 days a week for 10 min been doing this consistently for a long time now any ways i trim my pubes and i noticed that on the left side under my pubic there seems...
  8. H

    Get the length girth-ratio one wants

    I have been doing manual stretches a couple of times and read in another thread that it's the best approach to go for length before focusing on girth due to the stronger ligaments and tunica in a thicker cock. But to achieve the fastest length gains possible it's best to combine with jelqs or...
  9. RedWood7

    Bars.....SO MANY BARS!!!!

    So I used up all my sizegenetics bars already and seem to be around 9inches flaccid extended in this thing all day long (10-12 hours everyday comfortably). I decided to order more bars which ran me up 65$. For metal bars this is pretty pricey but I figure the more bars I can add the more gains I...
  10. F

    Sizegenetics (issue with tension)

    Been wearing my SG for 220 hours now, still no results so I'm making sure that I'm doing it right. Very frustrating that I can't find any proper information on how the tension bars work on the device and what am i supposed to feel... Would suck if I've just been simply putting a noose and...
  11. L

    just bought my wife her anniversary present

    ...or, bought my penis its Christmas present... SG! the mos link off dlds sig led to a special page with a $165 price. thats awesome. plus it said something about a bonus velcro x-stdap. well see. ill make the velcro mod if needed. I added the 2 yr warrenty on parts for $40. usps...
  12. I

    Damaged The Vas Deferens or Spermatic Chord?

    DLD I was wondering what your thoughts would be on this issue. I had my regular pumping routine set and I had my regular cylinder I use in place at the start of my session and I suddently felt a stinging feeling in my shaft where my testicles attach to my shaft. I am not sure if I have caused a...
  13. Exiled15


    Hear are pictures of me in the Bathmate after 8 minutes and I had to stop do to base pain from reincorporating my extender after a 2 week lay off.. I was wondering everyones opinion if I should go with the X-40 model or wait a little bit longer??? at about 15 minutes I usually am baring out the...
  14. T

    My easy to follow yet powerful routine

    Hi, This is a very simple yet effective routine that I made that is actually fun and easy to stick to which is the most important thing. It took me years to figure out and this is basically the finished product of constant tweaking. I found this routine really flows and is very simple and to the...
  15. H

    Bathmate dedicated questions for Agust

    IMPORTANT: WHITELIST THE EMAILS BathmateNORDIC.COM, Bathmate.EU AND BathmateCHECKOUT.COM SO YOU RECIVE MAILS WHEN GOODS ARE SHIPPenis EnlargementD! Valve Problems and solutions to fix them There are basically two generations of valves out there on the market today and the V1 is more and the...
  16. M

    All Night Pumping

    I've read what's on the forum here about the VitallusPlus and it seems like a promising idea. On the surface it seems to be priced semi-reasonably (on the expensive end for those of us in the states but about on par with other German products), but like other German Penis Enlargement products...
  17. D

    Losing hope and no gains. Please help me.

  18. S

    Baby Socks! How to make the base more comfortable

    Here is what I have been doing to make the plastic base comfortable. Take a baby sock and cut the end off. Wrap the long part of the baby sock around the plastic base. Very comfortable! I've included some pictures. Thanks :)
  19. T

    Bathmate Issues-Redness and Skin Sensitivity

    Is anyone out there experiencing any major sensitive skin with the Bathmate? Like burning or stinging of the skin after use? Wondering if this is a common issue or if I am just overdoing it. The skin is usually puffy, dark reddish or purple, and extremely sensitive to the touch. Sometimes it...
  20. G

    Not feeling it in the ligs?

    Hi all. When I do the newbie stretches - I dont feel anything but the "burn" under the glans (because I have my grip below the glans) I dont feel anything at the base - only this somewhat pain under my glans. Why dont I feel anything? Is it okay not to feel the stretch in the ligs?
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