1. Z

    two a days with p.e.???

    okay so i pump in the morning and then jelq or five mins but ive cut the stretches and pre pump jelq out becasue i still have my inguinal hernia and ill be getting it finally fixed soon but i find that if i dont strech or jelq before pumping ive had almost 100% success rate for the hernia not...
  2. B

    Getting Cialis Tomorrow

    I don't really have ED although some days I am not rock hard. I am definitely not rock hard like I was in my teen years which is what I am after. I want spontaneous erections during the day and definitely want them throughout the night to help with my gains. I just came across a way to get some...
  3. B

    Just ordered bathmate

    I just ordered the Hercules bathmate. I am going to be doing DLDs routine which is the stretching in every direction manually for three sets of 30 seconds then 5 sets of 5 with bathmate stretches every direction along with squash jelqs in-between sets. My first question is whether I can...
  4. K

    L-Citrulline for better erections

    Hey guys. Kingsnake here. I have been taking a suppliment called L-Citrulline for the past 2 weeks now and have noticed erection quilaty that I had when I was 16 years old. L-Citrulline is a precurser to L-Arginine. As you guys know L-Arginine is an amino acid that is responsible for...
  5. A

    What supplements should I start with?

    I have been reading alot about supplements and I wonder if they really work, so want to try some to increase my sex drive, stamina, etc... Maca L-Agrinne (sp) these are the 2 I have heard the most about. Any suggestions would be greatly apprecated and in what ml I should take. Thanks
  6. J

    Serious injury--need help

    I was doing stretching and jelqing for about three months. Not hard-core, but I think I definitely made some mistakes with my jelqing along the way--sometimes let myself get too hard. In October I noticed some pain the next day after Penis Enlargement when urinating or just a dull pain in my...
  7. M

    taking ephedra? shrink?

    Will ephedra shrink your manhood?or balls? I take it before the gym it also helps get me in the p/e mood : ) does anyone know of a good ball enlargment p/e that works?
  8. S

    Lesion's on the Penis-Head Ridge

    I sometimes get these after a intese girth workout of Supra Slammers, like a small cut, I think from it gets so big that the skin splits. Anyone else?
  9. T

    What a Doctor said

    I have this relative and he and I were talking about women and sex.He is a few years older than me so he was giving me advice on his experience.He said a Doctor told him if he would drink wine about an hour before sex it would thin the blood and pump more into the penis. what do you guys think?
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