penis ribs

  1. REDZULU2003

    Penile 'Ribs' - Trabeculae

    Title: Penile 'ribs' - The Trebeculae:Explanation of the 'Cages of girth' Author: RedZulu2003 Date: 25/03/05 Firstly.... Alright, to get you onto the right path as to what I'm talking about here than see the following link...
  2. REDZULU2003

    Often called 'Ribs' Shane from BangBoat has them!!!

    You know what I'm talking about? see shane in BangBoat clips or pix and look for Rib-Like structures going across his penis sides. A link to a picture here showing this see just above her finger for the line going across, this is what we refer to as the 'rib'. Now what are these 'ribs'...

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