1. BeefyBee

    How much curve is too much curve? (Pic)

    Hey brothers. So, I have always had a curve, I like it, my girl loves it. But as I progress with my PE, I think it may be increasing the curve. Maybe it's in my head, maybe not. But take a look and let me know if you think this is too much curve.
  2. N

    Will straightening a curved penis make it longer/bigger?

    Hi I have an upward curved penis( it's not a significant curved but it's more than slightly curved) & I'm trying to straighten it cause I want a bigger/longer penis. My penis is 5.5 inches ( I measure along the curve with a flexible measuring tape). So one day I tried measuring it with a...
  3. P

    Too erect?

    Hi guys, First off this forum has been very helpful and i want to thank everyone for what you share. I'll get right to it, my erect penis is extremely erect when i am at %100. So much though that is nearly impossible to flex it, it stands almost vertically. Is there a way to "loosen" it up...
  4. stillwantmore

    Yowzers! PEGYM Hacked?

    They've been down for like a week. First for maintenance. Now citing a "major data corruption". Sounds like a hack job to me.
  5. A

    Jelqing soreness

    Hey guys, its been a while, almost three months since I've came back to this site. Like I said before, I stopped using my Bathmate since college started since theres no privacy or time to use it. So, for the last 9 weeks, I have been jelquing consistently, about everyday for 30 min before...
  6. J

    can you cement internal penis gains?

    I read somewhere internal penis gains cannot be cemented, that the only length gains you can cement is with a traction device. Is this true? If not, would it take typically a couple years to cement these internal penis gains?
  7. Simyan

    Good news! SG too small and positive thinking! I'm a shaman!

    Fantastic improvements in length. I'm so relaxed about it i'm not measuring until december 1st. Why should I measure before that day? The reason why is because I have just ordered some extension rods for my SG as with my VLC combo, it has now become too short! I'm hitting 8 hours a day in that...
  8. B

    who have varicocele?

    Hi guys I just wonder if there are many of you on here have got the same condition as I have got. I have a problem with my scrotal as it get swelling on the right side than the left side. Sometimes it get swelling on both size. The swelling I got is mild and it make me feel not very...
  9. R

    Weird pains after starting PE

    I'v been using the bath mate and jelqing for about a month and a half now. I bathmate for about 8 minutes and jelq for ten minutes after. So I don't have a long strenuous routine. I warm up in the shower I did get the testicle sucking in and it cause pain. I have found a position of the...
  10. S

    How to enlarge a smaller CC

    I know this question has been asked about a billion times but I suppose it's worth a shot to ask again. I've been doing PE for almost 2 years and had a pretty pronounced curve to the right. Through doing erect bends / clamped bends / edging with my right hand against the curve I have just about...
  11. J

    Curvature Correction

    So I'm trying to correct a natural curve in my penis. I'm wondering if clamping would help with this? I have a SG already and was thinking maybe do like a superset of SG than clamping. Would this stretch the penis and then fill it with blood (thus maintaining the stretch) ? Or am I totally...
  12. W

    Ligament pain

    I have a little problem I hope some1 can help. I just finished 3th session of the week, and during the stretching session whenever I stretched something to the right my left ligament hurt a little a discomforting pain! (when stretched to max). And to the left was fine, and when I touched my left...
  13. N

    bath mate broke after second day and second use

    my Bathmate broke the whole top came off after the second use I tried to put pressure and the whole top came off. this w obviously a defective unit. Calling the customer support is a no go and get no response so far through email. what's next step? tried to upload a pic guess it was to large...
  14. J

    starting again, new routine: girth,length and curve striaghtening -thoughts/criticism

    okay so a little background. been doing p.e for a while now, but have never really been fully dedicated for a long period of time. i also used to wear very tight boxers, limiting gains (srt theory). i so far haven't gained at all apart from a 0.1 inch girth gain. i've also tried curvature...
  15. N

    Jelqing and curvation

    Hello. Could jelqing make my curvation worse?
  16. K

    Newbie questions

    Hello, So I'm considering doing some jelqing. But first, I wanted to know if 19cm (~7.5inch) long and 15cm (~6.1inch) girth is cosidered normal or big when erect not bone pressed? Is it possible to reach 8inches long and 6.5 or 7inch girth? Or I do not have any potential? As I understand for...
  17. M

    Is it something wrong ?

    HELLO Im using extender and DLD routine PHASE 1 at the moment about a month now ...Since 9 days while the extender was attached om my penis ...i felt strong burning on my left side of the shaft and left testicle and pain in my lower abdomen in the center ...i stopped Penis Enlargement right...
  18. R

    lets talk LOT theory

    I know alot of people say the lot theory is junk. But there are some who swear by it. I would like to have a nice calm discussion about LOT. To me loss of tug would have more to do with pc strength than with the ligs. How many think that a weak pc muscle will cause a high lot while a strong...
  19. C

    Please help!

    Hey guys, I've been doing Penis Enlargement now for 2 weeks and one of my goals was to straighten my penis but I've made things worse. My penis was initially rotated counter clockwise about 15 degrees and it had a bend in the same direction that it was rotated. I had been jelqing against the...
  20. DLD

    Penis Enlargement in a suit and tie or Hardhat

    This immediately brings to mind the businessman but don't let your mind stay there, this applies to all men great and small. You may be noticing a couple of larger bulges in the office, jobsite or even classroom as of late due to the rising popularity and acceptance of male enhancement and or...
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