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  1. B

    tightness pelvic floor muscle

    Hi all, I have not been on this site for a while as I has been doing alot of research to find out of the actual condition what I have got. I have found out that the overall problems I have got is actually a pelvic floor muscle issues which caused the pain in my stomach, back pain, urgent to...
  2. H

    I don't warm up and I don't warm down, will it stop me from gaining?

    First of all, here is my routine which I'm doing daily. I wear the SG for 4 hours daily at very high tension and then I use my length master for 30mins X 2 which is a total of 1 hour length master session, I do mainly bundled stretches downward. I don't do any manual exercises, I don't warm up...
  3. superman05xx

    Hoarder's PE Equipment SELL!!!!!! (Must see)

    Hoarder's PE Equipment SELL!!!!!! Bathmate Goliath (water leaks a bit until seal is created) – The largest hydropump in existence for those trying to become monstrous. Value: $192.93 Vacutech Air Pump Equipment – includes flared 2.25x9, 2.5x 9 and the Elliptical thick wall 2.25x1.75x9...
  4. youknowme123321

    How I massage my cock for healthy tissue

    DLD says to massage your cock 3x/day this is how i do it New video below. posted using the video server here rather than embedding it from another site. 55
  5. H

    My glans get cold halfway through PE?

    My glans get cold while I'm halfway through newbie routine stretches..Only difference with my routine is I hold a stretch for 1:30 minutes long so instead of doing three 30 second reps I do one because DLD said it is more effective... Anyway, could it be that I cut off my blood flow to the...
  6. C

    Recovered from numbness after a week !!

    Hey guys ! idk if you remember me or not but I'm the dude who kept posting threads about my penis being numb . I just want to say after a week after soaking in warm water and warm wraps I'm healed ! What's weird is that my penis feels way thicker now idk why exactly but it does , i only did...
  7. G

    Bathmate causing penile vein thrombosis-please help

    Hi guys This is my first post here on MOS so be kind :s I've been using the excellent Bathmate for around 8 months now but I'm starting to get hard veins (Penile Vein Thrombosis) on my penis (on the right hand side). I first noticed this the other month, it was only a little lump and it went...
  8. N

    Reversing toughened ligaments

    My ligaments have toughened. Can anyone tell me if it is possible and if it is then, how to reverse this. I have been Penis Enlargementing (and posting on another site ) since early 2007. In this time I have gone from 5.5 to 6.5" BPenis EnlargementL, where I have plateued for about 6-9...
  9. FoM

    Penis massage

    I've read this on another site and I wanted to confirm this. After doing the Penis Enlargement exercises before doing warm-down it is good to massage your penis to release stress on your pulled ligaments. Do you think massages really benefit? I do massages most of the time and I can feel the...
  10. 1

    My experiment with ballooning

    Well, I have finally decided to take a serious try at ballooning from Dr. Lin. His site is Sexual Orgasm Reseach Center - the Lin Institute This has been my second day of a thirty minute exercise. Unfortunately I have ejaculated at the end of both of them, but I know why. Dr. Lin says it's...
  11. H

    Can a girlfriend help her boyfriend with PE?

    Hi there! I'm new here, and I've been through a bit of the posts on these forums, but I haven't seen anything that would relate to my question. So I thought I'd get up the courage to just ask. I suppose I should start by explaining a little of mine and my boyfriend's background story. I...
  12. P

    What's the proper way to use a pump?

    Should you do it in like intervals? Pump up full for like 10 minutes, stop wait 10 minutes, start up again for 10 minutes, break for 10, start for 10, break for 10? or what? usually i just pump it all the way and wait 25 minutes and it's all huge kinda deformed and ends up shrinking in about 5...
  13. J

    duroil for jelqing

    has any one herd of duroil ?its a message oil the has herbs in it brings bloood to the penis.u get a good pump whith it do u think it will help whith gains since you bringing more blood to the penis? i just stated useing ill let you now how in works.i get great pumps whith it
  14. T

    Tell me more about overcoming Premature Ejaculation. Any sure-fire ways?

    I picked up some books recently on the matter as well as some Tantra books. Long story short, I've been doing mad kegel exercises the last few weeks. I always noticed while masturbating that if I did the reverse kegel (and I didn't even know what it was or that I was doing it at the time), that...
  15. DLD

    Some Easy Steps to Avoid PE Injury

    Some Easy Steps to Avoid Penis Enlargement Injury So many guys end up with some sort of Penis Enlargement injury, from thrombosis to blisters I am sure we all have fell victim to some minor or major injury. There are some things you can do that will help you avoid these injuries and keep you...
  16. badbal

    hCG - Side Effect "Penis Growth"

    I thought you guys might find these links interesting. Its about a Drug called hCG and when injected it supposedly has the side effect of increasing penis size. It works by making the testicles produce more testosterone. Not sure if it would work on adults though. It is originally used to help...
  17. S

    Make up your own Porno Movie Titles...based from Real Movie Titles!

    I'll do a few first: Indiana Bone In The Temple Of Poon (duh?) Poon Raider (Toomb Raider) James Dong, Agent 009.5 Star Whores, Bone Whores (Star Wars, Clone Wars) Itty Titty Gang Bang (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) Back In The Spincter (Back to the Future) When Harry Ate Sally...
  18. T

    Thrombosed Vein -- Treatment

    When it comes to Penis Enlargement, I don't consider myself an expert on much at all yet. However, I have had the unfortunate experience of getting 2 thrombosed veins within the last 3 months. So I am becoming an expert on diagnosis and treatment, if nothing else. I started this thread to...
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