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Mar 26, 2004
wait.... what was i going to say.... give me a second.... im gonna think of it.... oh yeah! GO CHELSEA!!! ha ha, hows man u doing in the champions league this year, its a good thing you guys got rid of beckham pffftt... sir ally really knows how to make the tough decisions and put his ego aside....

and by the way, 8 points... pretttttyyy steep...
English Premiership
April 5, 2004 PD PT
Arsenal 30 74
Chelsea 31 70
Man Utd 30 62





Its a marathon, not a sprint!
Jun 3, 2003
Yes, we have lost the league.
Shame, also flopped out in europe a few months ago before the quarters to a late and FLUKE Porto freekick in the deing minutes, otherwise Man U would be going to the semi's.

But still we are in the FINAL of the FA cup, dunno if ya know what that is?? big thing here in the UK, we gunna beat Millwall and claim that.

And yep Arsenal and Chelsea .. I WANTED Chelsea to win, I HATE Arsenal those stuck up cunts LOL they only have the league to win, and I dont think they will ... Chelsea will.
As for Beckham leaving Utd, well we dont need him ... he LOVED his self and wanted all the attention like a child so he was fucked off ... we have a good team, and we just need to GEL and get our morale and confidence back.

Peeps forget that like 4 years ago we have LOST our goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 2 attackers and 1 midfielder and ALL regulers ... that was our BEST years for ages 4 years ago.

We sold Andy cole and Dwight Yorke the forwards , Dennis Irwin left the club along with Ronny Johnson as they fealt they were too old ''defenders'' ... also Jaap Stam another defender was sold for a book comment he made, later turns out hes a drug addict.
Our Goalkeeper also leaves, the GREAT Peter ScHydromaxeichel cos he wants a new challenge ... he is the BEST keeper that ever lived IMHO.
3 years later beckham goes and we are STILL trying to get it sorted out mentally.

When we do, we;ll be back and kicking ass.
No Italian or Spanish champions can call us either i.e. Real Madrid or AC Milan, both are out LOL I loved seeing AC get hammered lastnight.

And finally as for Alex the manager, he should retire ... we need a new manager.
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