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    Books MOS Book club

    This is somthibg that I think I posted about before. But I want to start a book club. We are all here to make an improvement. But what's a cock worth of your not educated and your not strong mentally. If anyone is interested let me know we can get this rolling soon. I have a few suggestions for...
  2. H


    Has anyone done the 5 phases all the way through? I'm thinking about going back to the basics with manual exercises before I start using equipment again
  3. Lightning

    New Cock Rings and Full Package Cock Rings at MOS! Lifetime replacement warranty
  4. Lightning

    Top Poster Contest win MOS Products Monthly & $1000 Cash Annually!

    OK Brothers here is your chance to win that piece of equipment you want and win $1000 cash a year! (fire)(fire)(fire) Here is what we are looking for: Creation of new informative threads Members that get the most "Likes" and/or "Thanks" on posts Replying to posts helping newbies or veterans...
  5. F

    Unreal Customer Sevice by MoS

    Just wanted to thank Lightening for helping me with a small issue I came across. Purchased almost everything in the store, and every product has been well worth it. Thanks again for the excellent customer service.
  6. R

    Who has purchased a SizeDoctor from MOS?

    Please post if you have already purchased a SizeDoctor from MOS, and can you give feedback on your usage with the product.
  7. Lightning

    MOS Celebrates 16 Years Strong & Still Growing!

    April 11, 2003 is when it all started. Long story short... It was a few years that I haven't spoken to DLD. All of the sudden, one day, he calls me up and says "I've discovered something that's gonna change every mans life". I was like "What is it?" He refused to tell me what it was over the...
  8. H

    MOS Titan pills

    Were these pills discontinued? I was looking for them last night and couldn't find them in the catalog
  9. Lightning

    SizeDoctor Vacuum Mod by MOS

    As many know, the SizeDoctor the vacuum setup is hit or miss. Since we are not the owners of SizeDoctor, we came up with a solid mod that makes the vacuum system fool proof. We incorporated our solid valve system from our MityVacs into the SizeDoctor. It's not the sexiest mod, but it works...
  10. Lightning

    New MOS Custom Dual Infrared for Advanced Healing and Erection Quality!!!

    As many of you might of read or heard, Dual Red Infrared healing is the real deal. It is scientifically proven and drastically speeds up healing deep tissue and close range tissue while improving erection quality big time even after using! There are people that have regrown the frenulum from...
  11. DLD

    Video! SiliSleeves, SiliRings and MOS grip

    SiliStretcher -SiliRings-MosGrip Here is a quick video on the newest products on MOS. I show the duribility of the Silisleeves. The incredible strength and grip of the new MOSGrip l stretching powder. I review the MOSGrip and it’s insane Grip! Excuse any slurs or pauses as my temporary teeth...
  12. Lightning

    NEW - MOS Gripping Powder takes manual stretching to the next level!

    PENIS GRIPPING POWDER BAGS Whether practicing manual penis enlargement exercise or exercising with tools, the most important necessity to penis stretching is grip. With the proper grip, you will maximize your stretching sessions by reducing the effort required to grip your penis. After 16...
  13. R

    BIG NEWS: MoS has a great new head pump coming!!!

    Lighting and I have been talking behind the scenes, and MOS has a great hew head pump coming along!!! \o/ This is what I have wanted for years, but only until now have we been able to make it a reality with MOS. Many men want to enlarge their glans size, and yes it can be done just like with...
  14. Lightning

    New MOS Discounted Promo PE Gear in Shop!

    shopMOS just opened a deeply discounted gear section in the shop. Over the years MOS has collected a wide range of original PE gear directly from manufacturers that we might of used in a photo shoot or for marketing purposes. All gear is brand new and in many cases un-opened and comes with the...
  15. Lightning

    Girth work NEW - MOS MityVac HydroVac Penis Pump Line - L@@K

    HYDROVAC PENIS PUMPS BY MOS Introductory Price from $134.00 Get the best of both worlds in one penis pump system. The New MityVac HydroVac by MOS offers a wide range of sizes from 1.75" to 4" diameters hydrovac cylinders to accommodate your pumping goals by either air vacuum pumping or...
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