The Anaconda Squeeze Stretch [ASS]

The Anaconda Squeeze Stretch [ASS]

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Jun 3, 2003
This has been made by me, and has actually been copyed and pasted from the site I MOD on at the moment.


Hello all;
This is another exercise of myn, but I have infact modified the parts O like from another exercise that wasn't myn called a power squeeze and made this.

This is my opinion is a more advanced method of that and mainly for guys who have experince with NPenis Enlargement.

Now this is it.

1] Get a 80/90% erection

2] Now do 10 hard fats {not too} wet jelqs along your shaft.

3] After this grip at the base with one hand and push back towards the pubic bone.

4] While doing that get the other hand and grip right after where that base grip ends, squeeze and start a jelq action.

5] Now comes the special technique.
As your is beggining the jelq movement move it right and than left and than righ and left while still jelqing at a slow/medium pace but make sure its a good hard grip.

6] The turns to the left should be like a erect bend to the left or right at 90 degrees.

7] So when you do this you are jelqing and than stretching the chambers with that blood in at a tight angle which will give a great strtehc hence you will be giving the inside chambers a mighty good workout.

8] Do 50 reps at first.

9] Some of you may want this as your number one jelq exercise, in that case do as many as you would do wet jelq's e.g. if ya do 500 W'J's than you would do 500 of these.

When you do this exercise you should feel the stretch and you will know that is is working,
But anyways have ago at this, I would say have at least 3 months experince before attempting it.
Be familer with the wet jelq and the erect bends and you can't go wrong.

Also have a read about the Snake Stretch as it is "slightly" similer in a way because it has a snake movement.

And finally why did I call it the Anaconda Squueze Stretch? Because number 1 you squeeze, number 2 you stretch and number 3 your cock will look alot bigger after this is done alas the name Anaconda.

Hope it helps

cee ya


Please when you do this make sure you dont bend to sharpe an angle and have an erection anywhere from 50 to 80% the penis must bend fairly easy and not be stiff and rock hard.

This exercise is amazing for getting you harder erections


I have found out that its better to have a medium sized cock ring around the base of the shaft while doing this, so I can use both hands, one for the jelq stretch and the other to place and bend the penis.

If you decide this to, get a cock ring that fits ya well, but not tight.
You could use thick string or a small belt if ya wanted, but make sure you dont tie it too tight.


This exercise is amazing for giving ya hard erections, but you can easyly overdo it with this and you do get a few red spots in the beggining, I had a big one yesterday, but now it gone.

Anyways post here how ya get on with this exercise.


I also forgot to mention that this exercise is AMAZING for getting a bigger head, it really pumps ya head up in a mushroom shape, it must be the first 3 in 1 exercise for length, girth and head size.


Okay so their ya go the whole thing from P'P'.

I hope it helps you, it helped me out.
It really pumps ya cock up.
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A errot on my part.
In part 6 where it says it like V stretch its not its like a erect bend movement sideways.
hey red:
is this how you got your superbig glans?
how long have you been using this jelq/grip?
No this aint the weapon I used.
But is a very good exercise to do all three areas, = width, girth and head.

I used it and I gained alittle from it in a short time, I did these instead of normal jelqs as these are more intense.

Did them for a few months.
I gave up on them and all other girth exercises as I wanted to do more on length.

But I advise these, try them they are good.
i assumed he meant 'fast' and that you would employ 2 second strokes or thereabouts at a high erection level (hard).
are you using overhand or underhand?
does this feel like a snaking motion?
Use any, over or under.
And yea its kinda like a snake movement, but slow.
So what move do you give the most credit to for your girth gains?
Just for clarification, do you move the Base hand side to side or the jelqing hand side to side?

From the sound of it, it's the jelqing hand but I just want to be sure.:)
RED does your top hand remain stationary?
No...that hand moves up the shaft gradually.
Let me explain better.

You clamp at the base very close to the P' Bone.
Now you get the other hand and start jelqing right after where the clamped hand is....move left to right like a snake moves basiclly.
Now you can only move say small amounts at a time than the clamped hand will have to move further up the shaft...say 1/2 inch and clamp again and carry on.
Tthats it really.

I have a newer version.

Get a cable clamp...clamp of right near the pubes and start jelqing from left to right like a snake but with one hand have it behind the jelq hand like in the original - the clamp just keeps you more erect for longer.

I do this exercise now too.

Another way - the way I do it is clamp an area and jelq right after it at a good erect bend left to that once than move the clamp or ULI hand up about 1/4 inch and repeat.
Yyou can REALLY feel the chambers after 15 mins of this.
Its real good.

Ya just gotta mess with it.
Sounds good Red, I'll give these a try tomorrow. I love the erect bend and this sounds even more intense.
Yeah this was an old goodie from my early days haha sorry for the bad spelling back than.

In simple terms, to do this jelq but the movement is like a snake from left to right, slowly with a hard quick and fuller erection. I would now recommend erection of 100% if you can and clamped is even better.

The idea behind this is that when you do the snake movement, your stretching the penis, which you are and also jelqing into that stretched space which equals potential growth.

Very neglected exercise but I didnt explain well.

Questions please ask
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