1. bluetard117

    Silisleeve and Cap thoughts

    Hey all, First off, gotta say - the blue silisleeves are by far my preferred method of anti-turtling. Their flexibility makes it easy to go about my day without worrying about losing grip or circulation, and that it's so flexible really gives it a natural look, so that's much appreciated. I...
  2. Rovado30

    Wearing My First SiliSleeve

    Hello Guys Just Got my first order of the silistretcher Package With Sili rings...Im currently wearing the silistretcher with one of the pounds in the package...They say For The first 3 days Stretch to 1-2 Hours (I'm doing 2 😁) how long should I wear the silisleeves after the session?
  3. H

    Which SiliSleeve should I get?

    Hi guys, Wondering how to go about sizing up for one of these. I want to keep my piece stretched out after manuals and after I use my bathmate. I also see that there are silis that go on head? Is there a sizing chart some where? Also do I need the sleeve and the head component? Please and thank...
  4. M

    SiliRing vs SiliRing + SiliSleeve for girth

    Hey guys, Looking primarily for girth gains and was curious if it would be better to use only the siliring by itself to keep expansion or both the siliring and silisleeve. I use the cap and sleeve with the BM and the expansion is great so I'm trying to maximize my healing setup for girth. The...
  5. DLD

    Foreskin restoration using the SiliSleeve

    Messing around and I thought if the SiliSleeve could increase foreskin. Using the longersleeve with a good grip work your foreskin up as you roll your SiliSleeve and when you reach the top stay in this position as long as you desire. You want the Sleeve to be tight so it has the strength going...
  6. R

    I am having issues with the silisleeve around the silistrecher tearing help.

    I am having issues with the silisleeve around the silistrecher tearing help. This is the second one please help. Below are pictures of the first one that tore and the second one that has a small tear.
  7. DLD

    SRT length exclusive: Active to Passive training.

    When I created SRT I had already used and gained with it. You could say SRT grew as Brothers, including myself, grew with it. As new developments happened in either healing or gaining I am quick to update and refine the training. Now with the access I have to tools that truly align with SRT I...
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