Jul 17, 2003
Hello. My names Heather and I just wanted to introduce myself. My boyfriend, Itselectric, introduced me to this sight. I have found it to be very interesting. I have posted a few messages but Itselectric suggested that I introduce myself to everyone. I know, since I am a girl, that you probably like responses from me and might like to ask me questions. If you ever have a question for me your welcome any time to message me. I am helping my boyfriend with a few things and he suggested that I read up on it. Nice to meet you all. Hope to talk to you!

...that's so sweet... :rolleyes: :D

Glad to see that you were able to let your girlfriend in on your secret ItsElectric. I personally haven't told mine, even though she's constantly telling me that she thinks I'm getting bigger and bigger (and why shouldn't she be telling me that, I am getting bigger!).

I've resorted to telling her that most men don't reach absolute physical maturity until they're 21 years of age, and thus far it seems to have convinced her. lol

Oh, by the way...welcome to the site, Heather.
Thanks! I'm glad to be here! I'm also glad Jamie told me about it! I want to support him and i'm interested in all this too! Thanks for welcoming me!

May I ask how you are helping him? ;)

Welcome to MOS, glad you could make it. Maybe some day I will be able to get my wife on. She thinks it is all malarkey, hehe. Well I will show her.

Welcome Sally! Don't help Electric too much. He will beat me to the end of the ruler. Just kidding. Good luck to both of ya.
Welcome Aboard Sally. Nice to have another Woman Here!!!
Heather will you grace us with a picture to put with the name? *Hoping* Welcome to the best corner of the web...MOS.

A picture of me? Or of something? I'm not doing apicture of sally either!! Haha...jamie wouldn't like that! ;) I will put a picture on there. Just tell me what you want! Love you guys! Thanks for all the comments!
hahaha....Well! Do you want a picture of me? As clothed, you see my face,.... or something like a cartoon girl or something! ;) Just tell me! haha
Hi Heather,
I think everyone Would probably like to see a Picture of You (it is Not required though), You could be Dressed, partially Nude or whatever you are comfortable with.

As far as your Avatar, You can use whatever you think represents you (Cartoon, Photo, etc.)

See You Soon!!!
Okay! I'll be happy to put a picture of me on here! If you tell me how to do it... I'm sure i could figure it out but you know how it is! Now the one i put on here probably won't be the best on here. My boyfriend says i look better in person! tell me how to do it and i will! ;) Love you!

Oh i know what i can do!

I'll attach a couple of pics to a post and you guys can tell me which one to use! Sound good?

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Oh! So you guys just want me to post a picture up here? I can do that! I'm trying to figure out what picture/cartoon thing to put under my that an avatar? i dunno! I'm a little blonde! Thanks you guys! Talk to you later!

Okay let's see if i do this right! here we go!


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