New PF user and squeaking solution


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Jun 1, 2020
Hey everyone just got my new PF kit in the mail on a quick trip back to the US. I used to be a regular lurking member back here around 2012-2014 before I went off to China. I have been out of the PE game for any focused amount of time since then. Back then I went by the name TxBlackLager.

Anyway, I got this new thing and it is awesome. starting out with 15-18 hour days. I am trying to pick back up on my goals and get back some of what I lost in a dark period late in my years in China's frontier and the self destructive behavior that followed.

I noticed quite a few people had issues with squeaking of the plastic parts of the PF stretcher. 3 days in and mine started up the same issue... I thought... this wont do, cant walk around like the fucking tin man with this otherwise awesome stealth stretcher..... Being an engineer at heart and scientist in degree(s) I thought the only solution is.... LUBE!

But in this case dry lube. If you have a squeaky PF go out and find yourself some cheap graphite powder keyhole lubricant (hell you could even take the lead from some pencils and crush it into a powder). Take just a little and put it inside the little axle (on both sides) that the C- shaped clip that holds the bell on. Slowly rotate it around to get the graphite to coat the axis. (then obv clean off the excess powder that fell out)

BAM!!! Silent rotational axis again!
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