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  1. O

    do you oil your extender?

    hey guys, i've noticed my extender was squeeking. I used an oil similar to WD-40 and the squeeking stopped and also the force of the stretch became more powerful. so I think you should try this but use it only on the parts that compresse. enjoy :)
  2. johnny-wang

    Intended SG modification

    I am trying to build this out of my SG. I plan on making a super mod, as I have also acquired 4200 grams tension springs. I intend wearing this for 12 hours a day 6 days a week. The question now is, do you guys think its wise and possible to wear it that long with that much tension, or is...
  3. megamike

    What is the limitation on length gains from extender?

    Theoretically speaking,what is the limit to gaining length from extending? what I was thinking about a while before that if you max out using the current rods one could have,you could just buy more and add them and keep gaining. does it work that way (disregarding time factor) or do I...
  4. C

    Starting again and being uncut

    Hey guys, I have this problem and you certainly answered to this question but it doesn't work and i'm lost. I don't know what to do. My penis in flaccid lenght is 2.7 inch(7cm), which is so small but in erection is 4.90inch (12.5cm). The problem is i'm uncunt and i can't get to use the...
  5. M

    Erection wearing Sizegenetics

    Hi Bros, sometimes I like to get an erection wearing the sizegenetics. Is that usefull or harmfull?
  6. tommy44_u

    Need Help with comfort

    Guys I just got the size genetics I been trying out all the comfort options it came with and I cannot seem to keep it on more than 20 min. Is this something my dick needs to get used to or what. It is very frustrating putting it on as it is since my glans aren’t big enough to hold . Any...
  7. K

    Masterbation after SG?

    I normally try to measure every time I masterbate, which is kind of gets obsessive sometimes. I also masterbate after using the sg is that going to kill my gains?
  8. X

    Getting rid of it

    Ok I had a sale thread and it got taken down. So instead of selling my SG on here, I wanna find out where I can sell it. I have a SG that is basically new and I don't use it at all. I want to get rid of it but where the heck can I find a buyer for something like this? Lol if anyone has ever had...
  9. C

    Anyone Have This Problem?

    When I stretch past my erection length I start to get a boner. Anyone else having this problem? How do you stop having this issues?
  10. 1

    Should I switch to SG? Currently using X4

    Has anyone in here used both x4 and SG? I have had my x4 for awhile now and getting pretty serious about training. Should I switch to SG or stay with my X4? Seems that everyone here has a SG so I don't want to be missing out on anything. I also think opinions won't be biased anymore since SG is...
  11. S

    Sizegenetics Tension Question

    Hi guys! I just bought SG and I have a question about tension. In the instructions, they say that the tension should be between 600-900g for the first 6 weeks. I understand how to read the tension, but my question is... Do you have to adjust the rods length so that the tension is between 600-900...
  12. J

    Better results from using the traction powder!

    Hello all! I am so glad that I joined this site! I have been doing PE for a couple of years now. I have been using the Sizegenetics for over a year and I love the device! My erections are through the roof! There is something new that I started doing that I would like to share with y'all! I have...
  13. D

    VLC Gains vs Strap

    Hey guys I have logged 160 hours in the SG to date using the VLC mod. I am averaging about 4-5 hours per day 5 days a week resting on weekends. My question is do VLC mod users gain at the same rate as the Velcro or strap method? Are there any VLC mod users that have logged at least 500 hours...
  14. D

    SizeGenetics 2800g

    Hello all, this might be a dumb question, but what are the tension amounts on the 2800g device? I usually keep it on the second line or further. I have seen the diagram with the 1500g version, but nothing referring to the 2800 one
  15. M

    Is it only with me or with others too

    Dear Brothers...... I think I have a problem, it's been 4 months since I am using an extender in the start it wasn't a problem to keep it on for two hours straight.... then it gradually decreased... Now a days sometimes even keeping extender for half an hour becomes hard.... Is it with me or it...
  16. bandit2010

    Need Help with extender comfort...

    hey all I have a size genetics, I have tried wrapping that is uncomfortable as hell, I have been trying to use the Vlc mod, while it is more comfortable it seems to wanna slip off, even though I have enough foreskin to go half way up the tugger.
  17. M

    How Can I get 61% Discount in Getting SizeGenetics?

    Dear MOS Admin, I am trying to buy SizeGenetics Ultimate System with 58 Comfort System. I am going through MOS link but the price is same doesn't gives me 61% discount. Require assistance...
  18. bandit2010

    what do you .

    Man o man this woman is addicted to me getting gains, I believe she may be a little more than I am, she has went and ordered me a size genetics extender, now I wasnt planing on ordering one, but now I got one might as well put it to a little use when it gets here.
  19. D

    Log Tracker

    I know a lot of guys keep a log on here. I just started using SG and found a time sheet app called hours tracker for iPhone. Real easy to clock in and out and keep track of hours logged.
  20. M

    My sizegenetics is broken

    Hi, today while i was putting on my sizegenetics, the left iron bar is broken. Can i change the broken piece with a new one for free? I send an email to two days ago, but i have not received answer yet.
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