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  1. G

    How to gain 0.5 inches of girth efficiently?

    Hello fellow dick enlarging enlargers, Are there any intense manual girth exercises/routines that can temporarily, but quickly, add 0.5" to my girth? When I say temporary girth, I mean to be used almost immediately for sex. I know the bathmate is a capable device, alas I can't get one atm...
  2. habban

    Temp Girth gains?

    Hello! I hear a lot of people talking about temporary girth gains after workout. Can someone explain this to me? The only temporary girth gain i can see is at the time i'm holding a squeeze from a jelq or ULI. Like when my jelqmotion is at the top my head is much bigger cause of all blood i...
  3. G

    How to increase glans girth and size

    Hi brothers I've been jelqing a lot the past couple of weeks and I've noticed improvements in girth at the middle and the base, basically improvements anywhere under the mushroom tip. However, I would like to improve the girth of my mushroom tip as well, could you please divulge some...
  4. R

    process of gaining PE

    Can somebody explain me why the process of gaining due to jelqing/stretching takes so long (at least fot me) building muscle in the gym seems much faster I have been jeqling for a couple of months now and see only little gains in girth. my penis mesurements are 5,5 lenght 4,4 girth. I do PE...
  5. acromegaly

    staying motivated

    Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated in PE. If you are doing it right there will be a time when you have made gains and you are happy with your size and your partner is too. But why settle for mediocrity? We want to be the BIGGEST and dominate in the bedroom. We don't "above average" we want...
  6. Lightning

    Members Exercise Videos

    High Angle A-Stretch 41 A to Y Stretch 49 Rotary Stretch 51 Supra Slammers 55 Rotary A-Stretch 56 Penile Slaps 83 Newbie Stretch Routine 101 Penile Swings 169
  7. ChilDsh

    childsh progress thread

    Wasup boys and girls,finally decided to create a progess thread,just for the motivation. I used to be 7x6 but i took a break a few good months,my EQ got worst,and i lost a bit of size.Right now i'm just under that size,about 6.9x5.8 or something similar,i'm sure i'll get my size back in a few...
  8. DLD

    Understanding How Size is Gained: Penis Enlargement Exercise, Routine and Equipment

    Penis Enlargement Exercise and Equipment Understanding Stretching How and Why Size is Gained I can imagine how confusing it must be for a new Brother to come into the forums and try to understand the many exercises, tools and routines. Jumping into the Newbie Routine is smart if you are just...
  9. V

    My PE Log

    Hey guys, my current starts are 6.2 BPEL and 4.7-4.8 MEG. I'm pretty average based on these numbers and I've always felt insecure about it. I came across PE last year and started half assing some jelqing and noticed an immediate difference, my dick felt fuller and I'd always give it up after a...
  10. kak03

    Looking for advice on girth routine.

    I have tried to get into PE before but would usually stop after a couple of weeks. This time I am determined to keep it up however and want to make a plan. I have decided that I only want to work on girth. I am already 7.5 inches in BPEL so I really dont need more length and I hated doing...
  11. G

    Tunica work, how often?

    Just curious how often you guys do tunica work. For girth, days off are recommended but for length usually everyone goes everyday. Both gains are made from the collagen deformation, so why not give length an extra day rest? confused someone set me straight here
  12. A

    Please Help.Many Issues With My Penis Enlargement Journey :(

    Hey i started on and off PE about a year ago.with length 7.2bpel i was mainly looking for girth as girth is only about 4.5 anyway i got the bathmate first and i really like the results.i did gain girth from it HOWEVER it messed up the skin.upon viewing pre PE and after bathmate pics i...
  13. A

    Is my girth too small?

    Hello guys, I've always been insecure about my girth, and I feel mine is not enough to satisfy anyone. My girth measured at the thicket point of my penis which is near mid-shaft (slightly above mid-shaft; closer to the glans) is 4.5 inches. Anywhere else on the penis it is less than 4.5...

    Do i have to try the DLDs newbie routine(again?)

    Some time ago i followed this routine for about 4 to 6 months i cant remember exactly but i skipped some exercises jelquin was the one i skipped the most,i would like to know i f i have to start all over whit that routine,or maybe continue whit the ssj and maybe add another exercise.:)

    Average and Below Average

    How many of the bros here started whit a 5.5 inches in lenght and 4.75 in girth or even less, and have you guys gained an inch or more, how big are you guys now,how long did it take before you guys noticed important gains what exercises gave you the best results.:) Thanks
  16. Destroyurr

    Girth Guidelines?

    What concepts and guidelines for girth should be applied while doing and not doing PE? Not any specific exercises or routine, but some general and not so general guidelines for girth work because I want to get the maximum gains from girth as fast as humanely possible.
  17. E

    The Official Journey to Greatness, for Motivation, for Detemination, for succes

    So, im told that I talk a lot, so why not write a lot? long presentation, hopefully worth it if you read, if you dont read it, I understand :) Anyway lets begin.(& sorry for the bad grammar, not from an English speaking country). Im 20 years old and from Scandinavia, Europe. Been lurking for...
  18. S

    10 by 7 taking ladies on a trip to heaven

    This will be my new progress thread , i will be buying the length master monday offically to keep gains at maximal limit for length at all times . I definately beleive i can achieve the 10 length within now and the beggining of febuary as for girth ill have a better educated esitmate after i...
  19. P

    I need a good short routine.

    Hey fellas, thanks in advance for any responses I get to this. Been doing PE about 3 months now and have some decent gains, no numbers really but me and my wife can notice a difference. Anyway, I am happily married and my wife is fine how I am, but of course I personally want to be bigger so I...
  20. MatW

    couple qestion's for begining

    Hello everybody im really happy that i find this site, becouse this make me belive thats PE is really works :) before i was doing some exercises like stretching ,kegel and jelqing but didint do that for longer periods then month ,becouse i wasnt sure that this thing is working. im doing now...
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