Newbie question Newbie here! Please assist!


Oct 5, 2023
Hello guys,
I’m reading this forum for a few months but I haven’t got the time to start till now. I must say that this community is very helpful and you guys have changed my mind for almost everything I knew about my penis.
I’m catching with you because I have a problem. When I get erection my penis goes hard upwards to my belly. It’s almost impossible for me to bend it down, left or right(have a little movement to left). It’s very uncomfortable when I’m having sex because half of the positions are impossible. Please guide me what to do.
Also I want to grow a bit. Now I’m 8inch. My dream goal is 10inch(I hope it’s realistic). For the beginning I prefer to try excercises with my hands because I haven’t tried any PE in my life and I’m kind of scared not to hurt myself. If I see improvement I’m ready to get every device that can help me with the growth.
Thank you in advance!
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