1. Minceydice

    Priapism pump?

    Read something where a guy claimed a simple 20$ modification can be made to any pump to alter it into a priapism pump. Has anyone heard of this ?
  2. X

    __________.. a theory

    Saw a __________ video and noticed something very interesting. I’d like to see what you all think about it. You would need to see a part of the ���� to see what I mean. But if you’re willing to take a look, maybe we can figure this dude out. His penis is insanely incredibly massive. And I think...
  3. 6

    SO i'm 30 and never been on a date

    Well i don't know what really to do I never been on a date i'm 29 currently and will be 30 in less then 3 month. i mean i just so depressed. I thought about just ending my life it's pretty easy to make it look like a accident too since there is no shortage of speeding cars...
  4. O

    Size discussion __________ before ����

    hey guys' I came across this old video of __________ : He is big alright but as you can see he does not have that huge girth he has in his recent videos. what do you think in the reason for that?
  5. J

    Pumping gains like gauged ears?

    The only PE I do is pumping. Are pumping gains cemented similar to how people gauge their ears or stretch their necks?
  6. X

    Study: tunica strength / deformation

    Hey guy, I stumbled upon a cool study that some of the theory/ science guys around here might like. It's a study about the tunica of the penis regarding its tensile strength AND at what point the tunica will give in to deformation. This is the holy grail goal of PE IMO (figuring out exactly what...
  7. L

    Gains from nightly erections?

    Possible? Cook up some kind of boner brew, take it before going to bed and then let the rock hard erections do the work?
  8. C

    Penis shaft not growing. What's next?

    Hi guys I have seen some decent gains in BPEL over the last 2 years through various phases of manual and hanging work. I am currently just shy of 7" (target 8" cemented length), about an inch growth. What I have recently noticed is my gains seem to be coming from an extended base of my...
  9. X

    Less oxygen = more growth

    Hey guys, I don't know if this exact way of thinking has been discussed lately but it seems that people aren't doing it so I'd like to bring it to light. It seems that when we talk about girth gains, we tend to talk about stretching the tunica. However, Im starting to think there might be a...
  10. X

    Excessive stretching for Deformation

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this topic has been addressed, but it makes sense in my head so I wanted to run it past you guys and see what you think. First of all, if you look at studies about priapism causing permanent penis enlargement and tunica deformation, The researchers seem to believe...
  11. X

    Significant growth, but only for crazy people.

    Hey guys, I wasn't even gonna make an account or post here, but I realized that was being selfish. So I'm going to share some info with you guys about my progress... of 3 weeks. I've gained .5 in length and .75 in girth in those 3 weeks. Currently at 7.6 length and 5.75 mid shaft girth. Also I'm...
  12. L

    All night erection while sleeping = gains?

    Because of my job situation I'm having trouble keeping my unit from turtling. Not wearing underwear or using an ADS would not go unnoticed, to put it that way. I figured maybe I can compensate for it by using supplements or something to have all night long boners, so that I'm doing a lot of my...
  13. Castiel

    Edging and cumming

    Does the edging increase the gains? Does cumming decrease the gains?
  14. 1

    About skin stretching, bathmate water and edging

    Hey there, I'm looking for a stretch that will lengthen the skin of my shaft, so my balls will hang lower and the hairy part will go down. Who knows, maybe it will speed up gains. Also, I've recently started to pump with cold instead of hot water, I found that I can get bigger inside with...
  15. M

    New here, but a 3 year PE and scrotum stretching Veteran

    have been doing penis enlargement and scrotum stretching for three years. Got alot of research from these forums thanks too you guys I have been able to make some gains. I use custom made rubber bands to stretch my scrotum for these past three years without lil error. Mostly improvement in...
  16. D

    Black men in ���� and sickle cell disease

    Went to see a traveling ���� actress who was visiting my city (i.e. escorting) and we started talking about the business (she's a MILF and has been in it for a while now). She started talking about the amount of black guys in the business and their "deformed" dicks. I asked her what does she...
  17. I

    Is PE a Form of Edging...

  18. MaxRichards

    PE Chemistry and Hormones

    Ok so I want to start a thread where we discuss the other side of having an awesome cock. The side that deals with huge cum shots, serious sex drives and solid boners. I want to discuss exactly what role chemicals and hormones (and which ones) play in all of this and what the best ways are...
  19. MoreThanLuck

    Testosterone + Progenitor mix Patent

    Why doesn't anyone talk about the following article:Patent US20050065159 - Penis enlargement - Google Patents If you read through it, towards the bottom you see examples of this study done. This one in particular sparked my interest: EXAMPLE 1 [0080] A male patient, age 41, was treated...
  20. mahoney1234

    The PE veil

    Hey gentlemen, i wasn't sure where to post this so I figured whatever and do it here. So come May and it'll be 6 years of PE for me and 6 years of being on this great, motivating forum. However as of recent I've been thinking a bit too much maybe, but I'm beginning to understand truly who...
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