penis enlargement

  1. jezmo

    penis growth through pumping

    Hi new guy here, been pumping for 8 months, I have increased my erect length from just over 7 inches to just over 8 with quite nice increase in girth and the head is a lot bigger than before. Is this a normal increase and will it continue if I continue pumping? is the size increase something...
  2. D

    Text Guide On Reaching 1-2 inches gains in 3-6months

    Could someone please tell me or link me to a routine where I can gain 1 inch or more obviously within 3-6 months. Using only lengthmaster, any all day stretcher, and wraps for the tools etc. I'm looking to get to 6 inches, but for now I want a routine for 1 inch in gain
  3. K

    Cementing Gains?

    Thought I’d put this on here since it’s a common question and I had a query regarding the difference between permanent BPEL/NBPEL (length) & MSEG (girth). I know that to cement gains the best option is to go above your target size and then even if you lose some size it will essentially be...
  4. D

    Wendi Friesen

    Hi yall, new here. Currently I have downloaded Wendi Friesen Penis Enlargement hypnosis complete + Virtual Viagra It have 6 audios in total. Cn anyone tell me how to use it. New to sublimial audios.
  5. S

    Getting back into it, will manual be enough?

    I did PE for about 2 years mainly doing manual stretches, hanging, sizegenetics extender nearly 10 hours a day for 4 or 5 days a week, and a bath mate pump coupled with jelqs for girth about 4 times a week. I never really measured girth but my length increased about .75 in, even though there...
  6. S

    I'm looking for a recommendation

    Have you used the Silisleev? do they work? If yes, which one do you recommend I buy?
  7. K

    Feel nothing on SSJ

    I do 5x5x3 and have been for a little while now but notice I don’t feel it the way it’s described anyone know why that might be? I just want to make sure I’m doing stuff properly
  8. T

    TCDreamer thickness increase. SAJ’s

    Thickness is becoming more and more prevalent with each SSJ/Bathmate session. Feeling really fuller longer. Staying nice daily.
  9. K

    Hello! New Joiner, 6 months of PE

    Hi all! New joiner here, I'm truly amazed after reading about everyone's PE experiences and believe this platform will help with my own journey. It seems like each day I'm absorbing new information here and considering new techniques/programs, although I probably need to familiarize myself with...
  10. M

    Hyaluronic acid injections for penis enlargement combined with Trimix injections

    I am current considering hyaluronic acid (HA) injections for penis enlargement. I am currently using Trimix injections for consistent erections - for the last 2 years. If I proceed with HA enlargement, can I continue to use Trimix injections (ongoing) after the enlargement procedure is...
  11. Lightning

    New Penis Enlargement Video Section! L@@k

    We have created a new video page with all the manual penis enlargement exercises for everyone to access. This page currently features over 85 manual exercise videos with multiple views and soon will feature over 100 videos including tools. We will be updating it weekly with new videos. Enjoy...
  12. T

    Are there any penis enlargement procedures that actually work?

    Ive been trying to gain girth for 4 years and cant gain. Im tired of this and im getting depressed from it. Are there any legit peocedures out there?
  13. M4L!K


    So I wanna ask, is there any video or instruction on how to wrap my dick with uncle Jim's wrap?. ? Because when I do it myself my dick really cold :(. any HELP
  14. T

    Female influence Told my girlfriend about penis enlargement

    It was really tough telling my gf about it and after 2.5 years of doing it she’s the first person I told and surprisingly she took it very week and is helping me pay for a LengthMaster and a hydromax extreme
  15. Avglen61

    I am SKINNY.....

    Hey guys..... I have been doing PE for 5 months...... Only recently I have known about MOS..... I have a question related to PE and body weight...... "Does PE works on skinny men?" I have been skinny since I was a kid and I am currently 15kg underweight(I am 20 years old and 5"10' tall)...
  16. R

    SizeDoctor penis enlargement gains

    The SizeDoctor has literally been a gamechanger since MoS took an old design, and modded it much more successfully. However, what is now needed, is users feedback on gains using this device Continue with your own progress threads, but also, please can you update us here with gains your having...
  17. R

    SiliStretcher penis enlargement gains

    The Silistretcher from MoS has been really popular since it was released. However, what is now needed, is users feedback on gains using this device. Continue with your own progress threads, but also, please can you update us here with gains you have, from using what we belive to be the best ADS...
  18. R

    MityVac Pump penis enlargement gains

    The MityVac pump series from MoS has been more popular then ever, and with good reason. However, what is now needed, is users feedback on gains using this device. Continue with your own progress threads, but also, please can you update us here with gains you have, from using the MityVac range...
  19. DLD

    PE Night Shift: Who is online after hours?

    I love to be on the night shift because it’s very quiet and I can get a lot of reading done and I can catch up on posts. But i noticed other guys around late at night too, Lightning and a few others. If you’re up during the night on the forums check into this thread. I like to know I have company.
  20. DLD

    Accessing dopamine to motivate and inspire you to get a bigger cock

    How to use your dopamine to fuel your motivation to fuel your work❤️ Motivation happens when your dopamine spikes because you anticipate something important is about to happen. Here’s how it can affect your productivity. The brain can be trained to feed off of bursts of dopamine sparked by...
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