1. Lightning

    SizeDoctor & GameChanger Fix

    Good news! We have solved an issue some users may have experienced with the vacuum holding in the SizeDoctor thanks to eenis here at MOS. We've added a small light weight modifiied compression spring inside the SizeDoctor bulb to keep the small black piston slightly engaged into the the white...
  2. REDZULU2003

    SizeDoctor really isn't difficult to figure out

    Another day, another new device I had a session with last night. The SizeDoctor Gamechanger, although I only used its extending capabilities, haven't used the hanger thus far. So its really easy to get placed inside, has a very large base which is great for me having used extenders in the...
  3. Lightning

    SizeDoctor Instructional Videos

    SizeDoctor MOS Edition SizeDoctor GameChanger SizeDoctor Vacuum System Explained How to put on the SizeDoctor How to Attach SizeDoctor Grey Fixing Bands How to Wear the SizeDoctor Under Clothes
  4. REDZULU2003

    Who has purchased a SizeDoctor from MOS?

    Please post if you have already purchased a SizeDoctor from MOS, and can you give feedback on your usage with the product.
  5. REDZULU2003

    How to use the SizeDoctor

    HOW TO USE THE SIZEDOCTOR When you first get your SizeDoctor , it will come pre-set for an erect 4” penis without tension. You want to adjust the SizeDoctor length by adding extension rods to equal your erect penis length . This measurement is the distance between the bottom of the brown...
  6. Lightning

    SizeDoctor Vacuum Mod by MOS

    As many know, the SizeDoctor the vacuum setup is hit or miss. Since we are not the owners of SizeDoctor, we came up with a solid mod that makes the vacuum system fool proof. We incorporated our solid valve system from our MityVacs into the SizeDoctor. It's not the sexiest mod, but it works...
  7. REDZULU2003

    SizeDoctor penis enlargement gains

    The SizeDoctor has literally been a gamechanger since MoS took an old design, and modded it much more successfully. However, what is now needed, is users feedback on gains using this device Continue with your own progress threads, but also, please can you update us here with gains your having...
  8. P

    SizeDoctor GC or Silistretcher?

    Hello, I'm a bit confused on these two new devices. They both look great, but which one should I go with? What are the pros and cons to each? It seems the silistretcher could be more discreet than the Sizedoctor, The sizedoctor can hang up to 50lbs, how much can the silistretcher hang to...
  9. DLD

    SizeDoctor GameChanger order now as they are selling out.

    Be sure to get your order in because these are selling out very quickly and if you don’t get your order in you may be waiting for a few weeks to get your sizedoctor. So I advise anyone that’s interested to put the order in now so they can get their hands on the first shipment of the new...
  10. Lightning


    MEET THE MAYBACH OF PENIS EXTENDERS The SizeDoctor is a revolutionary new breakthrough in penis vacuum extending technology to add penis length and correct peyronies curvature of the penis unlike any other penis extender on the market! VACUUM EXTENDING COMFORT The MOS edition...
  11. I


    Hello, im new. got some different questions 1)im interested to buy penimaster pro, is there any discount? i asked some questions via email long time ago and got no respond (about some other questions), and as the website ad says, i can send the order number to this...
  12. master_mind

    P.E. for the lazy guys like me. My real experience not like hammer exercise.

    I am a very lazy guy when coming to p.e. In the beginning was very enthusiastic but due to uncut I got screwed up. Wrapping is a very big issue and time consuming. Wrap time 5 minutes and then wear extender for 20 to 30 minutes and remove. Damm so time consuming and pain. Bathmate again...
  13. T

    Converter lab size doctor battery powered pump... What a pos!

    So i was browsing thru amazon and BOOM i find this! (it was 5 stars before) Size Doctor Electric Penis Battery Pump: Health & Personal Care I already own BATHMATE and size extender but the BATHMATE can get really time consuming and messy and just inconvenient when i work in my...
  14. master_mind

    Discovered the best and most comfortable extender as theory and its youtube vedio.

    Let it come and then I will post it's experience. It's freaking expensive. SIZEDOCTOR. After looking at the vedio it's simple and very quick to wear. The silicone ring looks very strong to hold to the vaccum as compared to penimaster pro and phallosan. The best part is the plastic part...
  15. N

    Help! "Big" BPFSL vs. BPEL problems

    Hi everyone, I started Penis Enlargementing a month and a half ago, using a SizeDoctor ADS but have found manual stretching far superior. My starting stats: BPFSL: ~6.8 in. BPenis EnlargementL: 6.5-6.75 depending on EQ EG: Unk., no tape measure As I have tried different things, I...