penis clamping

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    SiliSleevs Silcone Penis Sleeves by MOS - NEW!

    After fifteen years of research testing hundreds of sleeves with the top practitioners and pioneers of penis enlargement, MOS is proud to announce the SiliSleev and SiliCap. The importance of staying in an extended state after exercise is something people often miss. Many people work out...
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    Newbie Questions

    I've started my journey to my goal, but I still have some burning questions in my pocket to ask. Questions list: 1) Debating on buying the MoS DVD. Is it worth it? (buying for the exercises like Kegels, SSJ's, etc.) 2) I'm going to add in a technique DLD told me about for glans...
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    Anyone got any ideas??

    I am a quadrapeligic in a wheel chair which has left me unable to move from the chest down. As u can imagine not as easy to satisfy girls when we have sex bein unable to move. So I want to increase my penis size just to make up for some of the lost in movement. I have minimal use of hands. When...
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    Various merged clamping articles

    Clamping Clamping is a penile exercise that uses a clamping device in an effort to gain girth. Clamping is an advanced exercise, and shouldn't be done unless you've been penile exercising for at least six months. Most importantly, you do not need to clamp, or use any device to make your penis...
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