venous leak

  1. 1

    Big problem with soft glans and dorsal vein

    Ever since I could remember my glans was soft when I was erect, as well as me loosing a erection pretty quick when not stimulated. None the less I never thought of it as unusual, but some time ago I discovered how things should be. After that I located the dorsal vein as cause, it might be, and...
  2. J

    Erection issues after bathmate use

    I know I over did it. I have a bathmate xtreme x30. I would leave it on 30 minutes at a time without taking it off. I would maintain the pressure as tight as I could the whole 30 minutes. I wouldn't cause pain just slight discomfort. I used it for 3 or 4 months like this. About a...
  3. B

    bathmate questions

    Hi guys, I have got questions about the bathmate. How I can find out how much pressure I should use and do you know what the label on the left side with range 10 to 18 on the bathmate is used for? Here is what it looks like: How do I know how much I can use with following the...
  4. W

    BM and ED?!

    I overdid it. I kept pushing myself and was doing 2-3 15 sessions back to back every other day or so for a couple weeks. I only started not quite 3 weeks ago, and now I am not getting erections even after not doing it for 3 days. I see no visible problems, no pain or anything, but I am freakin...
  5. B

    Have anyone had swelling their testicles?

    Hi guys, I need your advice as I have ongoing concerns with my penis. I can't be able to get the full erection as I couldn't feel the blood flow to my penis. All I could feel that something is like bubbles on the bottom of the penis next to the public hair. The testicles will start to lift...
  6. D

    My Surgery Tomorrow: Superficial Dorsal Venous Ligation

    I don't normally post on this forum (I post at another Penis Enlargement forum) but I figured I should since I'd like to spread some hope if anybody is suffering from my particular condition, since i gained insight from some members of this site including tbirdy and yoga I started Penis...
  7. B

    Need help!! Pls reply

    Hi everyone I've joined MOS in hope that anyone can help me with my a problem I've had for a few years when I was 17 I tryed jelqing for about a month and penis has never been same since I don't get morning wood and my flaccid penis is very firm. I can achieve erections but are not very hard...
  8. DLD

    SRT: The Fastest Way to a Massive Penis and a Perfect Body

    SRT Suppressed-Restricted-Transposition Theory HUGE SPECIAL ON EQUIPMENT Why do some gain and others struggle in penis enlargement? Yes, we can ask this question a million times and get a million theories, none that hold more logic...
  9. DLD

    SRT: The Fastest Way to a Massive Penis and a Perfect Body

    SRT Suppressed-Restricted-Transposition Theory HUGE SPECIAL ON EQUIPMENT Why do some gain and others struggle in penis enlargement? Yes, we can ask this question a million times and get a million theories, none that hold more logic...
  10. I

    Erect jelqing injury

    So I was doing some erect jelqs in an intensive session, when I felt something give way, and I lost my erection. The next day I experienced turtling, hard flaccid, and a slight tingling sensation on the left underside of my penis. It hurt a little as well and felt a bit cold. It almost felt like...
  11. Big Al

    Medical study on Kegels vs ED & venous leaks

    "Surgery was not superior to the pelvic floor training programme either subjectively or objectively. Moreover, a significant improvement was found following the training programme; 42% were satisfied with the outcome and refused surgery. Pelvic floor exercise is a realistic alternative to...
  12. D

    So this website ruined my penis

    How naive was i, damn it, for really going through with these exercises and now i can't even get an erection anymore without some pills helping me and even after that the the problem still persist because i can't hold it. It's a nightmare and it's been going for years. I've seen many doctors and...
  13. Big Al

    A good idea for you "venous leak" sufferers-

    Butcher's broom would be a good supplement for guys suffering from venous leaks to look into. Here's a good article in a medical journal on the effectiveness of butcher's broom at treating venous insufficiency:
  14. C

    I need some advice possibily medical

    Hi guys If anyone has some good advice on this it would be great because I don't really know what other community would know how to tackle this and I am getting more worried about this. So around 4 years now (I was 21 then I think) I done some Penis Enlargement exercises. I done flacid streches...
  15. A

    Cant get Hard!!! help!!!

    Hi, I am 26 and did pe over a couple years ago when i damaged my penis (blood came out of penis) i did pe on and off but due to the damage i was pretty put off it... Anyway since then i have not had a 100% erection, i have a bend in the penis too since doing pe. When i get hard its about...
  16. F

    Does jelqing help venus leaks?

    i may have a small venous leak or something. would jelqing help with erections?
  17. DLD

    A Well Presented Argument from All who were involved

    You have no idea who I am or what I do. Your sili post on cellular growth and division was based on complete ignorance. Don't get an ego because you believe people are finally noticing you because you have gotten a response to you "sudden" involvement. I did not repost in the cell thread...
  18. gymjohn

    Cell growth and a Video

    Hey dudes. Basically I wanted to start a thread to get people's opinions on how growth occurs in the penis. I was talking to some people in the thread about the guy who says he grew 2 inches in 2 months from 300 jelqs per week (or something like that). All I can go on is my own personal...
  19. P

    So I have weakend my PC muscle, how do I get it back?

    I have come to the conclusion that my erection problems are due to my weak PC muscle. Maybe I have weakend it, stressed it, or even injured it but I would like to know if you guys think I have a chance of recuperating my PC strength back, if so then how? Thanks ahead for any replies. I need help!
  20. M

    Pe gave me ED

    Hey, everybody. Let me introduce myself. I'm 24 years old, and somewhat "blessed" when it comes to looks and physique. I know about many girls that really adore the way I look how my body is, even though I don't train with weigths and don't even eat that healthy. Being somewhat afraid to show...