slow squash jelq

  1. K

    Feel nothing on SSJ

    I do 5x5x3 and have been for a little while now but notice I don’t feel it the way it’s described anyone know why that might be? I just want to make sure I’m doing stuff properly
  2. Haursen

    Slow Squash Jelq...Is it Exhibit A or Exhibit B?

    Hi Sizers, I hope everyone is well. I needed clarification on the Slow Squash Jelq... Is the exercise like... Exhibit A: or Exhibit B: Thank you in advance for clarifying! :)
  3. B

    I wanted to ask because the skin of my penis became dark after slow Squash jelq?

    I wanted to ask because the skin of my penis became dark after slow Squash jelq?
  4. kitfisto

    The Great List Of Girth (All Girth Exercises)

    List Starts On Page Two All Penis enlargement exercises seem to be scattered throughout the internet on various forums and threads. I've never seen a single list documenting every single exercise. I'm trying to discover different and new ways to grow my girth but it's like hunting for bigfoot...
  5. S

    Guys who made good length gains, question about your routine

    HI guys, I'm fairly new to PE and I'm trying to gather as much info as possible to make good gains and I was wondering, those of you who made good length gains, what is your routine? I read the SRT post and this is what I've collected. Length Session (AM) 1. 5 minutes Bundled Stretches 2...
  6. S

    What to prioritize if time is an issue

    Hi guys, I'd like to know what should I prioritize in my pe routine if I only have 4-6h of free time. In my day off work, my routine look like this: Length Routine (AM) 5 minutes bundled stretches 1. 6 minutes expressive stretching using the loop of LengthMaster 2. 30 secs for each of...
  7. S

    Not feeling the "pump" after a session.....

    In here , i heard many people including DLD talk about the "pump" you get after a jelq session. I have been PEing for a while now and I have never felt the pump after a session. Isnt my intensity enough? I usually jelq around 60 - 70% erection state and my sessions are pretty intense, but i just...
  8. N

    First 6 days, some discomfort, equipment Q, may have been jelqing wrong

    Brothers, Thank you all for the help you provide with this forum.I must admit that although I heard about PE many years ago, I was always apprehensive to fully engage. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac so yeah, any little pain I freak. However, I need to do something about my average 5" penis (or...
  9. I

    Critique my girth routine

    Hey guys, I'd like to know what you think of the girth I'll start next week. I currently have no interested in gaining any length, as I measure 7" and can't even penetrate my girlfriend fully without pain, what I would really like is to increase my girth in the next four months, because it's...
  10. D

    Stretching/Jelqing Newbie Question

    Hello guys! Just joined some days ago and made a serious commitment to the DLD routine! My main problem is that I need stronger erections and I'm too ''soft'' but I think the program will help solve all of penile issues generally. 3rd day I've been doing the exercises and I have some questions...
  11. S

    My first 3 month routine!

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to PE although have dabbled in the past. I'm starting a routine which I plan to do for the next 3 months. I have a bathmate and a phallosan and can only spend about 1 hour a day on active PE. Just wanting to share my plan and get some feedback to make sure i'm...
  12. ludens

    Getting more "Depth" (girth)

    Hey everyone. I have been focusing on girth (on and off) for about 4 years, mostly through using the bathmate and jelqing. I've seen great results, around .5" more length and girth overall, and much better flaccid hang which is a great feeling haha. But most of my girth gains have come...
  13. I

    DLD Girth Blasters 5 days a week?

    I really am looking to focus on girth, I'm around 7.25 NBPEL and Girth fluctuates from 4.9-5" MEG, my goal which I will get is 5.5 (14cm). I wanted to know if it's cool to do Girth Blasters 5 days a week then take weekends off or if that is to much. My routine lately has been Stretching then...
  14. F

    Beginner help + bath mate

    hey guys! hows everything. been on here for a while, but just started to commit to the begginer routine shown below :Basic Stretching: 3 Sets of each stretch below Behind The Cheeks to the Left: 30-seconds Behind The Cheeks to the Center: 30-seconds Behind The Cheeks to the Right: 30-seconds...
  15. B

    I found out why I have not been gaining

    I subscribed to MOS a while ago to watch the videos, obviously I didn't watch them closely. I paid close attention to how DLD grabbed the head of his cock to do every stretch and the positining of his arms etc.... HUGE CHANGE. Again, I watched his videos on who to jelq and was doing all my jelqs...
  16. D

    Jelqs before or after bathmate

    Hi I have just bought a bathmate I have been jelqing for a couple of months, but confused what to do now Do i use the bathmate then jelq after, or do it before, or do i stop doing them alltogether now? Thanks for any advice
  17. D

    New routine

    Am new to devices, but have been jelquing close to four years. Former routines came from a book on a different site. Am almost starting from scratch with some of the ideas and routines I'm seeing here. Am wanting to work my way through the five phases, starting with the first of DLD's routine...
  18. Marcelo7

    Slow Squash Jelq and the format of the penis

    Before I started PE I had a penis of a little less than 17cm(6,7 inches) BPEL, now I have 18cm(7,08 inches) BPEL. Girth: Before: I don't remember well, but it was about 4,7 inches at the base. My goal is: 8.5 or 9 x 6 inches. I'm not so disciplined and since september 2015 I have stopped...
  19. T

    Newbie Here: Will girth routines stop my length gains?

    Hey, I've just started doing DLD's newbie routine and it's been going well for about a week now. I can feel my dick getting a good burn after my routine especially in my shorter/tighter left side(slight curve of my penis to the left). Whilst I'm working my length i still want to do a good girth...
  20. F

    Slow squash jelq question

    I am looking for a video that demonstrates a slow squash jelq. I've watched a few already but it did not help really. The video DLD has on youtube confused me a it was demonstrated on a dildo. does anyone have a video or is willing to post a video of a SSJ? Thank you, & sorry for putting...
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