Your favorite movies list?



Well? What are your favorite movies? They can be of any category, old, recent, etc.

Some of mine:

Training Day (one of Denzel's best roles I think)

Terminator 2, the special effects and the story line...the whole future tech thing always interests me.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Cheesy I know but, a wonderful's right up there with Alice and Wonderland as far as the original authors must have been in drug induced states when writing the stories.

Orgazmo, a wonderfully done �naked people movies� spoof. Trey Parker of Southpark fame, wrote and starred in this one as a misguided Latter Day Saint who ends up in a �naked people movies� wonderland as a superhero "Captain Orgazmo". Highly may have to buy/rent it online or look in a video store that is not part of a big chain like Block Buster because it is an NC-17 rated movie.

The Whole Nine Yards, very good Bruce Willis flick. Recommended.

25th Hour
Not as many people seem to have seen or heard of this wonderful Edward Norton flick. He plays the role of a former Heroine dealer who gets busted after an anonymous tip off right as he's about to totally get out of the business. It's basically the story of his last day as a free man. How he spends his last hours with his friends, family, etc. It has a great ending that leaves you asking yourself, what really happened? Would I do the same for my son? I honestly, almost cried.

Interview with The Vampire. I love vampire stories and what I have read of Anne Rice's work.

Queen of the Damned. MMM, Aliya! Very ironic how she played the part of an undead, and the movie was in the middle of production when she died.

Back to the Future. I'm a sucker for sci fi and time travel movies.

Tucker. I thought this was a very good movie too. I loved the true story of this man and his vision. Had some true innovative ideas for the automotive industry. Of course, the big companies didnt like the idea of this new face taking part of their profit share. Same thing happened to John Z. De Lorean. Someone waited until he was hard up for money, threw out some bait, and bam, got him taken out of the picture.

Well, there are some of mine. How about some of yours?
Back to the future trilogy

Aliens - the best in the series

Titan AE - an excellent animated sci-fi. Better than star wars!

Ghost In The Shell - One of the greatest animes ever

Phoone Booth - The best film i've seen this year. Edge of your seat stuff!

Terminator 2/3 - 5 out of 5 for both films.

Forrest Gump

Castle in the Sky - an old 1980's anime anout an island floating in the sky, set during WWII

Cooler's Revenge - Action packed anime


The list goes on. There are just too many to mention here. :cool:
Animal House
Caddy shack
Smokey & the Bandit - you som bitch!!
Star Trek generations
Blue Thunder
The net
The Matrix
Heat - best gun fight scene EVER!!!! Love the sound of the shells hitting the ground!!!
Undersiege - Erika Eleniak oh ah I mean Segal

And hundreds more!!!!
Hmmm.....there is the Stanley Kubrick list and then there is a separate list for everything else.


Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
The Shining
Eyes Wide Shut
2001: A Space Odyssey

I like his other movies a lot, but these are his best IMO.

Everything else:

Jacob's Ladder
Citizen Kane
Spinal Tap
Running Man
Total Recall
Raw Deal
Red Heat
Terminator Trilogy
Friday 13th Trilogy
Pulp Fiction
Romper Stomper

And loads more.
My favorite movies list are :-
1 Inception
2 Terminator
3 Harry Potter
4 Prince of Parcia
5 Narnia
6 Predator
7 IBathmate
9 The net
10 The Matrix
Event Horizon
Book of Eli
Star Wars
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