universal pump sleeve

  1. Y

    universal pump sleeve bathmats x30 HELP!!!

    hi guys i just got the universal pump sleeves for my bathmats x30 because i was getting pain in my balls and the rings, so i tried it out today and I've put the sleeve on, firstly the opening is too small for me to get through for me, after this happened i cut the opening to make a larger hole...
  2. J

    Bahtmate Issue: How to get rid of scabs when using the bathmate

    Hi DLD and crew, I have been using the bathmate for a while now and been getting really good expansion. I noticed that the rings that are left around my penis when I'm done with the bathmate actually turned into black scabs as I am brown skin. Have you guys ever had this problem? Have you...
  3. G

    Bathmate Hercules for sale

    Hello, I have one lightly used but thoroughly cleaned, fully functional Bathmate Hercules to sell. I am including a spare Universal Pump Sleeve which can be used to increase the suction on the groin (it came in a pack of 2). I am open to offers and I can calculate shipping costs if I know...
  4. S

    Damn Bathmate Hercules Gaiter!!!

    How do I get rid of the stinging it does on my penis....I just weather the pain and deal with it when doing my 6x7 sets and don't want to skip a day due to pain
  5. L

    Bathmate not holding suction

    Hey guys was wondering if anyone has experienced this and could help, basically when I use my bathmate and I pump it the little black bit at the end seems to extend outwards and causes the suction to just go as I let the bathmate decompress from pumping it. Can anyone help?
  6. B

    X30 or X40?

    I am having a hell of a time deciding whether to get the X30 or X40... I currently have a Hercules and I get horrible rings about 1/3 of the way up my shaft. I think it is preventing me from getting gains. I am even getting close to the top when pumping at full pressure now. Now I can't decide...
  7. Y

    thinking of getting a bathmate

    I'm desperate for girth and from what I hear on this forum is that BM is the way to go. I've been air pumping with a vacutech flared cylinder for a couple months now, and it seems like the only expansion I get in it is from fluid build up. I've heard guys on here claiming the BM keeps fluid to a...
  8. M

    My short comparison on both the X40 and X30

    This is a quick review of my experience owning both the x40 and x30 and will do a follow up soon. I started on an X40 and bought an x30 afterwards. The main point is to share my experience with the two as I found I was getting different results with each. I also hopes it help people judge a...
  9. M

    Gaitor bite?

    I tried taking a few days off of pumping with my X-40 bc of what I think is what you guys call "gaitor bite". its a red patch just by the base. how do I get rid of this? or how long should I take off? I am ordering the x40 as soon as my paypal account gets the money I put in is there. so maybe...
  10. BornInFigi

    Cockrings: unexpected benefits

    Cockrings: unexpected benefits Although I have only been using cockrings for a short time, I thought it prudent to share with my brothering a couple of unexpected benefits of using cockrings in and around Penis Enlargement. My cock rings of choice are the silicon beginner cockring which is...
  11. Zambrodom3

    I am a very bad pump-er

    Hey guys! I am writing this thread to get some advices for my problem. I've been having my X40 for around a week now and since this is my first pump- it's still taking me time till I master it. In the beginning I had no idea on how to pump and was worried that there was water coming out when I...
  12. wazedi

    Any other way avoid the Gaitorbite??

    Are there any other way to avoid gaitorbite??I was trying to order a universal pump sleeve but the fees to come on greece is 30-40$ and my economics is very bad.i dont want spend that money there.if anyone have found any other way to do it please inform me.thats could be very helpfull for me.
  13. R

    Most comfortable way I've found to wear SG.

    Hey guys, I got the SG ages ago but kinda left it on the shelf after getting frustrated as it was uncomfortable. I've found a solution that helps me wear it with very little discomfort. I can only take partial credit as I got the idea from how Kingsnake was clamping with a cut down pump ring. I...
  14. dsm4life420

    time for goliath?

    I need to know if its time to move up to the X-40...I started aprox 4 months ago at 180 and currently go to what i would estimate 215 on the "gauge"...its hard for me to tell weather this is from pumping harder than i did when i started or if its actual growth...I measure 6-6.25 mid shaft post...
  15. G

    What to get first?

    I am thinking of getting the Bathmate/Penomet and a Size Genetics. I was thinking what should I get first the Bathmate/Penomet or the SG? I have an older vacextender that I have been using. It's kind of big and clunky. I ordered the vlc tugger and rigged it to work with the vacextender for...
  16. D

    Am i using my Bathmate correctly?

    Hey guys, so i've had the Bathmate for a week now and been using it everyday for around 20min for the 1st few days and then i changed to 5min sessions followed by 5min jelqing and do this fo i total 20min in the Bathmate. Sadly though for me i am NOT getting any expansion at all EXCEPT for just...
  17. wakingdream

    bathmate after 3 weeks and my gains

    I've been doing Penis Enlargement and reading this forum for a couple years now, and this is my first post. Let me first say thank you DLD and all the contributors of this website, your info truely works. I've made about a 1 inch length gain with lots of manual stretching and jelqing the last...
  18. U

    Universal Pump Sleeve for use with Bathmate question

    Well I asked this in the sticky, but never got an answer so I'll just post it here out in the open. So does this stop your balls from being suck up to the ribs and making them hurt for hours and fuck your sesion up and make you want to send it back? Because thats where I'm at right now. I...
  19. B

    BRS2C Journal: Bathmate + Size Genetics

    I want to start this journal to keep myself accountable, and take regular measurements. Updates will be weekly. I want to stop farting around and get to my goal in next 9-12 months. Background: Been doing Penis Enlargement somewhat regularly for almost 2 years now. Been using the...
  20. A

    BathMate Universal Pump Sleeve for use with Bathmate

    As you guys know I recently found some universal pump sleeves on the extreme restraints website which I received yesterday. I can honestly say that I've have had the best Bathmate session with absolutely no pain at all. Okay so as you can see from pumpsleeve pic 1 they come in a pack of 2 which...
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