no suction

  1. Y

    universal pump sleeve bathmats x30 HELP!!!

    hi guys i just got the universal pump sleeves for my bathmats x30 because i was getting pain in my balls and the rings, so i tried it out today and I've put the sleeve on, firstly the opening is too small for me to get through for me, after this happened i cut the opening to make a larger hole...
  2. tparker84

    Bathmate mod!

    I have a bathmate that I didn't use much but can't get any suction I'm looking for some mods that will fix that because even after cleaning the head and hanging the ring I still have no suction I saw the penis sleeve that looks like it will work but I will need a fix for the head of the bathmate...
  3. P

    Help! Bathmate has totally stopped working after 1-2 months

    Was using and loving it with nearly no suction issues for 1-2 months or so. Suddenly the last few sessions it basically has become useless. First time I thought it was my little bit of pubes so I shaved it down to nothing. Still didn't work so I got full erection(used to work with total...
  4. L

    Best methods of preventing discomfort in a vac extender.

    I have been using a vac extender for 3 weeks for 4, 5, and 6 hours in working up to 8 a day. I am satisfied with the device, as I have an unusually cumbersome foreskin and really just could not stretch the bastard normally or with any respectable force. As a precaution I do take it off every...
  5. S

    Failed first attempt

    So, I just tried my X30 for the first time. I was so excited to start my gains going. However, after 30 minutes in the shower, I became really frustrated =( Couldn't get even 1 suction going.... Trimmed my pubic hair, nothing. Tried different angles, nothing. Took off comfort pad, nothing...
  6. I

    VLC vs. TLC

    Before I get responses on to what the difference is between the two are, I do know what the differences are as far as one(TLC) is for foreskin restoration and has a small hole on the cone to release from the head to pull just skin, the other (VLC) does not have the hole on the cone and is...
  7. M

    New Phallosan Forte - (with pics)

    Hello to all my Brothers in MoS! I am very happy to receive my Phallosan Forte today. It took like 11 days to arrive. Maybe it's faster in other country? It took like 7 days to get to Canada but it was in customs so it took more time to get delivered. Anyway, I wanna share some pictures with...
  8. S

    Serious problem with suction

    Hello My english is not the best but i think y'all can understand me. I first used hercules and no since a month i use the X40 really great stuff but yesterday and also one other day the pump wont hold pressure....i fill it with water and attach to body and start pumping...i...
  9. J

    No suction for the DP-4000

    Hi there,I bought this digi pump and can't get any suction.Do any owner have this problem?
  10. S

    X40 lost suction!? Why!?

    Hi all! I've been using the x40 since last Monday, and I've been enjoying it. Now I can see a difference in my flaccid, and I can feel the expansion during sessons. I've been enjoying the product over for today. It seems like there is no suction at all. I keep trying to pump and it...
  11. tparker84

    Still no suction!!!!

    I've changed the comfort pad from my X-40 as the old one fell apart I've used this probably 20 times in 2 years but I can't seen to figure out why I cant hold a good suction in my Bathmate does anyone have this issues and care to share tips and tricks
  12. A

    So does anyone know how I could fix my bathmate?

    I have a Bathmate X-40, I posted this a while back that I had actually lost the valve end. Through some fun plumbing I was able to find the end of the valve but I need a spring. Does anyone know a good way I could rig one up as purchasing a new pump is just not an option right now.
  13. D

    First Bathmate Session: Fail

    So I purchased a Bathmate Hydromax X40 from DLD.. got it today, was excited.. so finally I go to use it tonight.. and it was a total fail lol. I used it in the shower so I followed every step from 1:45 minute mark in this video: After the pump is...
  14. J

    X30 Suction Problem

    How's it going everyone? I'm sure it's been answered here before, but I'm still having major suction issues with my X40. I got it about three weeks ago and watched the video instructions, read how-to's on here, etc. I don't have a tub, so I fill with water in the sink, go in the shower and...
  15. J

    How to Pump?

    Just received my Penomet today. My excitement has gone down to disappointment. I dont feel a strong suction from none of the gaiters. Is there a certain way to pump. Im pumping like if its a Bathmate and im getting no suction.
  16. B

    bathmate problems

    i ordered a Bathmate Hydromax x40 about 2 weeks ago, got to use it for about 3-4 sessions and then by the 5th session it just stopped providing suction. doesnt provide it with or without comfort pad, ive shaved down below and even tried pumping it on my hand and chest to see if it works there...
  17. iGrowSteady

    My ALN Routine = For the Anxious Lazy and New

    Okay folks, you all, or y'all for short, know your shit. Whether you're new here or have been posting and helping out for years, to have Penis Enlargement on your radar in the first place puts you above the general male population. I've been using the Bathmate now for months and truth be told...
  18. W

    When your bathmate comes apart into pieces...

    Few months back my pad came off, but it didn't stop me in using my Bathmate, just a bit of Vaseline or nothing, works perfect, in my experience even better than with the soft pad, without the pad you get more rings on your skin, but it's not an issue as they go away after an hour or two...
  19. DLD

    Penomet Model Size Ideas

    I would like to like to get this discussion going asap in hopes that we see this incredible pump in a bigger tube. I have a modification I will post, with permission from Penomet, that would make it possible to use the system but it is pretty ghetto. With the separate Gaiters my head is...
  20. M

    Hydromax suction problem

    So far love the Hydromax. However, I seem to have an issue getting suction unless the valve of the tube is pointed in the air. If I position the tube downward and insert myself then level it out and pump as I did with my X-40 I can't get any suction water goes out but air comes back in the valve...
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