penis ribs

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    Penile 'Ribs' - Trabeculae

    Title: Penile 'ribs' - The Trebeculae:Explanation of the 'Cages of girth' Author: RedZulu2003 Date: 25/03/05 Firstly.... Alright, to get you onto the right path as to what I'm talking about here than see the following link...
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    Often called 'Ribs' Shane from BangBoat has them!!!

    You know what I'm talking about? see shane in BangBoat clips or pix and look for Rib-Like structures going across his penis sides. A link to a picture here showing this see just above her finger for the line going across, this is what we refer to as the 'rib'. Now what are these 'ribs'...
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