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  1. G

    Pump sleeve for Bathmate X30

    I'm seriously looking at getting into a Bathmate X30, I already have (and love!) a Venus 2000, and the Bathmate would be a nice addition to my routine. I'm currently 5" long so the X30 should fit me with room to grow. I'm looking at what works in accessories/mods, and I'm seeing a lot of helpful...
  2. B

    If I have sent you a silicone sleeve to test, Please post your review.

    If I have sent you a silicone sleeve to test, please post your review below and what you think.
  3. A

    X40 too big... Now what?

    Brothers, This is my situation: I am in the military and deployed to a remote location. In hopes of having a nice surprise for the Mrs when I get home, I got a X40. After it arrived, I realized that I may have been over zealous with the X40 since I am 5in erect girth and 7in erect...
  4. DLD

    MOS Sleeves....Looking for one Brother to test

    MOS Sleeves....Looking for one Brother to test We need one Brother, who is very knowledgable in sleeves, to test the selection of sleeves we now have. We are looking for the best out of all we have. This will allow us to start selling sleeves at a great price and the quality will be top of...
  5. M

    Bought my 3rd bathmate. Swore I would never get another.

    So I bought my 3rd bathmate after swearing them off.I had many issues with My x40 and x30 and couldn't ever get consistent use. I traded the x40 for a phallosan , and then the x30 getting lost in the return after being sent off for repair , so I was done. A rep seen my complaint , then I was...
  6. M

    sizing help

    Hi, I've been using the bathmate x30 for sometime with great results. My goal is 6 inches of girth. Can I achieve this girth in the bathmate x30? I found online that the X30's diameter is 6.7 inches. Does this mean that I can acheive 6.7 inches of girth in the X30 or does this mean my dick...
  7. B

    Need help from the brotherhood...

    Hi guys. Been a bit quiet the last few weeks as was knuckling down with my Hercules. I have some serious questions to ask for some advice. Long story... Short. I'm at my parents for the time being so can't get much time in the bathroom for jelqing and stuff. Can only get 15-20 mins in the...
  8. S

    Pain at base (pubic bone) during sessions

    I am using the Hydromax X30 with the wine pump mod which allows me to reach 18cm at full expansion. The problem is the intense pain I get from the base pushing into my pubic bone when at this higher level of expansion (which I need). This makes going through each 5 minute session quite annoying...
  9. MoreThanLuck

    Width in either direction

    So I've been trying to find a dick pic of the guy I would like to model my junk after. A goal per say, and I've seen a couple that looked girthy (top view), but when they put a measuring tape against it, it was only 5 or 5.25 inches in girth. Now I'm at that level but I sure as hell don't look...
  10. Y

    universal pump sleeve bathmats x30 HELP!!!

    hi guys i just got the universal pump sleeves for my bathmats x30 because i was getting pain in my balls and the rings, so i tried it out today and I've put the sleeve on, firstly the opening is too small for me to get through for me, after this happened i cut the opening to make a larger hole...
  11. S


    I've been doing intense BM sessions for the past week and a half, and I started noticing that between sessions I would get parts where the skin was dry and flaking off and it would be pink after. It looks sensitive, but it isn't, I keep doing more sessions hoping it will chill out as my body...
  12. D

    VACHANGER: any one gain using lower weights (5 lbs and under) and longer times?

    I can't use this thing safely above 6 pounds. Was wondering if anyone used this thing successfully with low weights and longer time? Any advice?
  13. allamricn

    Upgrade time or just fight through gaiter bite with x30?

    At the beginning of September, I purchased the X30. My pre-BM measurements were 6.5 BPEL and 5.125 EG. I really haven't measured again but my concerns is: 1) Getting lots of rings during sessions 2) Going past the measurement chart when going in erect 3) For first time last night, regular...
  14. I

    How Much Time is Really Necessary?

  15. 1

    Skin holding back gains?(Picture)

    It appears that there isn't enough skin on the left side of my shaft near the glans.(Right side of picture) My penis used to really curve to the left before I started P.E. It took me a couple of years of trying intensely to fix it as well as around 5 years of left hand masturbation. It still has...
  16. D

    Does Jelq before pumping cause less expansion!?

    as title asks, I've noticed recently via change in my routine that if I jelq prior to entering my pump, the expansion is far less. Routine before consisted of bundled stretches and the likes, leading to: 15 mins in dry pump at no more than 4 in hg or so 10 mins in bathmate This...
  17. A

    can packing a bathmate bring length?

    the gaitor bite on my x40 is starting to get crazy, but ive resolved to not get the x50 until i get a lot more length like maybe 1-2 inches... can packing a bathmate bring length the same way some people do for air pumping? or is it time to put the pump down and do length only?
  18. K

    Hercules Gator Bite Marks

    Hello Gents, I'm a newbie here - Ordered my hercules per the sizing chart and have been using it for about a week. After last nights session I have some dark red and purple Gator Bites. I'm of course taking a break now and worried >< I just spent money on the Hercules but believe I may...
  19. S

    problem of using bathmate and SG+VLC

    hi guys recently i have been bought a bathmate X30 and sizegenetic also vlc tugger, but i have many of problem when using them For bathmate i use my bathmate but it cant keep the suction, normally i fill full water in the tube and then put my 50% erect dick to the tube, pump out water and...
  20. I


    This is not a thread for me to explain it I have so many questions and hopefully the answers will help other people who have so many questions. 1) Do you apply the Bathmate when flaccid, semi erect or fully erect? I have been doing it flaccid and wasn't sure if I was doing it right. 2)...
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