1. Darkmoon

    Silisleev slipping solved

    Hi everyone I have came up with a technique to keep the silisleev from rolling at the base & slipping over the head . Actually ther 2 ways one is to wrap the uncle's Jim's wrap around the silisleev while you're wearing it 2nd way is to wear 2 to 3 silisleevs around your penise. I have had no...
  2. J

    siliSleev split within 3 days due to the way it's manufactured/designed

    New to this forum. It was disappointing today to see that my silisleev split exactly at the point where there is a weakness in it's design. I've attached a photo showing where my other silisleve split. MOS needs to fix this issue in my opinion because the silisleev design has a weak point which...
  3. C

    SiliSleev not as tight

    Hi, I don't know if it's a problem or I just did soemthing wrong but I want to ask anyway. I already have a PF and a week ago I used it during the night. It was always pretty uncomfortable, so I tried wearing the SiliSleev under it for testing. It was still not good but I could sleep through the...
  4. Haursen

    SiliSleev Out of The Box Ideas

    Hi Friends, I wanted to know what out of the box thinking have you come up for the SiliSleeve use other than to keep the penis extender or as a sleeping extender? Post your ideas here in this thread. P.S. I am curious what ideas can you come up with the very tight SiliSleev? That bugger is...
  5. G

    Can you go pee with Long SILISLEEV SILICONE PENIS SLEEVE on?

    I am asking if you can go pee with this on because I want to wear these to work. During break times guys line up at the urinals and I won't be able to take it off pee and put it back on with everyone staring at me from behind. Are you able to pee with this on? Also, with the larger size Sili...
  6. Lightning

    Setting the SiliStretcher for heavier weight and tension

    We ship the SiliStretchers, with the regular size 20mm x 85mm SiliSleev attached and 2.5lbs of weight. This set-up is for starting up and is not intended for heavy weight use. We do this so people don't hurt themselves going overboard the first time using. Keep in mind, the SiliStretcher is...
  7. H

    Can "over training" cause shrinkage?

    I've noticed on days that I get a full 25 minutes or more of stretching in, that even after using a silisleeve or UJ wrap, I end up smaller. Typically the next day everything returns to normal. Am I missing something obvious? Am I over training?
  8. Lightning

    SiliSleevs Silcone Penis Sleeves by MOS - NEW!

    After fifteen years of research testing hundreds of sleeves with the top practitioners and pioneers of penis enlargement, MOS is proud to announce the SiliSleev and SiliCap. The importance of staying in an extended state after exercise is something people often miss. Many people work out...