SiliStretcher strap mod


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Feb 8, 2024
Just want to share to the brother that don't like bulky straps when wearing the SiliStretcher 2 - All Day Penis Vacuum Stretcher and Weight Hanger. Got bored over some weekends ago, and while talking to my wife about something, I did a bit of a mod to the existing provided straps for my 2in vacuum cup system.

Took the the provided soft strap, grab a spare 1in wide strap I saw laying around the craft collection bin, pulled out my large sewing needle, threaded some good polyester thread on, and sewn down strap. Notice the darker valley zones where the sewn points are. Found an old quick snap from an old damaged badge, found some flexible polycord with a quick adjusting knob, and voi la, much more concealed leg strap and comfortable mod to wear all day.

Adjustment speed is 10 times faster just by moving the terminal fastener. Total traction force with this, exceeding 20lbs. More than a penis can handle all day long. No velcro digging into the the skin, nor slipping off the softer strap. It can be extended all the way down to the ankle and you'll get the ultimate dynamic tension when walking. All I can say is, "WOWZER!"

SS_Mod02.jpg SS_Mod01.jpg

Went online afterwards, and discovered something similiar exists. Pretty pricey if you want to invest in something more hidden and comfortable. Something @DLD and MoS Shop might want to stock as deluxe edition to the SS2 or just separate accessories.

1717094710001.png 1717094740715.png 1717094790223.png 1717094861086.png
Interesting! Mods are the evolution of penis enlargement. đź’Ş
Perhaps this could end up part of the system
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