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Syphilis Sam

May 3, 2004
You have been on the trap line for three months, without a piece of tail, and the lead bitch is on heat, You think should I, then you say no. Get behind me satin, for I shall not follow your command, to screw this bitch. Looking for the fur's, trying to make a few bucks to last you through the summer, until the snow falls again. You have got $20,000 in fur's on the sledge. Time to head home, but you still want to fuck, but what are going to screw today. Nothing in sight but ice and snow, wild life abound, bears, moose, and fish lots of stinking fish. Smells like that nice piece of pussy you had before you went on the trap line. Then suddenly you come onto a small Eskimo village, in the middle of the ice flow, they are trying to catch whales for the blubber. Then you spot her, a 350 pound beauty. She is about 35, no teeth, and hardly any hair, but she is the prettiest thing that you have seen in three months. You know that if you screw this one your going to get a dose of the clap, but who cares, there is always penicillin. Shall I, or will I wait until I get back to Tuckti yu Tuck, the largest town in the area. It is 1500 miles on the ice, cold weather, blowing wind and ice storms all the way. You have this big erection, that is throbbing beneath your crutch. Should I go with this beauty now and chance getting the clap again, or kiss her a few times, feel her big tits, and get her give you blow job, which I add is simply divine, and you may get the clap. Well I did wait until I got back to home base of Tuckti yu Tuck. Which when translated, means the home of the trapper and wanderer of the north. So you see guy's it is a lonely life, on the trap lines. One must have courage and will power to resist the temptations of ice flow. You must have the power of positive thinking. You will survive and you will not get the clap again this year. But what about next year on the Trap line?

Feb 2, 2004
I think this was written from the perspective of an Alaskan sled dog lusting over a freshly shaved grizzly bear?


Jul 19, 2003
HAHA I;m laughing so hard I have no idea what the hell this is about , but it remimds me of that guy off seinfeild , J Peterman and his crazy adventures.

Welsh Rabbit

New member
May 7, 2004
I think a trap line is a line of traps, lined up in sequence from the start of the first trap, to the last trap in your allocated area. The Traps are set up so that when a small animal or other form of game takes the bate, the trap closes and either kills or badly maims the animal. When the trapper gets there he either kills then skins the animal or skins the animal. I have been on a trap line in Wales and I am sure that those in the USA are the same.