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  1. D

    Viagra/ cialis. Generic or brand name

    Hello guys. Just Want to know who has experience wth both "generic" and brand name cialis and/or viagra Do you notice a difference a difference in quality between the generic or brand name? I'm asking from a PE standpoint, as to which is more beneficial. I've been using "cialis"...
  2. T

    Dapoxetine is amazing!!!

    I have been having trouble with busting too early since day one of me being sexually active. No joke, i normally last about 15-30secs (I am very lucky that my gf can cum riding me in about the same time). I did some research a month or two ago and saw that viagra can help with lasting longer...
  3. H

    Can I continue to use Viagra for girth work? I'm 30 years old.

    Just as the subject says, I'm in my 30s and I am currently using Viagra for girth work because right now I cannot afford to buy the Titan pills. I will like you guys to tell me if Viagra will affect my body if I continue taking it constantly for the next 2 years. Note: The Viagra I take...
  4. F

    Generic Viagra online

    Hi fellow members, Just wanted to know if anyone around here knows where to buy generic viagra online from? Im new to this and want to know if any trusted seller out there. Any here who can help me out on this.
  5. C

    Viagra or Cialis

    I have question about viagra or cialis does it help for premature ejaculation? Where can I buy the real cheap viagra or cialis for non prescription? If I bought the viagra that is 25mg can I take a half of that so that will be 12.5mg will it still work? Thank you for your time :)
  6. A

    Cheapest place to buy viagra online?

    Looking for the cheapest legit site to buy them from online. I plan on using it for girth work because sometimes I just can't maintain an erection, especially in the shower.
  7. P

    Forget viagra!

    Hey guys, new to this forum but not to Penis Enlargement. Been doing it for years, however that's not my point. GNC markets a product that is effin amazing! Works like viagra but its a lot cheaper. Its called vitalikor. I have been using it for about a year now and there are SO many positive...
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    Legitimate Online Viagra Without Prescription? Source?

    I have been trying to find a reliable source for Viagra without a prescription. I was getting from ADC, but now they are Out of Stock and I need to get an order in. I am taking a pill from GNC till I can get some more. My question is, which source has the best Viagra? I have read that...
  9. R

    need Viagra

    Well I have decided that I want to try the lil blue pill (or a cheap generic) but I can find any! I kinda just wanted to get a few from someone and try them out but it seems that no one takes them! Haha so I guess I will have to go see the doc but its gonna be odd because I don't really have a...
  10. P

    what i do for harder eraction and increase premature ejuction?

    hello i am new so can any body tell me how can i harder erection and pre-mature cumming ?
  11. A

    Tramadol? Tamiflu? Viagra? No Problem!

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    Tamiflu? Tramadol? Viagra? Cialis? No Problem!

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    About Viagra, Tramadol, Phentermine, Cialis...

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  14. fantomeinfernal

    Tongkat ali tastes bad !?! That's an understatement...

    Hey, I just received my 1:200 tongkat ali order from I opened the first bottle (they don't ship in bags anymore) and had a whiff of a very very bad acrid smell. And the taste is... horrible, to say the least! I assure you that you even fear to burp afterwards, in case the...
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    london uk buy generic viagra buy online viagra securely buy phentermine

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    buy viagra cialis levitra3333085

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    K, need help, experienced guys on drugs, Viagra/Cialis

    Got an old fling comin to town next month (5 weeks) and she has made it clear (i'll be very surprised if we were not to seeing as how she named my package and said that she couldnt wait to see me and "him", when she comes to visit) and I would like some Viagra and/or Cialis for the occasion. I...
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    prescription VIAGRA in Online Pharmacy. Free Delivery

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