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  1. Y

    universal pump sleeve bathmats x30 HELP!!!

    hi guys i just got the universal pump sleeves for my bathmats x30 because i was getting pain in my balls and the rings, so i tried it out today and I've put the sleeve on, firstly the opening is too small for me to get through for me, after this happened i cut the opening to make a larger hole...
  2. L

    Wearing Wrap While Sleeping

    I keep reading about using a wrap to "heal while in an extended state"... I wear the SG with the VLC mod almost all day except for gym, sex, and sleep, but I'm wondering if it's safe to wear a wrap (ie Ace Bandage wrap) while I sleep, provided I don't wrap too tight.
  3. S

    Best place to get a 'Universal Pump Sleeve' in the U.K?

    Hi there, I can't find anywhere in the U.K or europe even, that sells the Universal pump sleeve. (i did find one source on amazon.uk but it costs £38 for one!) is there just the single brand that works for the x40 - the one that comes in a pack of two different colours? -- i've just...
  4. R

    Xtreme pump with NO Comfort insert!

    Hey guys I just tried this the other day. After removing the comfort insert and cleaning it I went to clear the valve and shove it down on the bathroom countertop. The x30 Xtreme was stuck to the countertop with pressure. So as an experiment I put the comfort insert back in it and did the same...
  5. W

    Open wound on penis because of bathmate, How Do I Treat This? (NSFW)

    Hi everyone I'm really in need of some help I recently switched from the bathmate hercules to the bathmate xtreme and had some sessions trying out the pump and stuff. I read up on it alot and saw alot of people suggest to ditch the comfort pad because it would give you better suction I ditched...
  6. J

    Bahtmate Issue: How to get rid of scabs when using the bathmate

    Hi DLD and crew, I have been using the bathmate for a while now and been getting really good expansion. I noticed that the rings that are left around my penis when I'm done with the bathmate actually turned into black scabs as I am brown skin. Have you guys ever had this problem? Have you...
  7. drex

    Xtrem x30 comfort pad problems

    Hi, I was pumping with the comfort pad in and every time I try to use it I get like no expansion, All the happen is I get intense pain in my head also get purple spots and tight pressure at the base of the shaft only with the comfort pad, when i use with out works great, Idk what is the problem...
  8. G

    Bathmate Hercules for sale

    Hello, I have one lightly used but thoroughly cleaned, fully functional Bathmate Hercules to sell. I am including a spare Universal Pump Sleeve which can be used to increase the suction on the groin (it came in a pack of 2). I am open to offers and I can calculate shipping costs if I know...
  9. S

    Damn Bathmate Hercules Gaiter!!!

    How do I get rid of the stinging it does on my penis....I just weather the pain and deal with it when doing my 6x7 sets and don't want to skip a day due to pain
  10. L

    Bathmate not holding suction

    Hey guys was wondering if anyone has experienced this and could help, basically when I use my bathmate and I pump it the little black bit at the end seems to extend outwards and causes the suction to just go as I let the bathmate decompress from pumping it. Can anyone help?
  11. B

    X30 or X40?

    I am having a hell of a time deciding whether to get the X30 or X40... I currently have a Hercules and I get horrible rings about 1/3 of the way up my shaft. I think it is preventing me from getting gains. I am even getting close to the top when pumping at full pressure now. Now I can't decide...
  12. M

    Newbie Bathmate question

    I am confused when I look at the suggestions for which Bathmate to buy. I am currently 7" erect without pushing the ruler and 1.75" in diameter girth. I see that they list max size for penis when suggesting which model. My question is that is that the max size it will accomodate and if so...
  13. K

    Not getting erection (new)

    I recently got the Penomet with the Force 65 and 75 gaiter. And today was the first time I used it and I tried several times but never got an erection. I got the vacuum seal and no leakages but idk if I'm doing it right. or are you supposed to do it with an erection already. somebody help please
  14. Y

    thinking of getting a bathmate

    I'm desperate for girth and from what I hear on this forum is that BM is the way to go. I've been air pumping with a vacutech flared cylinder for a couple months now, and it seems like the only expansion I get in it is from fluid build up. I've heard guys on here claiming the BM keeps fluid to a...
  15. M

    My short comparison on both the X40 and X30

    This is a quick review of my experience owning both the x40 and x30 and will do a follow up soon. I started on an X40 and bought an x30 afterwards. The main point is to share my experience with the two as I found I was getting different results with each. I also hopes it help people judge a...
  16. M

    Worth getting Penoment?

    I have the hydro pump x30, length master, size genetics and phallosan forte. I am very interested in the Penoment premier package and would like to add this product to my routine. I love to try out PE product. I need some input on this device from users who have own this device and do you think...
  17. M

    time to get serious !! P.E journey

    hey guys and I'm not sure if any gals around :P I've been bit of a hit an miss guy when it comes to Pe, starting an stopping , but now it's time to get serious and really try to have a solid year of working on it. my goal atm is 9.5 length (I'd be happy with 9 too) and ideally minimum shaft...
  18. M

    Gaitor bite?

    I tried taking a few days off of pumping with my X-40 bc of what I think is what you guys call "gaitor bite". its a red patch just by the base. how do I get rid of this? or how long should I take off? I am ordering the x40 as soon as my paypal account gets the money I put in is there. so maybe...
  19. BornInFigi

    Cockrings: unexpected benefits

    Cockrings: unexpected benefits Although I have only been using cockrings for a short time, I thought it prudent to share with my brothering a couple of unexpected benefits of using cockrings in and around Penis Enlargement. My cock rings of choice are the silicon beginner cockring which is...
  20. Zambrodom3

    I am a very bad pump-er

    Hey guys! I am writing this thread to get some advices for my problem. I've been having my X40 for around a week now and since this is my first pump- it's still taking me time till I master it. In the beginning I had no idea on how to pump and was worried that there was water coming out when I...

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