1. B

    Velcro Strap Replacement

    I lost the Velcro strap that came with my size genetics. I can't use my phallason forte or Sizegenetics without it. Does anyone know where I can order another one? I didn't see it on the replacement parts on the website. Thank you for your time.
  2. B

    Bundled in Phallason Forte?

    How do you stay bundled in the phalloson forte? I read in a few other posts that some people are doing bundled stretches in the phalloson forte. How does this work?
  3. B

    Just ordered size genetics package

    I just ordered the package today! My plan is too use the SG for 3 intense hours of stretching then wear the phallason forte before bed and into the next day. Could somebody please explain/ give me the most effective 3 hour stretch routine that the SG can do? I read somewhere that a guy did...
  4. eugine8plz

    How long does it take to see gains with an extender?

    The title says it all folks! I was just wondering how long does it usually take to see gains with an extender? I've been using mine for a bit over a month now and Havnt really seen anything yet. how long would does it usually take to grow .5"? 1"? Thanks bros!!
  5. B

    Question for DLD!

    Ok I just saw the picture proof thread of you measuring your gigantic Schlong and its exactly what I need and have to have! I have read your newbie routine and have had prior experience with PE and have gained around 1.5" total in erect length over the past ten years of doing PE off and on. I...
  6. B

    Need routine to go with Phallason Forte

    Hello Brothers! I just came back to PE from a long break. I had a huge fight with my wife in which she made me stop it all together. PE is so important to me that I made a decision to do it, and if she doesn't like it then thats her problem.! I have been wearing the phallason forte for a...
  7. B

    I'm back!

    I took a long break from PE due to some severe marriage problems in which my wife made me throw away all my PE equipment (OUCH!). Anyways, I was able to get the phallason forte back and have been wearing it 8-12 hours a day. Soon I plan on buying the size genetics and doing 3 hours of intense...
  8. R

    Does The Phallosan also act as a bathmate?

    Hi All Just had a quick question, I'm curious if the phallosan will make you thicker just like the bathmate or is the phallosan just a lengthening device? If the Phallosan does make you thicker is the bathmate still needed? Thank you
  9. T

    wearing it for 3 months consistant

    Hey guys! been worried about my size since an ex indirecticaly told me i was small because she could not get an orgasm through out sex. Although i had girls come before and i was her first i did belive all the fault was on my dick. Anyways,decided to get a phallosan and i've been wearing it for...
  10. wickedshlong

    Best phallosan alternative for wearing to work?

    I was just wondering whether anyone had an alternative to the phallosan forte for wearing in an office environment? Must be cheaper than the phallosan but still discrete.
  11. JB007

    Phallosan's PenisPlus+ questions

    I was informed back in January that phallosan will have a cheaper model out soon and I just emailed them again for more details. They said it's not a new phallosan model. It's a different version called PenisPlus+ and supposedly it's coming out in 3-4 months but they couldn't tell me any more...
  12. G

    New products?

    Any thoughts as to the (3?) new products they are working to deploy? I was about to buy a PF but don't want to invest (another) $364 for something that is still effective, but no longer the best in a matter of weeks or a few months.
  13. M

    Phallason for curve correction

    I've been looking to get back into extenders again. My focus is on curve correction. I have a severe curve and twist that is non peyronies I think. I had a fast size and I didn't care for and hard to log time on. I was wondering if anybody who has one made any decent gains in curvature...
  14. D

    VLC on circumcised penis

    Sup bros, Been on here for awhile just looking through, I got my SG about a year ago and have been pretty lazy with it. I find it hard to use it when I live with the rents, so I use it at night with the VLC attachment. I get pretty good stretches with it. My problem is, is that I will be...