1. master_mind

    Get your gains back, improved EQ, night wood back wider and thicker penis.

    I had stopped gaining, lost my EQ and night wood. Had a big turkey neck. I messed it all due to training hard. I DID NOT CONDITION MY PENIS. Finally I did some thing, which is not new and is known to every one. I just am wearing my extender with light tension for 8 to 10 hours daily...
  2. OnK

    Ab Silcone for PF/PF+SG.

    Hey people, So, I've had the PF for a while now and I'm liking it a lot but in the early days when I was still getting used to it I ripped two of the medium sleeves as I was applying it incorrectly (too much force) but after watching a video I've since learned the correct method. I prefer...
  3. Jedi75

    ..and so it begins..!!

    Ordered my PF today and placed in the comments section that I saw it advertised on MOS and purchased through the site. Now lets see how long it takes to get from Europe to Australia..?? Can't wait to step it up a notch from SG, jelks, hanging and now nightime stretching whilst sleeping. This...
  4. P

    glan rim burns

    now my glans rim has really started to burn nowadays after like 30 mins of SG on.....i also started applying cotton below the cotton cloth i wrap with .......then i put the foam and strap it with the white still burns.... the cotton wrap is very soft but it is still putting lot...
  5. K

    Not getting erection (new)

    I recently got the Penomet with the Force 65 and 75 gaiter. And today was the first time I used it and I tried several times but never got an erection. I got the vacuum seal and no leakages but idk if I'm doing it right. or are you supposed to do it with an erection already. somebody help please
  6. 9

    Comfort Mods for Phallosan Forte

    Hey fellas, Just a quick post on how I made the Phallosan forte comfortable for me. The things I use may seem like overkill, but it was necessary for me. Others may not need all or any of what I use. I use silicone comfort pads, one beneath my glans, and another at the base of my penis...
  7. B

    bathmate + cock ring?

    this is my first post but ive been lurking for a while. anyways, i was just wondering how long should i keep the cock ring on after i get out of the Bathmate? i have the x40. since im trying to gain length as well, so im trying to get a few hrs of the sg in later on in the day too. also...
  8. C

    best ADS?

    Hey guys im looking for a solid and simple ADS, could anyone tell me what they beleive to be the best ADS? I'm considering the grip system c flex sleeve coupled with the knee brace (which is way overpriced), its simple creates its own vacuum, seems easy to use and the sleeve is at a good...
  9. L

    for the pros: healing in an "expanded" state after stretching, for length gain?

    Do the Penis Enlargement pros see benefit of wearing a device that functions like a cock ring around the base of the penis, after stretching (i.e. length work, not girth work), with the hope of making better length gains? I'm thinking of using a piece of athletic wrap around the penis base...
  10. A

    Size Genetics Log II

    This log will follow my progress through 1000 hours of Size Genetics Extender use, with the goal of 5 hours minimum per day. First 1000 Hours Goal should be completed in 6 months. I will provide actual measurements with photo every 100 hours. I started this about 3 weeks ago, so I am...
  11. H

    Is stretching totally worthless alone without jelqing?

    I was just looking at results in different forums and I never found anyone claiming they gained with just stretching...They must have jelq in their Penis Enlargement routine along with stretching...and then, I see these people claiming they gained 1.75-2 inches just jelqing yes it took them over...
  12. C

    Cock Ring while sleeping

    I read the SRT thread DLD posted and it's very informative. He suggests to wear a cock ring after a girth work out after doing manual girth or with Bathmate to hold the temporary gains longer which should eventually lead to faster gains. I do my girth workout late at night before I go to...
  13. C

    Silicone Tubing

    Hey guys, I find the most comfortable way for me to use my size genetics extender and length master is with silicone tubing. I still have some left but the only problem with silicone tubing is that it doesn't last very long with Penis Enlargement. I found some silicone tubing that a guy...
  14. F

    Dismayed with pumping

    ive created a few threads recently regarding my frustration with pumping and plateauing. i bought quite an expensive, well recommended pump but it seems my novelty pump at 1/4 the price still produced better expansion. and good expansion not fluid. im getting really puzzled by why i am not...
  15. B

    Questions about Size Genetics. (Numbing)

    i just bought the extender and eventho this is like my 5th time wearing it i have questions and concerns. My first question would have to be is what would be a back up wrap since my foam thinggy just broke right now ? and lately ive been wearing it for a hour a session is it normal for you...
  16. A

    Anyone use boatloads of vaseline & feel the skin being pinch still & getting a scab??

    When trying to pump to that higher number while using a lot of vaseline I feel my skin being pinched still but not as much as I use too. I use it for about 5 days and then I notice a scab forms like after what you would get when a cut starts to heal and is gone like a scab would be after about...
  17. fonic

    Sos mos legends!!!

    hey, i need help big time guys, for the first time since i started pe i have become ever so slightly despondent, now thats due to not making any progress on the length gains, i find girth so much easier to pack on, in the last week i choose just to bang out girth work only because i know iam...
  18. K

    KINGSNAKE (Back with a vengance and brand new gains with pics and comparisons)

    Hey guys Kingsnake here. It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly on Matter of size. I am proud to say that I’ve have made some more gains. Back around November of 2008 I took a decon break because I wasn’t gaining much anymore. I started Penis Enlargementing regularly again around...
  19. G

    few questions about pumping

    So I bought a pump from dr kaplan, but im not sure if i made a good choice. After doing more research it seems there are better cylinders out there with a soft bottom silcone ring. This one I have has a hard ring, the thing won't stay put, it keeps leaking, someone said to get a good seal with...
  20. N

    silicone dicks

    been looking all over the web to find silcone dicks but cant find any .on anouther forum someone said they went to mexico had it done and was very impreesed can someone show me a pic. thanks

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